27 November, 2022

A gentle calm’: France’s streets once again echo to sound of working horses


Sure why not! The animals can’t give consent in this slavery, it is also a step backwards and is politically and financially driven. Because the greenie communist arseholes are getting the upper hand to dictate to the masses. But will they whine about the co2 or methane output? After all cows, pigs and sheep are being demonised for this reason and are being destroyed in the US and other places under the guise of they are bad for the environment and people need to stop eating meat.  These horses are being put to work for an ulterior motive and this is BS tokenism not to mention they are also eaten in France. 

What about the health and safety of the horses? They are cheap labour to use for a start. 

To say that this helps children in education is rubbish, a good curriculum and decent teachers produce better students. This to me looks like another social engineering exercise to see how people react. Yes animals are good for humanity to interact with, that is obvious but they must not be exploited. We don’t need animals to be used in this manner. There are multiple suppressed technologies over the past 60 plus years that don’t use fossil fuels but they are held by big corporations. Including engines that run on water, one of which was invented in the 1970’s by a man from my home town in Scotland. So there is absolutely no need to go back to this primitive situation. You won’t see the alternative technology being unveiled in my lifetime either because it is inconvenient. Billions of dollars can’t be made from this alternative technology. 

Going to the shops in a horse and cart? Then don’t wear your best clothes because this is a way to get dirt and dust on your clothes and breath in carbon monoxide from the regular  traffic. Let’s not forget the reality of the weather being a problem if using a horse and cart for an alternative public transport. Rainy weather and freezing cold in winter, that is not a pleasant experience where using a car or a bus keeps you warm and dry.

The idea is to get the masses away from owning a car anyway. Only those with the money will be able to buy the approved vehicles. No body even stops to think about the cost of a replacement battery for the current electric cars. They cost thousands, some cars are currently disposable because the financial outlay is in the batteries. 

Using horses in the streets again will also have the added problem of horse manure, oh wait; doesn’t that constitute bio waste and has a carbon footprint. I am pretty sure it does. I wonder how much financial inducement is involved in this venture and who is really behind the push the WEF perhaps. 

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