31 March, 2023

RIP Doug ‘’Mulos” Mulray

Credit to nzoz1986


Omg, I was shocked by this news this morning as I woke up. I was a big fan of Doug  Mulos Mulray on Triple M back in the day in Sydney. This guy was an absolute legend and the humour was infectious.


You will find a few comedy videos on YouTube by Doug and the gang. I bought the single, You Are Soul; and I still have it. I used to play this in my car on cassette. One time taking it over to Scotland to let my cousins hear it. They thought it was hilarious. That’s the reverend dr Doug for you. Give him a micro phone and watch him do his thing the only way such an iconic person can. With pizazz and a wicked sense of humour. 

Cop you later Mulos. 

Scotland soaks the rich, which is why it is failing


Vote SNP they said, it would be fun they said. How to destroy a country more like. If the damage done by Margaret Thatcher wasn’t bad enough when she shut down the steel industry, these idiots take it to a whole new level. Only idiots think that the SNP are good for the country. Take a good hard look at the crime rate in Scotland, the drug problem, council houses falling apart, the once good education system is now an embarrassment and of course the health system destroyed just like in every western country right now. 

How many of the idiots that voted for them are actually aware the SNP are heavily influenced by the World Economic Forum? Both Sturgeon and Yousaf are protΓ©gΓ©s of Klaus Schwab. Alarm bells are muffled when it comes to reality.  It is absolutely galling to see the destruction of a once great nation collapsing into ruins and idiots think things are good in Scotland. Let’s see how well they can keep a roof over their heads and feed their families then. Poor people are expendable and there ranks are rapidly increasing thanks to the ideology of the WEF, UN, IMF, corrupt world leaders, bankers,  big corporations and politicians who have their noses in the trough with their corrupt buddies. 

Just remember that young men will be used as cannon fodder in the near future thanks to people like Klaus Schwab and world leaders. This thins out the population considerably wiping out a generation or two. These rich and powerful people want a smaller world population and concentrate their wealth into fewer hands while taking our life savings on top of a war that has been engineered by them. Hang in there, because they are about to pull the rug out from underneath everyone. 

https://www.9news.com.au/world/former-scotland-first-minister-nicola-sturgeon-husband-peter-murrell-arrested/fc9726e0-fa15-464c-a1ac-86d7315dac09 6 April 2023

Well now we know why she quit in a hurry. 

30 March, 2023

RIP Paul O’Grady


What a shock this was. A man with a heart of gold. I became a fan after watching him on the Michael Parkinson show in character as Lily Savage; back in the early nineties. And seeing him on For the love of dogs. Rest in peace with all the wonderful dogs that were in your life Paul. They are glad to have daddy back.

29 March, 2023

Well known buffer against cognitive decline has zero effect study finds


Nutrition and education go hand in hand. A healthy body means that you can focus more efficiently, hence improving your cognitive functioning to absorb more knowledge. People have lost the basic knowledge of nutrition in their everyday lives. Relying on more and more refined and processed foods and less on whole foods, this leads to health impairments and in return poor cognitive functioning. 

Did you know that you can find out more about your health from an astrological standpoint? Everything is laid out in black and white. The clear risks and possibilities if you take certain steps or you can prevent them; generally by simply being aware of the risks and possible consequences if you fail to follow advice. 

This is a verifiable fact and only someone that is unwilling to explore this subject fails to understand the importance and value of having an astrological chart done with follow up questions that can be answered using horary astrology charts, these are questions put to the astrologer during a consultation. World leaders use astrologers for this reason especially when it comes to elections or war, to give a rough example. 

NEIL OLIVER: Tyranny or Revolution it’s coming, a storm is coming

You do realise that apart from ramping up the fear; the war footing is approaching faster right? If not, then you should be thinking about it because it is not far off as I keep warning people. The timeline to war could come slightly sooner than expected, that depends on the current circumstances. Other human beings are not our enemies, they are just like us; the victims of pure evil. 

There are no winners in war unless you are a powerful businessman or world leader. This is a war against humanity and our spirituality also, don’t forget that. Just imagine what would happen if ordinary people around the world refused to fight each other, war would come to a halt. But people being people will not work this out, sadly we will be suffering and all because of the super rich and powerful. Grabbing our assets and homes as the death toll of war rises. Yet not one person will stop and think about the waste of lives and the terrible destruction of nations. Not one person will be calculating the financial gains of the elite at humanities expense. That is a frightening prospect and reality. There is no bloody saviour figure that will make things better, to believe that is ludicrous and childish. Each human is their own individual saviour and no one and nothing else is your saviour. 

One thing that just crossed my mind just now was that annoying, “ We’re all in this together “ phrase. Yes we the ordinary people all over the world are collectively victims of a very dark agenda. There is absolutely no doubt about that. We will all suffer together. Forget any religious beliefs or any other social division. This is ordinary people who have done nothing wrong versus a secret solar death cult. And if you read my blog you will see what I am talking about. Have you noticed the price drop on things for Easter? I have and it was mentioned on the news tonight. Christmas was the same, and the penny just dropped just now for me. When Neil mentioned Isreal. D’oh! I have been slow to notice the connection.

The need to include the masses in this solar death cult ritual. If you think that is absurd then you have no idea of what solar death cults are. There is plenty on this blog to inform you as well as all over the internet  . These cults are thousands of years old and in various cultures, forms and levels of influence. One just needs to open one’s eyes and see what is right in front of them. This includes blood sacrifices and that can even include war victims. 

World First: Dementia Linked to Brain Abnormalities From High Blood Pressure


This is quite a breakthrough and one that is affecting more and more people as time goes on. I pray that doctors can put the breaks on this terrible disease fast. 

Shocking video of collapsing cobalt mine shows uncomfortable truth about smartphone batteries


This is not the first article on this subject, yet not a peep out of the greenies and their cohorts even mainstream media avoids reporting on this. Why is that then? Inconvenience perhaps?  Global warming is the BS distraction, to stop people from demanding that this sort of abuse stops. Human lives are at stake for consumers goods that we don’t really need and Electric Cars. Every single product that the greens bang on about has had extremely negative impacts. Funny that, yet still they keep pushing their hair braided ideas on the public. 

How about you greenies swap places with these poor souls that die needlessly for your gratification? World leaders and big corporations have known about this for years and ignore the plight of these people. Journalists have been aware of this for years too. These are all the people that put the guilt trip on ordinary people; people that have nothing to do with this abuse nor the corporations involved. The corporations and big business leaders should be on trial for this. 

