31 January, 2022

Laugh out loud Monday


Beginnings got lost’: fabled Aboriginal art on show 40 years after disappearance


Missing for 40 years, and now back to share with the world. That’s wonderful and the artists and their families must be overjoyed at this. It makes me feel old now when I see the year 1982, however this was an amazing time for traditional aboriginal art and music. 

Amazing stories are in each work of art to teach the world spiritually and about the land that we know as Australia. Australia is not called the great southern land for nothing. 😻😻😻

Milton Black: February 2022


Take heed of the warnings for war here. Like I said this year sets the scene  for the future of war. Please print or keep a copy of this prediction from Milton. 

Note: The monthly predictions page changes at the end of the month so that is why I say take a copy of it if you want to keep records of Milton’s monthly predictions. 

27 January, 2022

Eat this: 10 Signs you’re drinking too much tea


Not just that,  if you love Earl Grey tea, there is also intoxication from the bergamot. Bergamot can cause really bad leg cramps. 

Wes Penre: Video 290 Quantum mechanics and the human soul group


Something to interest those on a spiritual path. Sadly; again Wes has to find a new place for his information to be shared without it being pulled off the internet. This just reminds us of the fact that freewill and freedom of speech is hogwash. 

Museum Victoria: If books could kill: poison, heavy metal and literature


Quite an interesting article, I wonder how many people actually have an old book that is contaminated with these toxins. There would be a few sitting in cupboards around the world, 

Robert Sepeher: Interdimensional beings and unseen realities


You will see my article on these beings and my experiences, under the heading of articles by Alex my blog. This is not to be taken lightly!

26 January, 2022

Working on my video for YouTube

 Well it isn't as easy to make a video when I just want audio and a image of a tarot card.

I have my audio done, but YouTube don't like MP4A. Bummer, so why make it? I don't do technology at all; so trying to convert this MP4A into something that will be accepted by YouTube is quite a task for me.

I decided not to actually appear in the video as it is about the card of the month. Otherwise I would have just went straight to doing the video on YT, just like my original introduction video.

Me thinks there is too much technology around these days for us oldies to get our heads around.

 The MP4A won't even upload onto my blog, I tried that to see if it worked this afternoon. Why, oh why can't they make things more simple to use? 

Lol, I have 5 or 6 days left before I have to post this video. I need a damn miracle asap. There is never a teenager around when you need them, lol.

What’s known about the ‘stealth’ version of Omicron?


Here we go again peeps. Might as well stay in bed with our cats and dogs πŸ™„πŸ•πŸˆ‍⬛

25 January, 2022

UK to drop COVID-19 testing requirements for fully vaccinated travellers


Sure why not; what could possibly go wrong? Talk about gross incompetence, it’s beyond ridiculous.We just know things will get worse and another mutation is on its way. 

Party on BoJo! I am sure you will expect a reward for this fiasco. He screwed it up from the very beginning. Smart people will not be taking risks, and avoiding crowds. The vaccines don’t prevent the virus, only stop people getting very sick. But hey, people are still dying even though they are vaccinated, but are they otherwise healthy with no underlying health issues? That’s the big question, and of those that are fully vaccinated and are not suffering from any other health issues, how many have actually died from covid.

Robert Sepehr: Unmasking money magic


You will find me commenting in much older posts exactly what the man is saying about usery or Simony and that it is based in London. Also this is how politicians are controlled. 

23 January, 2022

How about Giraffe's kneecaps on toast?

Fussy eating 101, I offer the dog some food at breakfast. A serve of beef pet food, the nose goes up, I offer her chicken and the nose goes up. There is plenty dry food and the nose goes up again, it is sitting in her dish, but she ignores it. This is the dog that will only eat cat food too, bloody Gordon Ramsey mindset.

She thinks this is a gourmet hotel, Just as I open a pouch of Chicken; I can hear her little mind going I don't want that one...got any Turkey? Just as well I hadn't opened a tin of tuna for her.

It's beyond me, everything I offer, it's; I don't want that one! Geez, how about Giraffe's kneecaps on toast Ruby? Too bad, we're all out of toast πŸ˜†πŸ˜…

I am sure Ruby thinks she is a cat, she is so damned fussy and refusing to eat recently; and it's not been a hot summer so far. She is just being super fussy, just like a cat. I open some food and put it in her dish and leave it. She just casually strolls past, gives it a look of contempt and moves on. It's been going on for a few weeks too. Food goes off; if left for a few hours too. No point putting it in the fridge because she wont eat it if its been in the fridge. 

It's hard to know what makes a dog or cat so fussy; just out of the blue; yet they will eat anything disgusting at the drop of a hat. Ruby wants whatever I am eating; and gives me that emotional blackmail look until I give her a little bit. But I don’t always allow her to get anything from my plate, so she knows that she can’t just come to me and scrounge from my plate. I can't even get a full cup of tea without her demanding some, and that is every cup of tea, well except herbal tea. Oh then there is the just for shit value, sniff the tea , give it a lick and walk away. Nah! I don’t want it now. 

This is the dog that will try to get up on your shoulders to get your cup of tea if you are sitting in a lounge chair πŸ€£πŸ˜‚ Now if that isn’t a feline thing I don’t know what is 🀣🀣  our cats would climb onto our shoulders when picked up for a cuddle. 

