18 March, 2023

Nexus magazine: Steiner & the Blood Demons


March-April 2022

Something to seriously ponder! Though I am not a fan of Rudolph Steiner this is something to take into consideration especially if you are not too familiar with esoteric studies. This world has always been under spiritual attack almost from the beginning when this reality was hijacked. Humanity has definitely been under constant spiritual attack since our creation and especially in our physical form which is a tomb for the soul. When we incarnate there is always a achonic implant within our etheric body which goes undetected apart from subtle signs. This can be overcome or over powered by a strong and healthy sense of self and living a spiritual lifestyle which includes cleansing and meditation. This is very simple to do but must be a habitual part of our daily spiritual hygiene; which is just as important as breathing. Most people just don’t understand how this works and they have no interest in knowing or understanding, to their own detriment as things are quickly transpiring beyond their control. 

Notice the mention of the year 1897 and evil spirits being cast down as in the biblical sense. How often does this really happen though? Bear in mind spirit doesn’t work in linear time. Linear time is a physical world construct and incarnation is not always linear. Our consciousness is split into multiple timelines and realities. Spiritual beings are onoto-energetic beings meaning they don’t need a physical body. They can and do exist as thought forms. Time is non existent in the non physical world, it is a constant continuum forever evolving. 

Also the year 1897 makes absolutely no difference to the agenda in the grand scheme of things. The Industrial Revolution that took place in the 1700’s is closer to the mark if you want to pinpoint an event. But that is only a very small part of the scenario. These things are in place for thousands of years and using astrological observations; the elite and these entities carry out their missions incrementally and inter generationally. Why do you think there are so many powerful secret societies around the world? They are a network working in tandem. With the use of esoteric wisdom dating back thousands of years things are implemented under the right astrological conditions at the right time to be effective.

The invention of machinery was vital to bringing about change, building mass wealth and centralisation of power in the hands of key stakeholders. That is no different to how it was pre-biblical times. The priest classes have always ran the world and they were embedded with royalties of the world. There is always factional fighting within this establishment; we the masses are their expendable collateral. 

We are living in an artificial reality matrix, which is a sealed integrated unit; nothing gets in or out generally speaking. Souls do get dragged into this from the multiverse and once inside they become trapped. 
Think of the lemniscate or infinity symbol, that shows you there is a continuous loop without a beginning or an end. However that is not entirely true, some individuals in my line of work are aware of the flaws in this; and the answer lies within us. This world is indeed thought reactive, so what we think we then create, good bad or indifferent. We are creator beings in physical form. The same with the non physical universe, it too is thought reactive and this is how spirit or non physical beings move around and communicate. 

Only a person that is ready and willing can exit, because they know that nothing can really stop them when armed with the knowledge and means of exiting. This also has to be a very strong and firm intention or it won’t work. Intention is a very powerful tool; which makes things happen when itent is firm  Free will is practically non existent as we are programmed to respond in a limited manner, yes a person can put up a fight but life will never be easy for them and they need to know how to circumvent the false light and the reincarnation cycle. Without the relevant esoteric education and understanding of how this works is the downfall of most people. 

One thing that Steiner perhaps didn’t know is that both these entities are within the matrix control system and work together, they are not enemies, more like a tag team. Humans are the only creation with spiritual fire in our composition. No other star race has this, it was an aspect of the divine feminine that she placed within us. This is why we are hated these archonic entities; whom are jealous of humans because humans were created with spiritual fire within us. These entities want this too in order to control the entire universe and spiritual multiverse. 

The Sophia accidentally created the demiurge as she was creating the world; which was in a way a failure of creation without true or full spiritual awareness. The Sophia allowed this demiurge creature to thrive and thus she created a monster of epic evil proportions.  This demiurge went on to create other lesser beings in ignorance and without full spiritual awareness and understanding. Because the demiurge was an imperfect being and had no understanding of spirit and anything above his awareness level. We humans are suffering because of this creature’s existence and being allowed to take control over this reality. 

In regards to the blood mentioned in this article, those of us that took the vaccine; which is actually gene therapy may have our DNA altered as some experts have suggested, thus we are technically chimera then and this is a whole different matter legally speaking. What are the implications of this? What ar our legal rights if our DNA is not technically classified as homosapien Sapien? Who has the right over our health and wellbeing if this is the case?  What are the implication on a spiritual level? This opens up a legal minefield as well as a spiritual dilemma for all of humanity. To be cut off from our rightful spiritual consciousness requires a drop in our spiritual frequencies. The suppression of our spiritual consciousness is very serious and is a clear violation of our fundamental human rights and spiritual sovereignty  as we are all part of the divine and very unique. To be cut off from pure spiritual source and the all that is; is going too far and this is the equivalent of being cast down into the abyss. 

At this stage we seem to be able to use our psychic abilities, I am still a fully functioning clairvoyant and medium. I know that I will have a very long life ahead of me also. But then again it’s the children that are the target not older people we older people serve no purpose in this agenda. I have also been very aware for a while that the intention is to cut humanity off from spirit permanently. Many people  have already shut themselves off from spirit through religious dogma and secular beliefs. Yet it’s amusing that the ones with a religious beliefs will pray in ignorance and arrogance to something they can’t even perceive let alone understand anything truly spiritual and metaphysical about this reality; and give away their spiritual power to organised religion. These people have no problem  commiting murder, attrocities and waging war on others not to mention disrespecting other people and their beliefs and values. Which reinforces their arrogance and ignorance of spirituality. That is hypocrisy on steroids.

The photograph of the wooden carving of this malevolent entity bears a strong resemblance to disgused beings masquerading as bullying aggressive old men that occasionally I see in dreams. These beings always have thin sharp features and are cold natured giving off the same hostile and aggresive vibes every time they enter my dreams to tell me to back off warning humanity of these beings. They can’t hide this horrible energy that they give off either. But I don’t think they actually care because they don’t have any respect for human beings; only a cold contempt and hatred. I would say they dwell in the negative 5th Dimension or astral realm. 

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