Don’t try and blame ordinary people for this crime against humanity. Make these rich bastards own it, make them compensate everyone involved in mining this Cobolt and other minerals, including their families. Compensate the families that have lost their bread winners and the children without their fathers. Compensate those whose health has been damaged by the working conditions, physical abuse etc. Confiscate the money and assets that the owner of each mine has to compensate the workers and their families; including medical treatment and expenses. 

How do shareholders sleep at night when this happens? More to the point, how do the company owners, management, investors, board directors and members sleep at night? Quite comfortably I expect. 

28 March, 2023

Life lessons 101


Geez, I don't want to answer this one πŸ˜†πŸ˜‚

Humza Yousaf wins vote to succeed Nicola Sturgeon as SNP leader

 Yet another creature of the Klause Schwab school of destruction.


Get the SNP out of office and get the country out of their grips. The SNP are not Scotlands friends, no there isn't a political party that isn't dodgy in one way or another. But the SNP have destroyed Scotland with fake nationalism and fanatical ideology not to forget the connections to the World Economic Forum.

No one has the guts to see them for what they are; self serving and incompetent. Look at the state of the once great country. I am deeply embarrassed by this abomination. This was always a controlled implosion yet very few have the intelligence to see this. 


UPDATE:  Looks like the SNP aka the Scottish Nose Pickers will be out when the elections are held. Good luck with fixing the screw up because you will need all the luck in the world. 

Death Toll Rises in Outbreak Linked to Contaminated Eye Drops


Holy Cow, this is frightening. I know using expired eye drops is highly dangerous but this is a whole different story. Using expired eye drops can result in losing your eye or eyes. But this is contaminated medicine out of the factory. 

Check your medicine cabinet immediately and do not use these eye drops.

26 March, 2023

WEF Australians


https://www.weforum.org/people/julie-bishop Julie Bishop 

https://www.weforum.org/people/scott-morrison Scottt Morrison 

His photo is here but no text! 

https://www.weforum.org/people/sarah-hanson-young Sarah Hanson-Young 


Canberra member 



Australia has many little poos in the punch bowl. Just keep in mind this “own nothing” only applies to the ordinary people not the rich and the elites. They will never relinquish their wealth and power. This is closer to corporate communism, but there is no difference really because it is all about control of money and power. The masses are just collateral. I can tell you right now the world population will be much smaller in 30 to 40 years from now too. 

This list is ever increasing for the membership of this evil agenda, they are so damned proud of themselves. More like enemies of humanity and traitors to humanity. To be involved in this is like taking the homes and lives of every single person on earth and destroying society as we know it. Corporations and governments against the people. This is psychopathy, wilful arrogance and abuse to rip apart the entire structure of society. Yet not one of these individuals involved nor corporations will lose anything, they stand to gain from our loss, yet the average person is so unaware and will laugh off concerns as a conspiracy theory. Sure it’s a conspiracy, a real conspiracy just like how Russia was set up for destruction during world war 1. 

America sent in trained Marxist propaganda agents and the rest is history. If you don’t know about this event happening then you are lacking in education. Communism didn’t fail, it passed the test and then underwent some changes to fit a modern western society. It takes big money to pull this off, it took big money in early 20th century to pull off the dry run. 

25 March, 2023

NSW election 2023 live results: Chris Minns to be next NSW premier as Lab


I did say that Perrottet would be out on his ear at this election and here we are. The prediction was made in 10 and 21 October 2021.

https://psychictarotreadingwithalexfulford.blogspot.com/2021/10/read-bizarre-486-word-email-top-public.html  My comment saying just for the record, I don’t think Perrotte will stay long in office. 10 October 2021


My psychic predictions for 2022, posted 21 October 2021. 

Now read this about Chris Minns.


And this


This jerk wants Mandarin taught in schools, why?? On the payroll are you Minns? ALP cannot be trusted they have always had communist ties. 


This post on home buyers needs to be read, along with its links because people need to know what they are up against. This is very serious about housing, and that shit Perrottet signed the deal with the commonwealth bank. Like I have always said Australia will take two or three decades to recover from our current economic situation. The wheels were set in motion before 2019, but people may not have been aware of what was happening. 

24 March, 2023

Tarot Card of the month: April 2023, 7 of Pentacles

Hi Welcome to Tarot card of the month for April 2023. Not long until Easter Bunny time. I am hanging out for some chocolate as I have been on a diet since January. Pig out time for me, well just a litte because I don't want to be back to square one again.

As we approach April and Easter we are in a situation of harvesting and reaping what was sown. The pentacles represent money, materialism and wealth in this TCOM. The man is assessing his material gains piled up. This looks like a rich harvest and abundance. But notice the foliage is green and lush but also there are also brown  leaves. That is leaves that are starting to rot or decompose. Left to decay through greed and waste. So much is accumulated that one individual cannot possibly use in their life time. Think of the elite of the world and their obscenely  amassed wealth. They have more wealth, assets, including land and property around the globe and power; than the collective masses put together. 

Too much that some turns to rot or waste, yet still they want more. Not content with what is in front of them. This is an insatiable greed, guarded and never shared. mostly taken in plunder, deception and war.
This world is clearly out of balance and humanity is failing, sinking deeper into poverty, rot and ruin. Spiritual decline and ignorance is evident everywhere one looks.

As we look to this card we notice the foreground is ripe for growth, but notice it is only a very tiny area of  ground. This small area is what the masses have for survival, it isn't very much is it. The rest is heavily guarded by the elite; so much in so few hands. This is not the first time that this has happened on this earth and it won't be the last either.

This card reminds us of the great social divide and how imbalanced the world is. The pile of pentacles and leaves hides what is actually really there, great abundance of land, water and resources to support the entire planet. This also depicts the mostly western elite living at the expence of the rest of humanity and the animals/ marine life on this planet. Spiritually speaking the world of the third dimension is one of dualities so this is part of that experience not to mention it is a very low and dense frequency. To have or to have not, to live or die, to be rich or poor is an example of this duality.

Energy must constantly be kept in balance otherwise chaos erupts. This balance has been ignored, violated and disrespected for so long by the elite and the rulers of this world that we now are in great danger yet again. Lessons are never learned nor respected. Now the imbalance is so greatley out of balance that a massive upheaval is the only option left. This imbalance is a deliberate act not accidental which would imply that no one is to blame. This energy is driven by negative spiritual energy and absolutely nothing to do with population growth. 

On a human level this spiritual imbalance results in preditory behaviour, resource guarding like a savage animal that is out to dominate other living beings; leading to conflict and destruction.
Thus affecting our reasoning ability, emotions, mental stability, spiritual energy and our physical health. We are then deprived of the things that are needed for survival like food, shelter, protection and health.