If this isn't bad enough, there are food shortages at the supermarkets too. Empty shelves are happening regularly now, including pet food. I am lucky that I don't have all of the cats that I used to have, because it would be difficult to secure enough food for all four plus Ruby right now. I just hope the food shortages are over soon; and more importantly our four legged Gordon Ramsey stops being a right little sod and just eats her food. 

I bet at least one person reading this is laughing and thinking, "I have a dog/cat doing the exact same thing". Fur babies they are just so precious at times; yet they will eat cat poo any time they see it. 😩  

First Omicron symptoms before positive rapid antigen test revealed


21 January, 2022

Meat Loaf, co-creator of Bat Out Of Hell with Jim Steinman, has died at the age on 74.


I am gob smacked, I just didn’t expect this. RIP big man. There is only one Meatloaf he was one of a kind.

Tarot card of the month: February 2022, Ace of Swords


Element: Air   ruling the mind/thoughts, real or imagined

Cardinal point/ Direction:  Swords suit position North  

Gender: Male

 Zodiac: Gemini, Libra, Aquarius

Season: Winter  (sterility)

                                                  Just setting the mood for February!

Action! This card shows a firm grip on reality and mental concentration, this is the focus for February 2022. People want to know where they stand right now. They are not happy with what's going on around them. They want answers, they want the truth, and they want justice. Yeah well you picked the wrong planet for that one folks.

There is one big elephant in the room too. People must be totally clear when asking for the truth, the truth of what and be specific.  What sort of answers are they wanting or expecting; and why?

People must be absolutely clear in their minds of what they seek , what their demands are and are they reasonable or unreasonable. They must be realistic in this and what they expect as an answer.

What sort of justice are they seeking and why? Is this reasonable? Is it rational? If not what do they have as an expectation or outcome?

This feels like a whole range of issues; from people's rights, justice, the Covid issue and vaccines, corruption, the royal scandal etc.

This is all very difficult stuff being brought up; and the whole world is in chaos. The times are changing so fast and many of us just can't keep up. Feeling under pressure and in a world of uncertainty; the need for security is urgent in the minds of the public. This is perfectly understandable as we are  currently facing supply issues, food shortages, new rules around the world, and many things are changing such as health, education, travel and finances.

There is a glimmer of hope for "some" here as they find their work life secure. But not others , add the climate issue into this too because the political affects are being felt by ordinary people; who have the green agenda pushed down their throats and it can impact on the individuals livelihood and choices through peer pressure and propaganda.  

Life is different, we may not be permitted to know some of the answers to the above questions and this will anger some people. I feel the upheaval is going to be part of life now, but it is subject to sudden change. February will be a month for challenges and upheaval. Emotions are running high and don't seem to calm down any time soon.  

Take care to avoid arguments, especially political issues and the dreaded Covid situation. Stunning news is about to hit the world and will roll on for three to four months. Once it breaks keep your head down, if you can avoid being dragged into this on either side, then do so. Yup you guessed it, it is the Covid shit fight.

There is no winner in this just anger and upset. We just don't need this, and when it settles down eventually it  will be with a sad feeling of regret and grief.  

NOTE: Some interpretations for the Ace of Swords are rising to the challenge, false insight, Individuality, mental force, birth of something or someone, 

the number is 1 and then the symbols in the card speaks of a vast number of possibilities, some are positive and some are negative and not good for us. I will discuss this in my upcoming YouTube video soon.

The YouTube video at long last. Not perfect it it has been four years since I last did one.

Retired Doctor goes viral for his COVID-19 rule breaking story


Humility and compassion goes a long way. Never lose your humility, humanity, empathy or compassion.

That is what makes you human. Remember the people at the start of the pandemic that were not permitted to see their dying children or parents? There was no damn need for that, it is about control, traumatising  and breaking society. To stop infection one uses PPE, just think about decontamination procedures that are done every day in scientific environments and laboratories with no danger of infection spreading or in a hospital ICU unit. 

20 January, 2022

Air pollution reduces ability for butterflies and bees to pollinate flowers and crops, study finds



I come from a famous steel town in Scotland; which was until the 1980’s semi rural with farms and semi industrial. We were famous for our steel industry, until Margaret Thatcher shut them down in the early 80’s causing massive unemployment; and there was obviously pollution then. But there was an abundant wildlife and insects. People also grew flowers in their gardens too; including my family. Children used jam jars to catch bees and butterflies in their gardens too. In the background the steel works ran for miles, as Scotland was a major steel producer for the entire world. Remember the British Isles is a small place too; but abundant in nature and countryside, including bees. 

We had agricultural farms and pigs and cows in the area that I come from too. It was a delight to ramble in the countryside, the locals always enjoyed a walk in the lush green pastures on the edge of the River Clyde. No one mentioned anything like no bees or wasps; nature was in full swing amid the steel works just a few miles from the farms and pastures. There was housing in between the farmland and the steel works too. Now I have no idea if there are still working farms there. I would have to ask friends or relatives over there to know for sure. But you need flowers and trees or shrubs that will attract the bees, so unless people are actually growing these things then the bees and butterflies will go elsewhere.

Australia has a little  heavy industry and a lot of light industry these days in most cities and towns and there doesn’t seem to be any shortage of bees from what I know. Currently I have an uninvited  bee colony in my back yard this summer making honey, and I have not seen so many since the late 90’s, when we had to call in an apiarist to remove a massive amount of bees that decided to cling to my children’s swing set one summer evening. I do know there are hobby bee keepers around town over the past few years too. Not my idea of fun, lol. 

