03 November, 2022

EPOCH TIMES: Scientist Discovers That Humans Have a Mysterious Bioenergy Field That Mystics Have Always known about


Many people can see the aura it is not imagination and it has a measurable frequency of  between 62 megahertz up to 79 megahertz depending on the individual at various times throughout the day. The frequency varies due to how we are feeling and thinking or if we are unwell. Different colours within our aura mean different things also because there are several layers to the aura and etheric bodies, the brighter the colour the better. The darker the colour or a dull muddy colour indicates a health problem or emotional imbalance and thus affects the vibrational frequency we emit. 

Humans are bio-electric beings, the human soul and spirit are all electric. The spirit being made up of millions or trillions of little spiritual fires of electricity. The entire universe is electric nothing would exist without this energy, the universe has its own frequency also which can be tuned into and be heard as does every planet and all natural things in creation. 

Our chakra system can be heard vibrating during meditation if you are able to tune in to it. I have heard mine and was very surprised when I experienced this for the first time the sound was like a fan turning with a humming sound which changed in pitch. The human body has hundreds of little chakras points throughout the physical body and has seven main chakras in the middle of the torso running through the meridian core. There are also chakras above our heads and beneath our feet, because we are living in an energy grid system. We are electronically and spiritually connected to this grid even after physical death.

The pendulum is interacting with our higher self via the vibrational frequency we emit. I use one on a regular basis. I have a clear quartz pendulum that is my main pendulum and a green aventurine pendulum. Occasionally I use them with dowsing /devining  rods. You can use almost anything to make a pendulum especially a necklace with a object on the chain and tune is in with your hand, it’s a very simple thing to do. When using a pendulum it also depends on what you intend doing with it. Asking your higher self a question, healing someone, detecting illness, looking for spirit presence, or clearing energy in a room etc.

The article could have gone a bit deeper if they had actually done further investigation for the article. Especially looking at the various stages of the energy we emit, our vibrational frequency as I said changes constantly. The lower it goes illness is present, down to the point of physical death at 25 megahertz. One other thing, high frequencies can assist in communicating with higher energy beings in other realms. But also in the small hours of the morning our bodies are at a similar frequency to the spirit world and that is when sick people are most likely to die. The veil of consciousness is very thin then around 3.00 am to 5.00 or 5.50 am which is why deaths occur in this time frame more than at other times of the day or night. 

There are scientists that do study the psychic phenomenon constantly that can provide a lot more information on the subject, studies into psychical research have gone on for over one hundred years in modern times. Many countries are deeply involved in this research especially in the US and Russia. 

No matter what scientists think; it means nothing in reality for us that see and hear spirit beings. We can tell you things that there is absolutely no way possible for us to know. We can describe people, objects, pets etc that we have no real way of knowing about, even describe the personalities of deceased people.

Humanity may not get all the answers but the more research the better of course and keeping an open mind. Psychic people that volunteer for scientific examinations and interviews are a vital way to learn. Some scientists have actually undertaken psychic development themselves to better understand the natural phenomenon. 

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