10 March, 2023

Canberra Hospital's cardiac services has 'unacceptable' deterioration, doctors say


And here we go again, the capital city of Australia’s Canberra Hospital further degrading in health care. This in not the fault of the hard working doctors and nurses. These doctors and nurses are stressed beyond repair and this obviously affects the quality of health care of patients including the patients mental health. Knowing their hands are tied by upper management, doctors and nurses are struggling to cope. In turn they can and do become snappy with their patients because of their inability to get upper management to listen and understand their concerns and public safety. This could end up with legal action against the hospital by patients should things negatively affect their health due to the hospital’s failures. 

This is about money over peoples lives pure and simple. Remove the incompetent top brass and replace them with actual doctors with years of experience in their fields, not pen pushers that clearly don’t understand or even listen to serious medical advice given by doctors and nurses who are actually directly involved in their specialty area of care. Not little gods that fiddle while Rome burns.

The cardiology department working solidly, yeah right. So explain to me why I haven’t heard a word from the cardiology department yet? My referral was lodged a year ago but so far I haven’t received any response, my referral will have expired by now. 

If the minister is not up to the job of managing the hospitals and the so called management then both she and the incompetent staff must be removed immediately. People’s lives are at risk, so how long is this train wreck allowed to continue? You’re call health minister, without the lip service bull shit! 

Presently I don’t have faith in faith in an ACT Liberal government either. They have been unable to demonstrate their capabilities in leading over the past few years. This whole situation demonstrates to the public how much of an epic failure the health administration system truly is.

I would be terrified of having a life threatening illness and being under the care of this hospital;  given the current long term circumstances that don’t seem to be improving any time soon. My heart goes out to the sick and their families as well as the medical staff and their families trying to cope with this terrible situation through no fault of their own. 

UPDATE: 27 June 2023: I finally got to see a cardiologist last month and the doctor was very nice and very apologetic. He should not have to apologise for something that is not his fault. Tests this Thursday. 

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