I have an ornamental plumb tree in my front yard, that should not bear fruit at all, yet every summer there are little plumbs on it. Neighbourhood possums are also feeding on the plumbs; so it is getting pollenated. The tree is twenty five years old and has never; not had fruit on it thanks to the bees. My box elder is swarming with bees ever springtime too.  The bees are working on it for at least a couple of weeks easily and I have to be vigilant so that none of us get stung or my dog getting stung as the tree is partially covering my washing line.

 So it is hard to avoid the bees come springtime. Bees tend to be all year round in my yard; given that I have flowers, and like most Australian suburbs, my neighbourhood has plenty native trees and shrubs that bloom in their seasons; and neighbouring fruit trees and flowers. Canberra is only a light industry and public servants city slap bang in the bush. There is definitely no shortage of bees, dragonflies and  lady bugs around us. Even if you are working in one of the industrial areas like Fyshwick there are green belts with flowering weeds like dandelion and wild native flowering plants that attract bees and butterflies.

Christmas beetles are not so common, but that all depends on what the weather is like each summer. Two things that could upset the bees and insects would be pesticides and electrical frequencies that are distressing to some insects, and wildlife. Then the lack of natural animal fertiliser which disrupts the balance of nature. Chemicals fertilisers and glyphosate’s don’t belong in agriculture,  but how does a farmer get round about the problem of never ending weeds and get full use out of his land? They still need to use something to kill weeds and enrich the soil. 

I don’t think there is an easy solution to this; where there may be a lack of bees and butterflies; but part of the answer could be going back to basics and reintroduced traditional fertiliser and that helps the soils and crops; and improving our health. Humans and animals  are also  not getting the right nutrients from our food since chemicals were introduced to agriculture and genetically engineered crops. 

But to address the bee and butterflies issue people need to help them out by planting  flowers in season and try to grow flowers that don’t use too much water; or make you a slave to the garden. Keep it simple, Roses, daisies, agapanthus, even good old osteospermum daisies from Bunnings. Some native plants like Correa, Callistemon or Grevellea and find a water friendly balance. Time to get the gardening books out and create a friendly garden for nature to do it’s thing. Oh; and use chook poo and natural fertiliser to improve the earth and produce better plants, flowers and edible crops. 

https://bestinau.net/why-do-you-see-a-burst-of-butterflies-canberra-times/amp 29 January 2022, more butterflies, of course there are more because there has been plenty rain to generate growth and  ire food for them. It’s the cycle of nature, which has cycles within cycles. 

Bees in my back yard that have taken over a possum house all summer long. I can smell the honey they are making when up close to the possum houses ( Possum Hotel). Click on the photos to enlarge. I have no intentions of going near them either 🀣🀣

Surgical face masks make people look more attractive, new study finds


LMAO, Talk about nice legs, shame about the face 🀣🀣🀣 Next thing; it will be strip clubs with the punters shouting, show us yer face. 🀣🀣 

Masks cover a multitude of sins, just when you are lulled into a false sense of security. Bam; the mask comes off and you’re looking at something out of Deliverance. πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ Golden rule, never buy a pig in a poke! 

Penguin cam: watch an underwater penguin selfie video


Looks like fun, lunchtime pillage of sardines. Just don’t smell the penguin’s breath 🀣🀣🀣

Calls for national face mask regulation as efficacy of cloth masks questioned


I recently went on their website to look at masks and was shocked at the amount that were not fit for use.

It really pays to have a look on the TGA website to see the test results of face masks. 

US airlines are warning 5G could ground planes. Could this happen in Australia?


Hmmm! Let’s see what happens πŸ˜‚

16 January, 2022

Science Alert: Satellite Captures Dramatic Tsunami-Triggering Volcanic Eruption in South Pacific


This warning came up last night on Facebook for the Eastern seaboard. I am glad that we are inland and up high. 


Science Alert: These Ancient 'War Donkeys' Were Likely The 1st Human-Bred Hybrid Animals


Primitive genetic engineering, was not so primitive after all. 

Wes Penre: Video 289 Q and A session 91

 https://wespenrevideos.com/wp-content/uploads/2022/01/Video-289-QnA-Session-91.pdf Written format

https://wespenrevideos.com/2022/01/15/video-289-qa-session-91/. video format 

I hope these are helpful to readers, but to get the full grasp you must read the full Wes Penre Papers. Look for the link in the website. This is heavy metaphysics but do give up. It all,makes perfect sense once you are au fait with Wes’s papers.

You can print them off, however this takes about 500 pages of printed pages, or a full term of photocopy paper. There are five levels or volumes to read. I have everything printed off as well as backups.

If you are serious about learning then it may be worth your while to print the WPP and put in ring binder folders with plastic sleeves to protect your printed pages.

You may also want to have an index of who is who in the WPP, as many of the gods, entities have multiple names. You will also see the full bibliography at the end of each volume or level of learning. So you can verify for yourself where Wes sources his information from.


 Promises are like pie crust, easily made and easily broken.

 It’s piecost! 

 What’s a piecost?

 About $5.80 at the bakery πŸ€£πŸ˜‚πŸ€£πŸ˜‚

Omicron symptoms: The surprising sign in your eyes to look out for the new variant


Oh boy, this will make people worry if they have any eye infections. Get it checked out ASAP, and keep up with your vitamins, do as your medical provider tells you, including your pharmacist as they are very switched on when it comes to your medication and know more on the medication than your doctor in some cases. 