The sky behind the man is grey and represents spirit, but grey is also a rather dull colour which is depressing. There are mountains in the background and a body of water. Then there is the ground; on which the man has one foot on and the other is on the water. To me this says body, mind and spirit in one  intigrated unit, the human being.  The man appears to be deep in thought and looking to his material gains. rather than his spiritual needs or gains. Both are equaly valid and could be easily balanced in a healthy manner if the man is wise.

He rests on his farming implement as  he inspects his gains. At his feet is new growth needing care and attention. Using his skills he must take  care of  this new growth, but to what expense? Does he let the rest he has accumulated rot or does he add his newly matured gains to the pile?

The world as I said is dangerously out of balance, spirituality is suppressed in favour of greed and want. People see this imbalance is getting worse and many are greatly affected by it. It is now only a matter of time before absolute chaos erupts. The time is ripe for drama.  

Assets frozen, Western assets frozen or gone, conflicts and social upheaval are to worsen is the message in the card. Notice to the colours brown, green and reddish earth and purple in the background. 
The negative vibe here signifies decay, greed, envy, rot and destruction, anger and hot tempers. The purple says power, pride and pomp as well as the usual spiritual wisdom, royalty and the crown chakra.

Looking again at the card as a whole it asks us; are we digging our own graves and sinking deeper into depression and despair? These are the fears of the average person in the world right now. Which is totally justified, through poverty, homelessness, loss of hope, loss of income and financial insecurity and the struggle to feed themselves and their families, while being told to adhere to the lies of climate issues. Yet the elite do not follow these rules, they are jetting around the world in private jets, having luxury yachts and holidays around the world on a whim.

This is the social divide which has not been seen like this since early 20th Century. This is all cyclical remember, as the pendulum swings one way then the other. The divide is so far out of balance that the only conflict can come of it.

The garden implement  that the man rests on, is used to divide the wheat from the chaff so to speak. This man is fully in control of what goes where as he works in his field. That looks quite a rich and fertile crop or harvest to his side. But what if that pile of foliage and pentacles represents the masses? Then the picture changes. As I have said some of the leaves are brown  and look like they are decomposing or rotting. Devlued life savings of the masses as everything now becomes worthless. People are eating into life savings to survive. 
The man is then seen to be guarding what he has at his feet, making sure what he has is safe. The water beneath his foot is able to water his crops and therefore grow his crops very well. Think of quick investment to make money on the short term market, while others lose their money in the banks. Are we ordinary people not able to invest safely in things to secure our money too? 

Something is clearly wrong here on a financial level as well as globally ( WEF, IMF, UN) Access to quality food and safe shelter, health care access and affordability of health care including dental care are not negotiable, this is basic human rights for every single human being. There is great uncertainty globaly right now and the west is in deep decay. As I look at the card again I look at the purple looking mountains and the sprawling landscape, it looks like it is war decimated right up to the water's edge.
Will war cross the water? Yes, eventually; because you do not have such vast social decay for so long and not expect war. But remember war is highly profitable too for some!

This is the calm before the storm, May will bring further worries as we hear in the news, more distressing stories are in the news but so are more distractions to keep us nervous and frightned. Think of the US elections underway and you will definatley see a side show beyond compare as usual.

Now is a good time to put aside food, if possible such as non perishables and seeds for growing food , think about microgreens. 

Tougher laws and rules will be ushered in over the next 6 months to keep western nations in psychological lockdown. Keep an eye on social media for clues of social control. Avoid posting opinions as everything is being monitored permanently now. This will affect you and your ability to move such as overseas for a holiday.

Remember 9/11? Remember the changes that were implemented back then? Well here we are again, so guard your temper over the next 6 months as everything will be used to assess you to see if you are a risk to the status quo. This is privilege over punishment and relates to public spaces such as sport events and entertainment, holiday travel etc. 

I am also worried about people struggling to feed fur babies and get medical care for them too. As things become difficult and saving money will be very difficult for many people. I feel there will be problems either afording pet food or food shortages for our dear fur babies. Some people have no one else other than that dear fur child. Which is their entire world. This shortage and affordability is not an accidental thing either this is well orchestrated against the masses.  So please keep your eyes open in the shops and watch the media for any grocery items in short supply.

Please take care, warm and fuzzy hugs to all of you and your beautiful fur babies too
Have a safe and happy Easter, much love


PS this is a handy little chart that I have had since I started reading the cards. You will find it on this blog and my old blog if you want to take a copy or just go to google images, which is where I came across this and a chart for  other esoteric stuff 😊 Happy hunting with google

Cross brained and learning disabilities





Please read each link in this post as each has interesting information about mixed-handedness, these individuals make up just 1% of the world population. I was thinking about this subject this morning; because I am one of these people and tick all the boxes. 

Schizophrenia can actually be ASD, as they can appear to have similar  traits and a person can be incorrectly diagnosed as Schitzophrenic when they are actually on the ASD spectrum.

This has had a major impact on my life from starting school onwards. I was never diagnosed because my mother was never interested in finding out, it was all about her, she was a Leo born in the year of the Tiger. Which means a strong willed and domineering person with a strong need for control; I on the other hand am a Libra on the cusp of Virgo born in the year of the Rabbit and therefore not compatible energy. I was constantly moved from school to school on a 12 month basis from when I started school to when I left. I  do remember very clearly the learning problems that I had when learning to read and write. Maths and arithmetic, I just couldn’t do at all. At the age of 10 and having already lived in 6 different houses and 4 schools; it was overseas on a parental whim, which turned out to be on a regular basis. 

I was just expected to fit in, I was told that “I will settle in” to my new school, yet the school curriculum was different when moving to Australia and at the opposite end of the school year and a two month gap between leaving my old school and enrolling in the new school due to several things happening such as the packing up of our household items, staying with a grand parent until it was time to leave the country and then arrive in the next country find a house and then a school. Now my father was not in the military at this stage, he was a civilian. No reason was ever given for the constant move of houses. I was a child so there was no reason to tell me anything. 

In my primary school years especially, I was labelled thick by my parents. I was repeatedly told that I would never amount to much and end up sweeping the streets or cleaning toilets by my parents ( that is the sanitised version of what was said by my father, he didn’t do compassion). Positive reinforcement was never a thing in my family. My mother always told me that " I was nothing but trouble and even before I was even born" which was always emphasised. In reality the problem was her; not me but I was the one that was the scapegoat. 

