24 March, 2023

Tarot Card of the month: April 2023, 7 of Pentacles

Hi Welcome to Tarot card of the month for April 2023. Not long until Easter Bunny time. I am hanging out for some chocolate as I have been on a diet since January. Pig out time for me, well just a litte because I don't want to be back to square one again.

As we approach April and Easter we are in a situation of harvesting and reaping what was sown. The pentacles represent money, materialism and wealth in this TCOM. The man is assessing his material gains piled up. This looks like a rich harvest and abundance. But notice the foliage is green and lush but also there are also brown  leaves. That is leaves that are starting to rot or decompose. Left to decay through greed and waste. So much is accumulated that one individual cannot possibly use in their life time. Think of the elite of the world and their obscenely  amassed wealth. They have more wealth, assets, including land and property around the globe and power; than the collective masses put together. 

Too much that some turns to rot or waste, yet still they want more. Not content with what is in front of them. This is an insatiable greed, guarded and never shared. mostly taken in plunder, deception and war.
This world is clearly out of balance and humanity is failing, sinking deeper into poverty, rot and ruin. Spiritual decline and ignorance is evident everywhere one looks.

As we look to this card we notice the foreground is ripe for growth, but notice it is only a very tiny area of  ground. This small area is what the masses have for survival, it isn't very much is it. The rest is heavily guarded by the elite; so much in so few hands. This is not the first time that this has happened on this earth and it won't be the last either.

This card reminds us of the great social divide and how imbalanced the world is. The pile of pentacles and leaves hides what is actually really there, great abundance of land, water and resources to support the entire planet. This also depicts the mostly western elite living at the expence of the rest of humanity and the animals/ marine life on this planet. Spiritually speaking the world of the third dimension is one of dualities so this is part of that experience not to mention it is a very low and dense frequency. To have or to have not, to live or die, to be rich or poor is an example of this duality.

Energy must constantly be kept in balance otherwise chaos erupts. This balance has been ignored, violated and disrespected for so long by the elite and the rulers of this world that we now are in great danger yet again. Lessons are never learned nor respected. Now the imbalance is so greatley out of balance that a massive upheaval is the only option left. This imbalance is a deliberate act not accidental which would imply that no one is to blame. This energy is driven by negative spiritual energy and absolutely nothing to do with population growth. 

On a human level this spiritual imbalance results in preditory behaviour, resource guarding like a savage animal that is out to dominate other living beings; leading to conflict and destruction.
Thus affecting our reasoning ability, emotions, mental stability, spiritual energy and our physical health. We are then deprived of the things that are needed for survival like food, shelter, protection and health.

The sky behind the man is grey and represents spirit, but grey is also a rather dull colour which is depressing. There are mountains in the background and a body of water. Then there is the ground; on which the man has one foot on and the other is on the water. To me this says body, mind and spirit in one  intigrated unit, the human being.  The man appears to be deep in thought and looking to his material gains. rather than his spiritual needs or gains. Both are equaly valid and could be easily balanced in a healthy manner if the man is wise.

He rests on his farming implement as  he inspects his gains. At his feet is new growth needing care and attention. Using his skills he must take  care of  this new growth, but to what expense? Does he let the rest he has accumulated rot or does he add his newly matured gains to the pile?

The world as I said is dangerously out of balance, spirituality is suppressed in favour of greed and want. People see this imbalance is getting worse and many are greatly affected by it. It is now only a matter of time before absolute chaos erupts. The time is ripe for drama.  

Assets frozen, Western assets frozen or gone, conflicts and social upheaval are to worsen is the message in the card. Notice to the colours brown, green and reddish earth and purple in the background. 
The negative vibe here signifies decay, greed, envy, rot and destruction, anger and hot tempers. The purple says power, pride and pomp as well as the usual spiritual wisdom, royalty and the crown chakra.

Looking again at the card as a whole it asks us; are we digging our own graves and sinking deeper into depression and despair? These are the fears of the average person in the world right now. Which is totally justified, through poverty, homelessness, loss of hope, loss of income and financial insecurity and the struggle to feed themselves and their families, while being told to adhere to the lies of climate issues. Yet the elite do not follow these rules, they are jetting around the world in private jets, having luxury yachts and holidays around the world on a whim.

This is the social divide which has not been seen like this since early 20th Century. This is all cyclical remember, as the pendulum swings one way then the other. The divide is so far out of balance that the only conflict can come of it.

The garden implement  that the man rests on, is used to divide the wheat from the chaff so to speak. This man is fully in control of what goes where as he works in his field. That looks quite a rich and fertile crop or harvest to his side. But what if that pile of foliage and pentacles represents the masses? Then the picture changes. As I have said some of the leaves are brown  and look like they are decomposing or rotting. Devlued life savings of the masses as everything now becomes worthless. People are eating into life savings to survive. 
The man is then seen to be guarding what he has at his feet, making sure what he has is safe. The water beneath his foot is able to water his crops and therefore grow his crops very well. Think of quick investment to make money on the short term market, while others lose their money in the banks. Are we ordinary people not able to invest safely in things to secure our money too? 

Something is clearly wrong here on a financial level as well as globally ( WEF, IMF, UN) Access to quality food and safe shelter, health care access and affordability of health care including dental care are not negotiable, this is basic human rights for every single human being. There is great uncertainty globaly right now and the west is in deep decay. As I look at the card again I look at the purple looking mountains and the sprawling landscape, it looks like it is war decimated right up to the water's edge.
Will war cross the water? Yes, eventually; because you do not have such vast social decay for so long and not expect war. But remember war is highly profitable too for some!

This is the calm before the storm, May will bring further worries as we hear in the news, more distressing stories are in the news but so are more distractions to keep us nervous and frightned. Think of the US elections underway and you will definatley see a side show beyond compare as usual.

Now is a good time to put aside food, if possible such as non perishables and seeds for growing food , think about microgreens. 

Tougher laws and rules will be ushered in over the next 6 months to keep western nations in psychological lockdown. Keep an eye on social media for clues of social control. Avoid posting opinions as everything is being monitored permanently now. This will affect you and your ability to move such as overseas for a holiday.

Remember 9/11? Remember the changes that were implemented back then? Well here we are again, so guard your temper over the next 6 months as everything will be used to assess you to see if you are a risk to the status quo. This is privilege over punishment and relates to public spaces such as sport events and entertainment, holiday travel etc. 

I am also worried about people struggling to feed fur babies and get medical care for them too. As things become difficult and saving money will be very difficult for many people. I feel there will be problems either afording pet food or food shortages for our dear fur babies. Some people have no one else other than that dear fur child. Which is their entire world. This shortage and affordability is not an accidental thing either this is well orchestrated against the masses.  So please keep your eyes open in the shops and watch the media for any grocery items in short supply.

Please take care, warm and fuzzy hugs to all of you and your beautiful fur babies too
Have a safe and happy Easter, much love


PS this is a handy little chart that I have had since I started reading the cards. You will find it on this blog and my old blog if you want to take a copy or just go to google images, which is where I came across this and a chart for  other esoteric stuff 😊 Happy hunting with google

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