Stay safe, keep social distancing and wash your hands, don’t keep touching your face and eyes. That will perhaps slow down your risk of getting sick. 

14 January, 2022

9NEWS: What you can do with the UV torches from your rapid test kits (it involves kittens)


No red dot to chase. It’s much more important. 😻😻🐈‍⬛πŸ•

Australia’s public health system is in free fall hospitals and Ambulance services

 https://www.abc.net.au/news/2022-01-14/ambulance-pressures-worsen-amid-covid-emergency-union-says/100753520 South Australia ambulance service crisis 

https://www.abc.net.au/news/2022-01-14/woman-died-waiting-for-ambulance-body-left-in-sun-for-hours/100756322 Townsville woman dies in her driveway waiting for am ambulance. 

Read the articles in the links above; this is absolutely heartbreaking for the people concerned. This is now a common occurrence between hospitals and the ambulance services Australia wide. Because the government has cut everything right back and understaffing public hospitals and the Emergency services to breaking point. This is not new; it has been like this for years; decades.  Money before lives, it makes no difference who is in power politically either. What will it take for this to be stopped? How long that will take is anyones guess. Meanwhile people are dying, many are preventable deaths and that’s what’s sickening. This is not the way of a compassionate government, to cause pain and suffering to the sick and their families; this  is abuse and deliberate negligence. 

It is not bloody good enough. What about all the health workers that resign because they are over it, because they just can’t cope with the pressure, abuse and stress any more? You can’t blame them, who is going to put up with crap year in year out, as it takes a psychological toll on their health. Oh; and on top of that they have to put up with violence from the public. Drug fuelled nutters attacking EMS  workers as they try to save someone’s life, is an all too common situation in the lives of EMS personnel. Doctors and nurses that are violently assaulted as they care for patients practically every day; somewhere in Australia.

All they get in return is pathetic lip service by some bureaucrat and nothing changes, year in, year out. Our emergency services people and health care workers are there because they care about humanity; not just for the hell of it. It’s a calling in life that someone answers. This puts them in a terrible position because they care, and that makes them vulnerable to abuse by management and government officials. Management don’t  care because they call the shots, and carrying out the orders from bureaucrats; they are not dealing with a tragedy in front of their eyes. They are so far removed from human suffering that it is easy to become detached. The further away from human suffering the easier it is to become detached.

These health workers have given their best; but the government keeps taking their resources and cutting back on funding. The public are just not angry enough; to demand better service and more staffing. There is absolutely no excuse for destroying the health system. This is about money and nothing else, robbing the public funds to force a shockingly cruel US health system on us. Our country doesn’t need nor want such an abomination of a “health care” system like the shocking US corporate greed system. 

Now we have a perfect storm and no one is really going to do anything about it. Keep this in mind the next time you go to vote. The health care workers and EMS workers are someone’s family that are trying to save lives, and it’s someone’s loved one that dies as a result of bureaucrats saving money, pulling resources. It must feel horrible to be the person that is dying or their loved ones left with the pain and anger at being let down by the health system. I am sure that it must also be a horrible situation when the EMS arrive only to be met with anger and distress as the patient has died waiting for help.

The buck stops with the government always! You broke it, you fix it. It is time to utilise our ADF to assist in whatever way possible.


7 February 2022; The ADF are finally being deployed to helping nursing homes. This also ties in with predictions that I  have made over the past couple of years about the ADF (Australian Defence Force) being used to help in various ways within Australia. If you look back at my Australian psychic predictions you will see this. 

Tips for finding your missing moggy


I thought that I should share this with people that come across my blog. Many people are cat owners and from time to time our darling moggies go missing; even the house cats like mine were. My late Tolstoy was missing in action for three weeks, and it was a horrible nightmare for my family and his dear little kitty wife Daisy. When we found him he was so stressed that he scratched me. Tolstoy was a very loving kitty boy and never scratched me. This was a stress reaction to being away from his home for three weeks.

Surprisingly he was only a few meters away from home, he accidentally got locked under a vacant house; I assume by someone that had not noticed he was there, and accidentally locked him under the house. 

Cats should be kept indoors and have the use of a cat run if possible; and cat grass needs to be available to them for intestinal health. It is too risky to let them just wander the neighbourhood. I am glad that the ACT government in Canberra have brought in laws now to keep cats contained, already in new suburbs it is compulsory to keep cats indoors permanently. From 1 July 2022 the law states, all cats must be contained or on a leash through out the ACT.

As for walking cats on a leash; I think it is dangerous, because some people just let their dogs wander and cats do get attacked by roaming dogs; so how on earth are you going to protect your cat and yourself from a dog attack. What about a child walking a cat on a leas; there is no way a child can protect themselves let alone a cat from dogs that are determined to attack the cat. I have heard some horrible things about cats being killed by dogs that are left to roam. I am a dog lover and dog owner and there is no way on earth that I would allow my dog out to roam the streets or harm anything. I am very protective of my fur children; I would naturally assume that any pet owners/ fur parents are similar in their beliefs about keeping their fur children safe and secure. 


12 January, 2022

Medical express: Research team identifies genes associated with suicide


This is a very interesting article, and as a person that suffers from depression and anxiety for most of my life, it is good to see research into this suffering that many people live with. My depression and anxiety is hereditary but also from abuse as a child onward into adulthood. 

These things are also at a soul level also, it is not just what happens in your present life, but it is also connected to your soul group and ancestral karma. So it is a metaphysical burden of the soul, and the soul needs healing too. 

