31 March, 2023

RIP Doug ‘’Mulos” Mulray

Credit to nzoz1986


Omg, I was shocked by this news this morning as I woke up. I was a big fan of Doug  Mulos Mulray on Triple M back in the day in Sydney. This guy was an absolute legend and the humour was infectious.


You will find a few comedy videos on YouTube by Doug and the gang. I bought the single, You Are Soul; and I still have it. I used to play this in my car on cassette. One time taking it over to Scotland to let my cousins hear it. They thought it was hilarious. That’s the reverend dr Doug for you. Give him a micro phone and watch him do his thing the only way such an iconic person can. With pizazz and a wicked sense of humour. 

Cop you later Mulos. 

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