07 March, 2023

Depressive Symptoms And Memory Loss in Older Adults Linked to Telomere Shortening


Quite an interesting finding, I am surprised that poor diet and the gut-brain-blood barrier is not mentioned because these are also involved in our mental health and aging. Today many people have a poor diet and consume too much processed foods and soft drinks.

The lack of natural fertiliser in the soil results in poor nutrition from fruit and vegetable crops and these poor quality crops then enter the food chain. Leaky gut syndrome also plays a role in our all over health and the brain/mind,  leading to depression and perhaps dementia. A wholistic outlook could be the answer to preventing dementia and depression, but that stops big pharma from making money. 

It is down to the individual to learn about nutrition and take responsibility for their own health. But we humans tend to get lazy and let things slide. 

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