9NEWS: Rare 180 million-year-old 'sea dragon' fossil found after lagoon drained in UK


Wow, what a find. Looking at the photo of a man lying next to it you can get the true size of it compared to a human. Just imagine swimming next to that, it would be; hello lunch, one gulp and your gone. 

10 January, 2022

Australian Lamb: The lost country of the Pacific


Ah; the annual Australian Lamb advert for 2022. 🍀πŸ₯©πŸͺƒπŸ‡¦πŸ‡ΊπŸ¨

We all love a good barbecue and a good laugh out loud. 

Because we need a laugh


ABCNEWS: Father and daughter rescued after two days clinging to tree in floodwaters, major flooding continues in Maryborough


Pretty shocking floods up in Queensland. There are a few different articles in this ABC report, that show the devastation people are facing at present. Australia just seems to be having a run of bad luck since 2019. It has to come to an end sometime though. 

Floods are part of Australian life, we just have to roll with it. In Canberra, after last week’s storms; several thousand people in the Belconnen area have only just had their electricity restored today. Just imagine in the heat and humidity at present; thousands have gone without electricity. Unable to have a fridge and freezer working and food wasted. No way to cool the house or wash clothes etc or even make a cup of tea.

Meanwhile in Pakistan people have frozen to death in a snow storm.  A sad start to 2022, let’s hope things get better soon. The world needs some happiness and joy to share as there is just too much suffering going on worldwide. 

Hungry badger may have uncovered Roman coins in Spanish cave


What’s the bet that the badger got gyped over the Roman coins. Bet he ain’t living the life on the Mediterranean after cashing the coins in 🀣🀣 Poor badger; never trust a human that tells you he will look after your stash. 

09 January, 2022

Wes Penre: Video 288 The singularity timeline part 4


This is the link to the pdf transcript you can listen to the video by clicking on the home page. 

Aussies urged to get Panadol, Ibuprofen as many to test positive to Covid in ‘coming days’


What they don’t tell you here is; also buy aspirin. If you do get covid, you will need aspirin to prevent blood clots. Lying down constantly will cause your lungs to fill with fluid too. You need to get up and move around every two hours. Also sit upright to help clear your lungs. Sleep on your tummy or on your side to stop the fluid buildup in your lungs. 

Keep up your vitamin C and D, Zinc, magnesium and drink plenty water at room temperature. You should also buy in cough medicine. Speak to your pharmacist about what you should do to prevent covid.

Keep social distancing and washing your hands. Just do what you have to do, to avoid being sick and spreading the virus to others. 

Note: In regards to taking magnesium you need to take it transdermal. You can soak in a bath for 20 minutes with magnesium chloride flakes, soak your feet in warm water and magnesium flakes for 20 or you can use a magnesium chloride cream on your skin. Oral magnesium tablets are a waste of time, as the body can only absorb a very small amount of magnesium orally.

I use magnesium cream every day and at bed time for Fibromyalgia and it’s great. I can’t get to sleep without it. My muscles are hard as rocks even with massages; so the magnesium cream works wonderfully to stop the pain in my legs and arms.

 You may want to talk to a person in a health food shop about which transdermal magnesium chloride  is best for your needs. I love Ancient Minerals magnesium cream  because it is so easy to use. I picked up a new tube two days ago and after I got it home  I noticed this one had melatonin in it; even better to help me sleep.

Every disaster movie starts with a scientist being ignored

 And a dumb shit hogging the limelight 

Russian city hiding chilling Cold War secret from world


Very sad and disturbing to say the least. It all comes down to money and power. Nuclear power is one of the supposedly “green “ ways to generate electricity; hmmm glowing in the dark green. I am not a fan of that, but what are 100% safe ways to generate electricity for a nation or the planet? 

08 January, 2022

Professor Michael Gore, founder of national science institution Questacon, dies in Canberra


Such sad news; the passing of the man that created  Questacon. This is a fantastic cultural icon in Canberra. It’s great fun for all the family and all thanks to Professor  Michael Gore’s idea to teach kids science in a interactive hands on experience. His memory will live on and be preserved in history as a man that inspired others. 

‘Turn them over faster’: the bleak reality inside NSW’s hospitals


Don’t hold the ordinary doctors and nurses accountable for this, they are victims of suffering in this and need public support and compassion. Their hands are tied, and their hearts broken with all the suffering they deal with daily over the past two years. Remember they are parents too, or the children of  someone, they have families and those families are suffering.

Bring in the ADF to help where possible immediately and stop dragging this out. The UK have just started this albeit in London to start with. Even this is too little too late, too many screw ups and people get sick because of the deliberately slow decision making process.

What shocks me though is the utter stupidity of placing covid positive patients in beside patients that don’t have covid. Are they playing Russian roulette with people? It looks that way, I don’t give a damn if there are shortages, you don’t put infected patients in with other patients, that is never done. This is careless disregard for human lives.

Excuses are exactly that; excuses. That doesn’t cut any ice with me. Tell a person with a compromised immune system that they have to be placed next to covid positive patients; and watch the reaction. What if that covid free patient is a small child with a compromised immune system? Should that child become covid positive and die as a result of this carelessness then what? 

That is psychological abuse and obviously health abuse; to place non covid patients in with covid positive patients. So who is going to be held accountable if a person (including children) with a compromised immune system or even patients that don’t have a compromised immune system gets covid and dies; all thanks to the health system’s brilliant idea of  “ let’s lump them all in together “. 