My mother would become homesick and insisted on returning to Scotland, however even there, there was the constant move of house. So guess how difficult this made settling in to school and obtaining assistance, not to mention making friends and then suddenly losing them because my mother wanted to move house again. She had decorated the house, and then suddenly she wanted to move again.   Sounds normal…not! 

Not once in all of this fiasco did my parents ever think that I had a real learning disability. I was a premature baby also but destined to be a number 6 birth number, because the day that I was due to be born and the actual day that I was born on are both a number 6 in numerology. Which is common for spiritual awakening and psychic abilities.

As for the mixed hand characteristics; I connect to spirit and mediumship by my right ear (clairaudient). I use my right eye in particular when looking on a psychic level (clairvoyance) my left hand is my powerful hand when doing spiritual healing. The left side of the body is feminine energy. I use a computer mouse left handed and just can't use my right hand, to do so just does my head in. I fold sheets the left handed way which drove my mum nuts if I was helping her. I like things in my office left handed. In the kitchen I originally had a dual sink and drying rack so I had my sink set left handed with the draining rack on the left until my kitchen was upgraded in 2003, now it's right handed. 

Life has never been easy for me and even now I struggle with the lifelong effects of an abusive family background from childhood and early adulthood. I was a very talkative child but never aggressive or disruptive, I did spend most of my time alone through childhood. Coming from a very strict family any misbehaviour would not be tolerated. I lived in absolute fear of my mum. My crime in life  was learning difficulties and being a bit dreamy as focus and concentration was a problem; I was very, very aware of my shortcomings. It is not something that one forgets when there is a constant reminder and being constantly criticised and compared to others. Why can’t I be like so and so or your cousin? Really!! 

 My career was dictated to me by my mother, again it’s about her. Her failure in not working in an office, not mine.  She was very talented in dress making and tailoring, she could knit anything too. You name is she could make it; she was also highly opinionated in just about everything you cared to mention and extremely argumentative. Me on the other hand I can't sew or knit. I have tried but can't. I would love to crochet, I am trying to learn it, and I am left handed when I do pick up the crochet needle. 

Roll on to married life and raising my children and moving interstate. After her death my life blossomed when I decided to pursue my psychic abilities and take a spiritual path. Away from  negative influences I immersed myself into learning about my abilities. I am a voracious reader and always have been; on different subjects because I am a naturally curious person. I derive great pleasure from reading as well as nature and fur babies. 

I tick the boxes for dyslexia and dyscalculia, ADD, and ASD. Yet here I am as a fully functioning clairvoyant medium with a very strong client base and known for highly successful psychic predictions over several years. With a client base that includes diplomats, an opera singer, people that work in parliament, medical professionals, solicitors, the military, the media, authors, the arts and many other people and it gives me great pleasure to be able to bring happiness to others; especially those that have suffered.

These days though I realise that I did amount to something. I am a human being, I am a wife and a mother, I have a purpose on this earth. I have helped many people in dire times and animals too. I matter, just like every single person that has these learning disabilities. I have self respect and I know my worth as a member of the human race. I know my value spiritually; in the service to humanity, the animals and spirit. I would say; that this is not someone who is a failure that wouldn’t amount to much. 

Children are often born with harsh life realities such as illness, disabilities and other difficulties. They can rise above some of these challenges and difficulties and become something;  that others have no way of knowing is possible, if given the opportunity and encouragement from parents and teachers. Don’t write these children off, help them, insist on assessments and the best help that they can get with their education and social skills. Children need a rich variety of interests especially involving them in nature to connect with their environment. They need parents to believe in them, have patience and understanding. 

Children with disabilities see the world differently and react differently to their surroundings. These children are also sensetive to energy changes (vibrational frequencies) hence they can sometimes be on a different mental plane to others which is the right side of the brain functioning. Non psychic people simply do not take this into consideration or even know that this is possible.

 The last thing that a parent should do is criticise and belittle their children. That damage lasts a lifetime and has a flow on effect if a person is not mindful and is determined not to repeat the mistakes of their parents. 

Cycles do have an ending if they are strived for. It is a wise person that acknowledges the fact and takes steps to bring about a conclusion to a repetitive negative cycle. Be that adult that takes the right steps to break negative cycles, if not for your own sake then do it for the childrens sake. 


UPDATE: 23 March 2023; A bit late for many sufferers especially women and girls but let’s remember boys and men are still included in this. Women of my generation and those older than me were only expected to get married and breed. We didn’t matter, even female teachers had that opinion; how insulting and condescending is that? The privilege of education for female teachers. Parents were not really interested in helping girls either because this is a patriarchal society and females are just going to leave school and get married, perpetually keeping the cycle going.

I would say there would be other combinations of disabilities that went unchecked in girls too; such as dyslexia and its sibling dyscalculia,  anxiety /depression, autism and in some cases PTSD. The damage is done  to older women; and this limited the career or work choices available for girls and women to retail, hospitality, cleaners, factory workers or assistance jobs, office support roles but not always well paying jobs or jobs that would give them self respect or respect from society in general. Basically these women and girls were invisible; in menial jobs most of their working lives. Limiting their ability to save money and the opportunity to own their own homes and have a decent income to retire on.


Reading this I noticed the low birth weight, I was a 5lb baby and premature. Read the comments in this blog post. 

22 March, 2023

21 March, 2023

Try not to spit your tea all over the screen


Private records of some Canberra Health Services patients 'deliberately' sent to industrial partner


WTAF?? I saw this on the news tonight and felt absolutely sickened. They won’t say if those responsible were sacked or not. A small amount of patients; as if that makes it ok?? One leaked is serious but 13 human beings life’s circumstances exposed. This is a cold premeditated deliberate act of absolute wickedness, god knows what effect this has on these individuals. I do hope that those involved are prosecuted and removed from the hospital never to work in healthcare again. These people are harmful to vulnerable people. 

I do hope that a satisfactory outcome for the innocent individuals affected is possible. A full apology from the hospital, the department of health and whom ever is legally required to provide an apology. I hope that these people are adequately compensated for their suffering and dignity being violated for someone else’s gain. The recipient of this information should also be prosecuted, let’s hope that adequate justice will prevail in this matter. 

20 March, 2023

18 March, 2023

The Picnic Train is back in Canberra


Yay! This is a good fun outing, and there are bookings available for April for all you Easter Bunnies that love steam trains. When boarding the train try and get a seat opposite the platform because you will get a great view of the Gorge as you head out to Bungendore. It is a spectacular view and worth taking a video or photos. Kids will love this and have great memories of the day out for years to come. So why not take advantage of the opportunity. I do believe this is going to be an anual event as this is the second year after lockdown ended. I went last year and really enjoyed the atmpsphere with people waving to the train along the route. I garuntee this will put a smile on your face.


