14 January, 2022

Australia’s public health system is in free fall hospitals and Ambulance services

 https://www.abc.net.au/news/2022-01-14/ambulance-pressures-worsen-amid-covid-emergency-union-says/100753520 South Australia ambulance service crisis 

https://www.abc.net.au/news/2022-01-14/woman-died-waiting-for-ambulance-body-left-in-sun-for-hours/100756322 Townsville woman dies in her driveway waiting for am ambulance. 

Read the articles in the links above; this is absolutely heartbreaking for the people concerned. This is now a common occurrence between hospitals and the ambulance services Australia wide. Because the government has cut everything right back and understaffing public hospitals and the Emergency services to breaking point. This is not new; it has been like this for years; decades.  Money before lives, it makes no difference who is in power politically either. What will it take for this to be stopped? How long that will take is anyones guess. Meanwhile people are dying, many are preventable deaths and that’s what’s sickening. This is not the way of a compassionate government, to cause pain and suffering to the sick and their families; this  is abuse and deliberate negligence. 

It is not bloody good enough. What about all the health workers that resign because they are over it, because they just can’t cope with the pressure, abuse and stress any more? You can’t blame them, who is going to put up with crap year in year out, as it takes a psychological toll on their health. Oh; and on top of that they have to put up with violence from the public. Drug fuelled nutters attacking EMS  workers as they try to save someone’s life, is an all to common situation in the lives of EMS personnel. Doctors and nurses that are violently assaulted as they care for patients practically every day; somewhere in Australia.

All they get in return is pathetic lip service by some bureaucrat and nothing changes, year in, year out. Our emergency services people and health care workers are there because they care about humanity; not just for the hell of it. It’s a calling in life that someone answers. This puts them in a terrible position because they care, and that makes them vulnerable to abuse by management and government officials. Management don’t  care because they call the shots, and carrying out the orders from bureaucrats; they are not dealing with a tragedy in front of their eyes. They are so far removed from human suffering that it is easy to become detached. The further away from human suffering the easier it is to become detached.

These health workers have given their best; but the government keeps taking their resources and cutting back on funding. The public are just not angry enough; to demand better service and more staffing. There is absolutely no excuse for destroying the health system. This is about money and nothing else, robe the public funds to force a shockingly cruel US health system on us. Our country doesn’t need nor want such an abomination of a “health care” system like the shocking US corporate greed system. 

Now we have a perfect storm and no one is really going to do anything about it. Keep this in mind the next time you go to vote. The health care workers and EMS workers are someone’s family that are trying to save lives, and it’s someone’s loved one that dies as a result of bureaucrats saving money, pulling resources. It must feel horrible to be the person that is dying or their loved ones left with the pain and anger at being let down by the health system. I am sure that it must also be a horrible situation when the EMS arrive only to be met with anger and distress as the patient has died waiting for help.

The buck stops with the government always! You broke it, you fix it. It is time to utilise our ADF to assist in whatever way possible.

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