What happened to the special covid wards around towns in the UK and Australia ? I know that. Canberra has reopened the surge centre at Garran, which is actually just next door to the Canberra Hospital, but I don’t know what it’s current status is. Our testing centres are overflowing in Canberra at present and have to close temporarily and reopen when the staff are up to date on testing. 

 Military personnel could even assist in Australia due to the lack of nurses and doctors. If the situation is so critical they can pull in medical and nursing students, retired staff, retired veterinary nurses and veterinarians, even volunteers if they can do the basics such as cleaning, triage etc. What do you think happens in a theatre of war? Anyone that can help in any possible way does help. A little help is better than none at all. Utilising what resources are available and freeing up others to be directed to where they are needed. 

It is a short term solution only, but is that not better than exhausted nurses and doctors who are burned out from over work and on the brink of mental collapse? Question; what happens to the said medical personnel that suffer mental collapse are they still permitted to work once they recover? That is a pertinent question as I have no idea what actually happens to any medical personnel that are unfortunate to suffer mental collapse and to what level. 

The health system should never be permitted to get into such decline; that this happens in the first place is diabolical. But here we are, many years of planned implosion of the western world health system which we know is now out in the open thanks to the covid pandemic. This exposed the truth, that was long denied. 

Hell, when I started reading the cards professionally in the early 2000’s, I saw this health system implosion in the Tarot cards. Do you think such things cannot be picked up by psychic’s and astrologers? Of course it can and always has been. How else do you think world predictions are done? We tune into the human universal consciousness. That is like data stored on a cloud, but on a psychic level or metaphysical level. It is all energy that humans generate for all eternity.

Now the western world has allowed the health systems to implode deliberately for financial gain over the past few  decades and no one held governments accountable. Trying to force the US style healthcare on to the rest of the western world; driven by corporate greed. 

This current pandemic has exposed this and how understaffed hospitals really are. I don’t see this being rectified after the pandemic is over either. What will be left will be a second world medical care. With a public mindset of apathy that will allow it to continue to decline the public health system worldwide.

This could be turned around if the general public were not so apathetic and actually used their personal power to insist on the government improving the world public health system. Just don’t hold your breath on that one though. 

07 January, 2022

Dominic Perrottet backflips further and reintroduces tougher Covid restrictions across NSW


Lousy leadership 101. Apologise publicly for mistakes that you made and then perhaps you might get a little respect. How can you have someone with no experience in real leadership run the state in such times; and destroy peoples lives?  

People have been mislead and have suffered because they put their trust in people in authority; that assured us they know what is best for us. 

This is an utter fiasco, how can you stop dancing and singing in pubs and clubs but elsewhere it's ok?

The government have lost the plot, but they lost the plot a long time ago; by letting their guard down in several areas. How many more people have to suffer?  

Time is of the essence to me

This year kicks off a new direction and new energy for me; and literally "time is of the essence" for me. I am stepping out into bigger spirituality; and have to go deep into myself for a spiritual education quest. How long this goes for; I have no idea. 

Hopefully this won't leave me time poor. A spiritual calling can take a person anywhere. As if my private life is not stressful and hectic enough; a spiritual calling overtakes and redesigns a person and their life.

I am slowly getting the message about a dream that I had  in May 2021; in which some old men came up to me and saluted me and thanked me for being so brave. Yeah, well just dumb it down for me please.

As I said, I have such a stressful and hectic private life. I have no idea how this is going to take place as I am a carer fulltime also. What I do know is; when one answers a spiritual calling, free will is out the window; not that humans have much free will anyway.  


Becoming borealis: The Esoteric structure of the alphabet by Alvin Boyd Kuhn


I came across this website on one of my rummages on the net. As I was looking for this book by Alvin Boyd Kuhn. I am very grateful that the owner of the website has been so kind as to share this for free.

Just sharing the wisdom for others, to help them on their spiritual path 😊to which I say a humble thank you. 

The book is only 88 pages long so it won't take very long to read. You will see that as often stated in metaphysics; everything is inverted. There are many lights go on in my mind as I am reading this myself.

One thing that I immediately thought of was; the Ace of Cups in the Rider Waite Smith Tarot deck. I was at a conference many years ago in which Mary Greer was a guest speaker and we were discussing the Ace of Cups and the Meaning of the upside down M. Apart from Mary Magdalen as a suggestion for the meaning of the M, Mithras etc. I am now looking at the M as in Mother. The Sophia, (Zoe Sophia).

Arthur Waite sure left us in the dark with this one; and again in the dark, feminine energy as depicted in polarities, Ying and Yang is black. Male energy is white. Isn't it funny; how a little expression like "in the dark" can spark a thought (energy).

Please enjoy reading this PDF book that Becoming Borealis has lovingly shared. Once again thank you Becoming Borealis. πŸ’– 

Quote: from the book by Alvin Boyd Kuhn

And as St. Paul's Epistles (mainly Romans 7) so pointedly reveal, earth was that mount on which the divine soul, sinless in its celestial habitation, came under the dominion of sin. "Know ye not, my brethren," asks the Apostle, "how that a man is under the law (of sin and death) only as long as he liveth?"--that is, while he is here on earth. He implies that there is no sin in heaven, for he clearly states that "sin sprang to life" when the soul obeys the "command" to incarnate. Sin can touch the soul only from the side of body, and, he says, the soul goes "dead" under its power while here on earth until its resurrection "from the dead" in the course of evolution of spirit back to its divine condition. So that the earth is that "Mount of Sin," that "Mount Sin-ai" of the Scriptures.