Slowing down and lightening the pace

 I am going to slow down posting things on the blog. As I devote more time to studying. The blog may also change in content to reflect more on esoteric things of interest. I will still share funny memes and jokes as that is just who I am. The sort of person that you take somewhere twice, the second time to apologise 🀣🀣🀣

I think I need warm and fuzzy stuff occasionally too. I am fond of warm and fuzzy things to do with animals (fur babies) nature and things that make the heart lighter and warmer. I think the world needs some of that rather than constantly focusing on the nasty and manipulative stuff that is going on in the media circus.

Yes; we need to be realistic about the seriousness of the world situation but don’t drive yourself crazy with worrying. That doesn’t help you as an individual or your loved ones. Just try to focus on your mental health and your family’s well being. Be kind and thoughtful to yourself and others. Don’t engage in the evils of this world, instead engage in the human qualities that make us better human beings. 

Warm and fuzzy hugs πŸ€— 


Neil Oliver: Mass Distraction


Let’s just call it as it is. It’s all a bloody scam that has been going on for over a hundred years on this particular theme. But it has very long tendrils going back three thousand years at least. 

Only now things are moving along at a rapid pace for non stop perpetual war on humanity from every single aspect of life and you ain’t seen nothing yet. This beast has its claws in every corner of the world, make no mistake about that. Infesting every single occupation, religious ideology, political ideology, spiritual ideology; you name it they have it covered or should I say controlled. There will be no saviour coming to help humanity. Each individual human being is their own saviour spiritually speaking and responsible only for themselves and needs to man up. 

Nexus magazine: Steiner & the Blood Demons


March-April 2022

Something to seriously ponder! Though I am not a fan of Rudolph Steiner this is something to take into consideration especially if you are not too familiar with esoteric studies. This world has always been under spiritual attack almost from the beginning when this reality was hijacked. Humanity has definitely been under constant spiritual attack since our creation and especially in our physical form which is a tomb for the soul. When we incarnate there is always a achonic implant within our etheric body which goes undetected apart from subtle signs. This can be overcome or over powered by a strong and healthy sense of self and living a spiritual lifestyle which includes cleansing and meditation. This is very simple to do but must be a habitual part of our daily spiritual hygiene; which is just as important as breathing. Most people just don’t understand how this works and they have no interest in knowing or understanding, to their own detriment as things are quickly transpiring beyond their control. 

Notice the mention of the year 1897 and evil spirits being cast down as in the biblical sense. How often does this really happen though? Bear in mind spirit doesn’t work in linear time. Linear time is a physical world construct and incarnation is not always linear. Our consciousness is split into multiple timelines and realities. Spiritual beings are onoto-energetic beings meaning they don’t need a physical body. They can and do exist as thought forms. Time is non existent in the non physical world, it is a constant continuum forever evolving. 

Also the year 1897 makes absolutely no difference to the agenda in the grand scheme of things. The Industrial Revolution that took place in the 1700’s is closer to the mark if you want to pinpoint an event. But that is only a very small part of the scenario. These things are in place for thousands of years and using astrological observations; the elite and these entities carry out their missions incrementally and inter generationally. Why do you think there are so many powerful secret societies around the world? They are a network working in tandem. With the use of esoteric wisdom dating back thousands of years things are implemented under the right astrological conditions at the right time to be effective.

The invention of machinery was vital to bringing about change, building mass wealth and centralisation of power in the hands of key stakeholders. That is no different to how it was pre-biblical times. The priest classes have always ran the world and they were embedded with royalties of the world. There is always factional fighting within this establishment; we the masses are their expendable collateral. 

We are living in an artificial reality matrix, which is a sealed integrated unit; nothing gets in or out generally speaking. Souls do get dragged into this from the multiverse and once inside they become trapped. 
Think of the lemniscate or infinity symbol, that shows you there is a continuous loop without a beginning or an end. However that is not entirely true, some individuals in my line of work are aware of the flaws in this; and the answer lies within us. This world is indeed thought reactive, so what we think we then create, good bad or indifferent. We are creator beings in physical form. The same with the non physical universe, it too is thought reactive and this is how spirit or non physical beings move around and communicate. 

Only a person that is ready and willing can exit, because they know that nothing can really stop them when armed with the knowledge and means of exiting. This also has to be a very strong and firm intention or it won’t work. Intention is a very powerful tool; which makes things happen when itent is firm  Free will is practically non existent as we are programmed to respond in a limited manner, yes a person can put up a fight but life will never be easy for them and they need to know how to circumvent the false light and the reincarnation cycle. Without the relevant esoteric education and understanding of how this works is the downfall of most people. 

One thing that Steiner perhaps didn’t know is that both these entities are within the matrix control system and work together, they are not enemies, more like a tag team. Humans are the only creation with spiritual fire in our composition. No other star race has this, it was an aspect of the divine feminine that she placed within us. This is why we are hated these archonic entities; whom are jealous of humans because humans were created with spiritual fire within us. These entities want this too in order to control the entire universe and spiritual multiverse. 

The Sophia accidentally created the demiurge as she was creating the world; which was in a way a failure of creation without true or full spiritual awareness. The Sophia allowed this demiurge creature to thrive and thus she created a monster of epic evil proportions.  This demiurge went on to create other lesser beings in ignorance and without full spiritual awareness and understanding. Because the demiurge was an imperfect being and had no understanding of spirit and anything above his awareness level. We humans are suffering because of this creature’s existence and being allowed to take control over this reality. 

In regards to the blood mentioned in this article, those of us that took the vaccine; which is actually gene therapy may have our DNA altered as some experts have suggested, thus we are technically chimera then and this is a whole different matter legally speaking. What are the implications of this? What ar our legal rights if our DNA is not technically classified as homosapien Sapien? Who has the right over our health and wellbeing if this is the case?  What are the implication on a spiritual level? This opens up a legal minefield as well as a spiritual dilemma for all of humanity. To be cut off from our rightful spiritual consciousness requires a drop in our spiritual frequencies. The suppression of our spiritual consciousness is very serious and is a clear violation of our fundamental human rights and spiritual sovereignty  as we are all part of the divine and very unique. To be cut off from pure spiritual source and the all that is; is going too far and this is the equivalent of being cast down into the abyss. 

