08 March, 2023

Are you baking using US measurements or Australian, UK standard measurements?


Well I learned something new today. I was baking dog biscuits and used a US recipe. Big mistake, I have baked since I was young and using UK and Australian recipes. This was a surprise to find out that US recipe measurements are much different to ours. I have never used to use a US recipe as I have plenty cook books though I have never baked doggie treats before. 

As I was rolling out the dough it was crumbly and not like the pictures the woman had online. Only after looking at Australian recipes did it occur to me that U S measurements are not the same so I did a quick fix on the mixture adding more water.  I then switched to an Australian recipe site and that was so much easier. Depending on what you’re cooking or baking be careful because it’s not just the quantity of ingredients but the heat setting will also be different.


Take a look at this as an example of the difference in measurements. This would throw out many recipes if one doesn’t know that there are so many variables around the world in measurements. So if you happen to use a recipe from another country google is your friend before you start baking or cooking something and ruin it. A bit like dial before you dig, when watching out for underground pipes or wires 🤣🤣

For the record I think the biscuits were successful because miss Ruby has hidden some in her secret stash in the bedroom for bed time. She is good like that, on the odd occasion I find doggie treat’s under my pillow. 

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