09 March, 2023

Blast from the past: Globite school cases


Ah the smell of sandwiches and apples when you opened your case wafting into your nostrils. The smell of pencil shavings and Perkins paste permeates the memories of days gone by, endless childhood. Summers and winters come and go leaving lasting memories of school days. SOS cough lollies in your case during the winter months was the gold standard, money for the school tuck shop to buy lunch or goodies. Kids would plaster their school case with stickers from Just Jeans, Paul's’ ice cream, Milo, radio stations and any other stickers they could get. In primary school we also kept our yellow plastic raincoat in our cases during rainy weather, to whip it out and pop it on going to and from school in the rain  I loved the smell of these raincoats, they had a unique smell which was wonderful, I just loved this as it was so different to school life in Scotland. 

It was rather quaint and very Australian and now I fondly look back to the old days and feel glad to have been part of this Aussie school life. My favourite teacher being Mr Roth; my year 6 teacher, he was very funny and gave us all a love of learning. He was a proper teacher of his era and my lasting memories of him were him introducing us to the poet Banjo Paterson otherwise known as Andrew Barton Paterson. I still love this poetry to this day having volumes of his poetry and a CD narrated by Jack Thompson. Sadly my original cassette of Banjo Paterson narrated by Roy Billings was over used and died. That was the best ever recording of Banjo’s poetry that I ever had and still miss it. The ABC does not intend to do a remake of this on CD unfortunately. Ah well such is life, but hey I have the memories to treasure in life’s photo album. 

These days there is a comeback of these cases for travel in a variety of colours. I had no idea until I saw the website for this memory of school in Australia. The pink cases look cute on the website, it would be nice to have a vanity case to match. 

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