At this stage we seem to be able to use our psychic abilities, I am still a fully functioning clairvoyant and medium. I know that I will have a very long life ahead of me also. But then again it’s the children that are the target not older people we older people serve no purpose in this agenda. I have also been very aware for a while that the intention is to cut humanity off from spirit permanently. Many people  have already shut themselves off from spirit through religious dogma and secular beliefs. Yet it’s amusing that the ones with a religious beliefs will pray in ignorance and arrogance to something they can’t even perceive let alone understand anything truly spiritual and metaphysical about this reality; and give away their spiritual power to organised religion. These people have no problem  commiting murder, attrocities and waging war on others not to mention disrespecting other people and their beliefs and values. Which reinforces their arrogance and ignorance of spirituality. That is hypocrisy on steroids.

The photograph of the wooden carving of this malevolent entity bears a strong resemblance to disgused beings masquerading as bullying aggressive old men that occasionally I see in dreams. These beings always have thin sharp features and are cold natured giving off the same hostile and aggresive vibes every time they enter my dreams to tell me to back off warning humanity of these beings. They can’t hide this horrible energy that they give off either. But I don’t think they actually care because they don’t have any respect for human beings; only a cold contempt and hatred. I would say they dwell in the negative 5th Dimension or astral realm. 

17 March, 2023

Wes Penre: The Orion book Q and A session #7


Here we are, more tid bits from Wes. Keeping an open mind but also listening to your own intuition. 

On the question of procreation, one has to wonder why we would want to bring souls into such a horrible world of violence and suffering. However this is not a simple matter, in the spirit world or what we think of as the spirit world; things are not cut and dry, we don’t really have much choice as to when and who we incarcerate with and who we are supposed to agree with bringing into the world as our children. This is a programmed  reality that we humans cannot control. We are mere pawns with very minimal free will. 

We are also put into families where we may not get along with other family members such as a parent or sibling.  That birth bump is very real and many people may recognise this within their own families. 

14 March, 2023

Why porridge is the new power breakfast


From 2009

Ooft; Porridge is Scottish not Brittish! The correct way and the true Scottish way is with water and salt . Like drinking whisky with coke; unthinkable for a Scotsman and bound to draw shocked glances in Scotland.πŸ˜‚  Porridge was never meant to be adulterated with anything, except for children needing a little milk to cool it down before headding out to school. As we say in Scotland; it sticks to your ribbs and keeps you warm on a cold day. 

I havealways had proper rolled oats in my house; however if you have serious gastro-intestinal health problems; I would say rolled oats could upset your stomach so give them a miss. Perhaps try quick oats instead  as they are more refined and not every day. As it would be like eating sandpaper on your intestines.  

Yes porridge is a very good healthy meal, but there is nothing wrong with the occasional cooked breakfast if you have the time in the morning before heading out to work. Most people do not have the time these days, but there is plenty time to make porridge, it only takes minutes to cook on the stove. Just don't leave the pan to go crusty after you have served up the porridge. Stick cold water in the pan to make cleaning easier later.

In Scotland we tend to eat a small serve porridge and then square sausage fried in a pan and then put on a Scottish roll. Breakfast was tradditionally a two course breakfast. I am sure some people no longer do this though as it is time consuming.  A weekend breakfast usually includes square sausage and or link sausages, bacon, fried egg, black pudding and potato scones.  Even fried tomatoes are popular in a fried breakfast in Scotland. I have never been in a house in Scotland where a weekend fry up wasn't on the breakfast menue. The quantity though is usually a sensible serve or you would be putting on a lot of weight.  Scottish rolls with sausage or bacon yum, it doesn't get any more Scottish than that for breakfast or even smoked Kippers or Herring. Kippers and Herring were very traditional breakfasts as well as porridge.

Scotland is a bit different to England when it comes to sausages too and many people visiting from England like to go to a butcher shop in Scotland to buy our sausages. My old favourite was the tomato sausages and especilly if they were on a tradditional Scottish roll. This is even used at lunchtime or some people like a fry up for dinner in winter. Not something that I could eat to be honest. I don't like eggs nor black pudding which is congealed blood and herbs, that's a yeah nah for me. Now I am drooling at the thought of a Scottish roll with square sausage. πŸ˜‚ I am visualising my gran's kitchen on a weekend and the smell of breakfast cooking, my grandpa having returned from the bakers with fresh rolls for our breaksast.  Heavenly, just heavanley memories.

One’s old china: set of plates fit for the Queen comes up for auction


Gosh what a find, but what a waste, only used once and then locked up in a cupboard for years. Very delicate Just imagine dropping a piece that would be heart attack inducing.

I love nice bone china, I would imagine this is very light to touch as often the fine stuff usually is. I used to have a tea set that was my parents; which was bought in Hong Kong in the late 1950’s when my dad was in the army. This eggshell china tea set had a lithophane Japanese Geisha lady’s face at the bottom of each wide saucer like cups. The tea set was white and silver in colour with a very fine Asian countryside design in silver detail. I just didn’t have the space for this and took it to a charity shop. I went back a day later with more items and noticed the tea set was  gone. I hope that someone enjoys this , however I strongly recommend keeping this in a cabinet or it could get damaged. It may be near impossible to find a replacement for any breakages. 

This is an image that is an exact match of my parents tea set. It’s called the Unity tea set. The website link  is here where I found a photo of it, for which I am grateful. So, I have discovered a little more of it’s history, I never knew the name of the tea set until now or it’s history after ww 2; other than my dad bought it for his mum originally and she then passed it on to my parents before I was born. 
Our teapot got damaged in moving house though so it was no good. I think there was a chip and a crack on the spout of the teapot. Which is very easily done due to how fragile this set is. Best advice is keeping it as a display piece and don’t use it. My parents never used their set, it was display only.

Collecting fine bone china is a lovely hobby with delightful memories to share with loved ones and is something that one can pass on to others that love and appreciate it. I love to use some of mine for an afternoon tea with scones or cake. There is nothing nicer than a cosy afternoon tea with nice linen on the table and a pretty tea set. Creating a beautiful memory and the joy in the moment of the sacred afternoon tea. 

Oh, and by the way I have my great grandmother‘s scone recipe on this blog. They freeze well and defrost in the microwave at 50 seconds. So why not plan a nice afternoon tea on the weekend with friends or family. Most importantly enjoy the experience.


11 March, 2023

Young vets push for brighter future for industry to reduce burnout, improve mental health


It’s not a glamorous job, it’s a calling for these wonderful people that love animals so much and want to devote their lives to health and welfare of animals. Caring too much that it can become too much heartache and burnout. 

I have immense respect for veterinarians and veterinary nurses, they work under so much pressure and responsibility. They put their hearts into their work and we would be lost without these wonderful people. 