Interesting quote here; When trapped in the physical body we are dead, and if you read right through my blog and my old blog you will see that I have always said this too. We are in a low and heavy vibrational frequency which is a very negative energy. The only thing we can do is try to raise our frequency and break the encryption that keeps us locked into this negative vibration.

Spiritual awakening is what one must do, but there is much more to this; that the average person won’t be capable of believing because they are heavily conditioned or programmed not to awaken spiritually.

04 January, 2022

PerthNow: Coronavirus crisis: Huge blunder as Covax Australia loses test swabs amid record cases in Queensland


https://www.brisbanetimes.com.au/national/queensland/queensland-made-rapid-antigen-tests-going-to-us-until-midyear-20211229-p59kny.html  Read the comments in this article. 

Looks like Australia is having a string of disasters with the whole covid fiasco. We can see there is absolutely no control over this virus now. The screw up is letting infected people come into the country in the first place. It makes me feel it is all by design, because no normal thinking government could be this careless or stupid. First it was Delta and then Omicron, after the government was pressured on opening the borders ( eh, who is in charge here, the government or morons?) and I don’t feel these two outbreaks were accidental.

Australia was doing well until this screw up. But someone outside of Australia wants us in the same state as the rest of the world. Our government was doing so well up until then. But I feel someone has a vested financial interest in spreading this to the entire world, making sure that Australians were dragged into this. I said right at the start in 2020; this is a bioweapon; however I have no intentions of going on about any of this because it angers me; and I don’t need that hassle thanks. https://www.naturalnews.com/2022-04-01-covid-vaccines-used-in-worlds-biggest-genocide.html

I will invest my energy elsewhere as there is nothing good to be gained here. Distressing situations scatter a psychic person’s energy and I need to stay focused for clients. 

Please don’t stress over this whole situation, there is nothing anyone can do other than, social distancing, masks and hygiene. Keep that hand washing up; and keep taking your vitamins D, C and zinc and transdermal Magnesium chloride. The human body absorbs magnesium through the skin, to take it in tablet form is a waste of money and time. Read up on Google about transdermal use of magnesium chloride.

Talk to a doctor or a pharmacist about your vitamin needs. As you don’t want to overdose on anything. Vitamin C overdose will only give you loose bowels. But many other vitamins and minerals in excess can be harmful.

ABC NEWS: Hail and strong winds damage cars and homes in Canberra as thousands lose power


I remember the damage done in January 2019. It was only minutes for the damage to be done and so many people had their cars damaged because they were at work. My husband was lucky, he saw the storm coming and quickly moved his car under cover. Most people were unlucky and unable to move their cars out of the storms path. 

Then we were engulfed by the bushfires straight after that and rolled right into lockdown. Here we are again back to hailstorms and thunderstorms. This the second big storm in two weeks  for the city.

Trees down and power outages for 16k residents in the north of Canberra. The Northside always seems to be the worst hit in storms. 

   A Gum tree falling on a car. 

Why are mosquitoes attracted to some people more than others?


The great debate on mozzies. I am itchy just reading this article. 

03 January, 2022

It’s not up to the stars

It’s not up to the stars ✨ or the tarot cards πŸƒ to make things happen in our lives. We have to be motivated to make the changes in our lives. Lose weight, start something new, change jobs, start a new relationship? It is down to us πŸ₯°

Make it happen or don’t, we always have choices. Maybe they are limited at times, it is up to us to be inventive. 

                                                                New beginnings, the start of a journey, spontaneity,

                                                                folly, faith. 

© Alex Fulford

02 January, 2022

Male fertility: How everyday chemicals are destroying sperm counts in humans and animals


Not at all surprising living in an environment full of toxins and wearing synthetic clothing. The way our world is now; population control is on the agenda and putting the guilt trip on people for wanting to have a family. 

Labor leader Anthony Albanese pledges $500m for Sydney-Newcastle fast rail


Mr Albanese is over optimistic, there is no way in hell Labor will be re-elected any time soon. Dream on mate! Many people are fully aware of Labor’s shortcomings and their poor leadership not forgetting Labor  have sold Australia out more times than they have had hot dinners. 

What about the bogus climate change scam Mr Albanese?  How can you push climate change and be ok with fossil fuels? Isn’t that pure hypocrisy? How will you placate the Greens on this? Of course it is all a sham in reality. 

You cannot expect people to have any respect for a party that is peddling climate change garbage and at the same time pushing business that endorse fossil fuels, ditto all political parties in reality. 

True Spirituallity

 True Spirituality is about firstly being true to pure Spirit, then yourself and then to others.

Without pure spirit; nothing is pure.

Alex Fulford ©️

Food budget of $30 a week: Students suffer food insecurity at university campuses


I don’t need an “expert” to state the damned obvious! It has always been this way since the late 1970's and  poverty is nothing to be ashamed of; or ridicule.  This is "educated "and privileged  people thinking this is funny; something is deeply wrong with these individuals if they find poverty and suffering funny and this must not be tolerated in a university. What sort of family background would find this acceptable behaviour from their kids at any age?

These young people are supposedly  the bright minds of the future; that the rest of us are "supposed" to look up to. They need a does of reality; as do those that let this go unchecked. This is abnormal thinking. Where is the respect for others less fortunate; or  humility and humanity here folks?

