04 November, 2022

The wide mouthed frog

 There once was a wide mouthed frog living in a swamp. One day the wide mouthed frog decided to go exploring and meet other creatures. So on his travels he met a dragonfly, and the wide mouthed frog said,

Hello, who are you? The dragonfly replied; Oh, I am a dragonfly and I eat insects.

The wide mouthed frog replied; I am a wide mouthed frog, and I eat snails and worms. Then he left to look for other creatures.

Next he met a squirrel and promptly said ; Hello who are you? To which the squirrel replied, I am a squirrel and I eat nuts and berries. 

The wide mouthed frog replied, I am a wide mouthed frog and I eat snails and worms. And off he went to see who else was there.

Then he met a crocodile and said, Hello who are you?

To which the crocodile replied; I am a crocodile, and I eat wide mouthed frogs!

The frog replied ( pursing his lips and in a squeaky voice) oooh, you don’t see many of them these days!

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