If only there were enough people to support them and some backup support for all of them, like human doctors and nurses. They all give above and beyond when it comes to saving lives and the human factor of compassion. I hope that something good comes out of this for their sake and for the animals too. 

Every kind word and gesture from the public and fur parents is important to let these heroes know that they matter. Their skills are beyond the abilities of most people but the burden is heavy, so showing our support and respect to lift up and comfort those that save the lives of our fur babies is the least we can do.

So let’s do a good deed for this valuable community of health professionals to show them how much we care for them. Whether it’s giving them a gift like a box of chocolates to share, make donations or help by donating blankets and other supplies that are always in need or any other way to show our support. Let them know that we care about their health and wellbeing always. 

10 March, 2023

Canberra Hospital's cardiac services has 'unacceptable' deterioration, doctors say


And here we go again, the capital city of Australia’s Canberra Hospital further degrading in health care. This in not the fault of the hard working doctors and nurses. These doctors and nurses are stressed beyond repair and this obviously affects the quality of health care of patients including the patients mental health. Knowing their hands are tied by upper management, doctors and nurses are struggling to cope. In turn they can and do become snappy with their patients because of their inability to get upper management to listen and understand their concerns and public safety. This could end up with legal action against the hospital by patients should things negatively affect their health due to the hospital’s failures. 

This is about money over peoples lives pure and simple. Remove the incompetent top brass and replace them with actual doctors with years of experience in their fields, not pen pushers that clearly don’t understand or even listen to serious medical advice given by doctors and nurses who are actually directly involved in their specialty area of care. Not little gods that fiddle while Rome burns.

The cardiology department working solidly, yeah right. So explain to me why I haven’t heard a word from the cardiology department yet? My referral was lodged a year ago but so far I haven’t received any response, my referral will have expired by now. 

If the minister is not up to the job of managing the hospitals and the so called management then both she and the incompetent staff must be removed immediately. People’s lives are at risk, so how long is this train wreck allowed to continue? You’re call health minister, without the lip service bull shit! 

Presently I don’t have faith in faith in an ACT Liberal government either. They have been unable to demonstrate their capabilities in leading over the past few years. This whole situation demonstrates to the public how much of an epic failure the health administration system truly is.

I would be terrified of having a life threatening illness and being under the care of this hospital;  given the current long term circumstances that don’t seem to be improving any time soon. My heart goes out to the sick and their families as well as the medical staff and their families trying to cope with this terrible situation through no fault of their own. 

UPDATE: 27 June 2023: I finally got to see a cardiologist last month and the doctor was very nice and very apologetic. He should not have to apologise for something that is not his fault. Tests this Thursday. 

09 March, 2023

Poem: That wee girl from Scotland


Walking to a new school, the spring breeze and smell of rain on the earth. Stirring emotions and curiosity, the dried leaves on the footpath mingle with dried dirt. Chattering of children and scuffling feet. A vision of the past, the echoing of history of what once was adds to the mystery. The air seems electric but wait, what does all this mean?

A shy child suddenly filled with fear, what will become of me? An act of fate suddenly intervenes. Another day another school, this one feels different, is it welcoming? Ah it’s ok I feel safe.

New faces, new memories, new bonds. School life is a new learning experience, mysteries abound. Fascination and curiosity combined tantalising the senses of new bounds. Push open the door and come inside. Welcome chum; come one come all, come see this great mystery of what school is about.

Forget what you thought and embrace the new, a students life begins anew. Eager for wisdom and eager for love; a small child in a world above others trembles in fear. What if they don’t like me, what will I do?

About face and run like the wind. Start again and finally fit in. This time it’s marvellous, who would have dreamed that the little girl who wrote this was about to begin; her journey to the future with a quiet din.

Off she went singing in her head to her tune, that girl from nowhere who struggled to begin; has now grounded her foundations of where to begin. It took a long time coming, but when she began she wouldn’t shut up with that terrible din. Of non stop nonsense; oh where to begin. So much is new to me; where to fit in, so much I don’t know but somehow must cram in the knowledge of a lifetime; and a silent guide that comes from within. Who would have thunk that this girl would ever begin; to shape her world from deep down within her, a spiritual calling was about to begin.

Off she went to the post in a flash, this witty little girl with a moment of flash, inspiration that pulled her this way and that, up to then she thought she’d fall flat. But surprise upon surprise she did it by Jove she proved to others there was plenty of hope. For someone that suffered and thought she’d never fit in the wee girl from Scotland has at last come to her own, self realisation at a moments whim. She picked up her cards and let it begin. 

Then lo and behold she is off again on a new translation of where to begin. What the hell am I doing, I don’t know where to begin. Just listen to your guide; I’m sure you’ll fit in. Just bear a moment and then to begin; the new chapter of life is about to begin, a new inspiration when you though your done in. Get off your arse girl you’re about to begin. So pull back the curtain and let us begin, there isn’t much time so now you begin, that little girl from Scotland that couldn’t fit in.

You made it this far yet you didn’t give in, so get off your arse we’re about to begin. I see your eyes light up, you’re about to begin the biggest journey in life, just when you thought you’d never fit in. Welcome aboard, your journeys begun, the little girl from Scotland who didn’t fit in. Blast you; that you didn’t show me how, how on earth was I ever to fit in, in a world of misfits where no one fits in.

You weren’t meant to. But gees, you’d better get moving your about to begin. So get of your arse you're about to begin. Tell one tell all you’re about to begin. If you don’t believe; then just give in. But that little girl is going to fit in, come hell or high water, she’s about to begin. Come one come all, the team are awaiting your final call. Addendum be damned, come one come all, she’s about to begin. A chuckle from spirit and off she goes knowing full well that some will oppose. Undaunted on and on she goes to the dizzying heights that nobody knows. Take a bow and a curtsy to all in the wings, god only knows how in hell she did it so well. Well bugger me she says, I did it so well. That wee Scottish lassie we know so well.

Her funeral will be remembered as one with a swell; of faces that knew her so well, that wee Scottish girl that we all knew so well. Blessings upon her she’s shy to admit, she feels she doesn’t deserve it, but we know her so well. That wee girl from Scotland that we all love so well, now get off your arse and do what we tell, that wee girl from Scotland that we all love so well. 

Copyright ©️ Alex Fulford, March 2023


Note: I am no poet, but this was just channelled to me this morning by my guides to give me a message not to give up. The words used are not words that I use. Things have been difficult of late. But suddenly this was given to me, virtually word for word. I see a group in spirit and they are in a very humorous mood so the message is received loud and clear.