Add a staggering hex fee on top of  this food insecurity and paying for accommodation and life expenses post university; that when the students start working and you will see for many it is no laughing matter. Where is the humanity in this, I ask? The culture within the universities must be truly appalling and toxic for such minds to flourish.  

I remember when education was free; until someone greedy individuals decided to charge for education; now this was under the Labor Whitlam government in 1974. Education that these individuals got for free remember. What the hell gives them the right to deprive others of that entitlement that those greedy unscrupulous individuals had?

The average Aussie cannot afford to go to university; and  for those that do go; after university some are left working in retail jobs at minimum wage. I have many clients in this situation. Living in cheap rentals with others and struggling to make ends meet and paying off the hex fees for many years. 

As for overseas students, many come from wealthy families and it is seen as a status symbol to study overseas. Check your damn privilege. You don’t have to study overseas for most subjects; this is elitist mentality.

Universities are a business in modern times, it’s all about how much money they can grab. Lecturers are wanting big bickies to teach suddenly. How about getting a real job in you field and see how damn long you last in the workplace. Not some elitist politicised job; way out of touch with the realities of  the graduates working in their fields still paying off their debts, that those prior to 1974 did not have. 

It’s not just students that suffer from food insecurities, try being the average family on an average to low income or being a family on welfare payments long term. Paying rent or a mortgage and trying to feed and clothe the family on a low income is real suffering. A student is usually only responsible for feeding themselves and not a family. Think about struggling families that can't afford to feed an entire family a nutritious meal; and along comes a big bill, such as going to the dentist or if you’re really unlucky there are a few bills to pay at once.

Many families no longer have health insurance because they no longer have the money to pay for the luxury of a private health fund. A health fund that gives you less and less back each year but the fees are sky rocketing. I am talking pre Covid here as well as post Covid, as the crisis will be over by the end of the year. Covid will always be here, but the crisis will dissipate.

On the subject of being able to eat a healthy nutritious meal three times a day; this is a basic human right; so why are people not jumping up and down about this? Regardless of being a student or not. Going to university is a privilege; not a right. A roof over one’s head and the right to nutritious meals three times a day ( excluding junk food,  take away food and pizza) are our rights; and not a privilege. I am sure that what constitutes healthy food is taught at universities worldwide.

Poor nutrition stunts the brain and inhibits the ability to study or absorb information; it leads to depression and anxiety as well as other health issues, everyone knows this; but no one really cares in positions of authority and power. Don’t think that will change; meanwhile  the vegan agenda is being rammed down students throats at present. 

Expect a brain drain caused by poor nutrition from this as well as a string of other health problems. Do you see nutritionists, neurologists or any other expert vocally  demanding this to be addressed in the media? Err, No; I rest my case.

Wes Penre: Video 287: Q&A Session #90


The above link is for those that like to read the transcript rather than listen to the video.


Video version.

Personally, I only believe in pure spirit and nothing else. But that is my personal belief, everyone must find their own truth. All I say is read and research (including the Wes Penre Papers), sit on the fence if you want; I do; on many things and will not hold a 100% trust in anything in this world. Never just accept anything at face value. Just look at organised religion, they have  vested interest in controlling the masses; not to mention energy harvesting human emotions and enslaving the mind and soul. 

No one stops to say hey what about the human rights abuses committed by these  "faiths", nope they just go on with the programme. That is not the mindset of a free thinking individual, it is spiritual enslavement and spiritual abuse of the spirit.

Q4, I do not like the energy from the people mentioned, I would not be inclined to endorse other peoples beliefs. I have very strict and personal spiritual beliefs and I abide by them. You must look deep within yourself for spiritual truth and guidance only. Do not expect to find real spiritual wisdom on the internet, that is just not going to happen. People are just wanting an easy way out, and to their own spiritual demise. You are your own saviour, and guide there is no other source and certainly not externally.  As in master guides, angelic beings, religious entities, Jesus etc these are all archonic deceptions. If you still cannot see this then you clearly have no real spiritual understanding. 

Q5, I stopped believing in angelic beings many years ago. I have no time for such nonsense. This artificial concept is harmful and infests new age and spiritual practices and beliefs world wide to lure the vulnerable souls. They are not from primary or a pure source, therefore reject them.

You will notice that they (Angelic beings/Archons) employ multiple names and titles to confuse the masses. Nothing pure and honest does that. They are but an illusion to distract from the real spirituality that resides within. Yet look at all those practitioners that swear by "Angelic guides" and various healing modalities that are artificial. In fact your energy is being harvested and you are given a placebo effect.

Having said that, one does not learn to become a healer, we are born healers! I know because I am one; and I come from a line of real spiritual healers. Though now I refuse to use my skill due to injuries and also finding out the hard way of the danger of "spiritual healing " on my body.

 Anyone that actually is a practitioner of any modality of healing is taking a huge risk, because they can become drained and become ill from this. This healing is not in humanities best interests and never has been. That energy does not come from outside of the Matrix, that is the first clue or warning. I will leave it there for others to think about. All I will say is this world is a world of lies and deception with everything stacked against humanity. Right now we are on a virtual count down to the end of humanity as we know it.

Only those with a slight inkling of what is actually taking place right now in our world; have a slight minute grasp on what is actually taking place. It is not my place to lay it all on the table; that is up to the individual. 


Wes Penre: Q and A Session 3 July 2024

  https://wespenrevideos.com/wp-content/uploads/2024/07/QA-Session-3-July-2024.pdf Q1: That‘s a Yeah, Nah with me. I don’t agree with the pe...