Fronting this team were Elaine, my spirit teacher for learning astrology who was related to me via marriage though we never met in the flesh as she had passed before the marriage took place, and a man in a dark suit I feel he is a poet, but not identified. 

Update: I realised that I didn’t mention the man placed his brownish coloured felt hat like a fedora hat on what looked like a table. This was like his calling card. No, I don’t believe it was Banjo Paterson. I honestly don’t know who this man is. My maiden name is Paterson though, and Banjo Paterson’s ancestors come from the same region in Scotland but this is a very common surname in Scotland. That is as far as the connection goes and  my love for his poetry. I have a feeling that this man is Elaine's husband. I did meet him in this lifetime but he was quite old when I knew him  and is of Scottish ancestry.   I have seen Elaine's husband in spirit as how I knew him; when visiting my father at his house shortly before he went into his nursing home. 

Blast from the past: Perkins paste and Clag

Every Aussie school kid used these glues when I was at school. Perkins paste smelled like marzipan. We often just opened the lid to sniff that delightful scent. This was a sacred ritual to kids in the 1970’s . Along with our naty Globite school cases.
We could stash so much stuff in our Globite school cases; these cases also doubled as a seat for kids waiting at a bus stop or at the railway station going to and from school. Those were the days, with so many memories of a simple life. 
Oh and there was also a clear glue that came in a plastic bottle with a rubber top; and by squeezing the sides of the bottle the glue came out the little holes at the top. We would paste the back of our hands with this glue and when it dried we could peel it off in one piece like cling wrap. Ah, the memories of childhood. They’re worth bottling. 


Blast from the past: Globite school cases


Ah the smell of sandwiches and apples when you opened your case wafting into your nostrils. The smell of pencil shavings and Perkins paste permeates the memories of days gone by, endless childhood. Summers and winters come and go leaving lasting memories of school days. SOS cough lollies in your case during the winter months was the gold standard, money for the school tuck shop to buy lunch or goodies. Kids would plaster their school case with stickers from Just Jeans, Paul's’ ice cream, Milo, radio stations and any other stickers they could get. In primary school we also kept our yellow plastic raincoat in our cases during rainy weather, to whip it out and pop it on going to and from school in the rain  I loved the smell of these raincoats, they had a unique smell which was wonderful, I just loved this as it was so different to school life in Scotland. 

It was rather quaint and very Australian and now I fondly look back to the old days and feel glad to have been part of this Aussie school life. My favourite teacher being Mr Roth; my year 6 teacher, he was very funny and gave us all a love of learning. He was a proper teacher of his era and my lasting memories of him were him introducing us to the poet Banjo Paterson otherwise known as Andrew Barton Paterson. I still love this poetry to this day having volumes of his poetry and a CD narrated by Jack Thompson. Sadly my original cassette of Banjo Paterson narrated by Roy Billings was over used and died. That was the best ever recording of Banjo’s poetry that I ever had and still miss it. The ABC does not intend to do a remake of this on CD unfortunately. Ah well such is life, but hey I have the memories to treasure in life’s photo album. 

These days there is a comeback of these cases for travel in a variety of colours. I had no idea until I saw the website for this memory of school in Australia. The pink cases look cute on the website, it would be nice to have a vanity case to match. 

08 March, 2023

Are you baking using US measurements or Australian, UK standard measurements?


Well I learned something new today. I was baking dog biscuits and used a US recipe. Big mistake, I have baked since I was young and using UK and Australian recipes. This was a surprise to find out that US recipe measurements are much different to ours. I have never used to use a US recipe as I have plenty cook books though I have never baked doggie treats before. 

As I was rolling out the dough it was crumbly and not like the pictures the woman had online. Only after looking at Australian recipes did it occur to me that U S measurements are not the same so I did a quick fix on the mixture adding more water.  I then switched to an Australian recipe site and that was so much easier. Depending on what you’re cooking or baking be careful because it’s not just the quantity of ingredients but the heat setting will also be different.


Take a look at this as an example of the difference in measurements. This would throw out many recipes if one doesn’t know that there are so many variables around the world in measurements. So if you happen to use a recipe from another country google is your friend before you start baking or cooking something and ruin it. A bit like dial before you dig, when watching out for underground pipes or wires 🀣🀣

For the record I think the biscuits were successful because miss Ruby has hidden some in her secret stash in the bedroom for bed time. She is good like that, on the odd occasion I find doggie treat’s under my pillow. 

This summer it reached 39 degrees inside Charles's rental home


This is absolutely disgusting, and in all the years that I have lived in Australia, that’s 50 years. In all that time neither public or private housing in Australia has ever been built to a decent standard for keeping out the heat or the cold.  Back in the 1970 the building industry had the stupidest idea of building west facing houses and not all houses have verandas to keep the hot sun out so that meant boiling hot houses all throughout summer. Only now are they building solar passive housing with smaller windows instead of floor to ceiling windows. I lived in both public and private housing in Scotland that was insulated roof, walls and double glazed with central heating in the 1960’s and 70’s. Now Scotland is a small country with only 5 million people. 

Australia has always had a bigger population than Scotland, so that means more tax revenue in each state or territory. Yet this was never seen as important to either the government, landlord or builders. I remember many sleepless nights and unbearable heat during the day indoors in western Sydney through my childhood and as a young woman. Try doing all your housework without a fan in 35 degree heat. Imagine how this heat affects babies, children and the elderly. 

God only knows how people on a pension or a low income can survive today in obvious financial distress with the cost of living through the roof and trying to stay cool in the summer and warm in winter. This is actually classed as a human right issue if you care to read up on this. Any changes put into law must be up to what ever the recommendation is to bring living standards up to the required standards for all housing.

Why should financially disadvantaged people have to suffer? Landlords are also known to use rent to pay off their rental properties yet don’t always have the property up to decent living conditions. I have seen rental properties a few years ago when I went with a friend looking for something and this was before the rental crisis. Some of the houses were poorly constructed and illegal structures. And that is here in Canberra which other Australians think is full of rich people. Er no; the majority are not rich in Canberra. Most work in retail, hospitality and the public service and not everyone is on higher ranks. Retail and hospitality is usually not full time, five days per week employment either. The cost of living is high in Canberra depending on where you live and supermarket prices vary depending upon the perceived socioeconomic demographic. 

Wes Penre: Q and A Session 3 July 2024

  https://wespenrevideos.com/wp-content/uploads/2024/07/QA-Session-3-July-2024.pdf Q1: That‘s a Yeah, Nah with me. I don’t agree with the pe...