24 March, 2023

Cross brained and learning disabilities





Please read each link in this post as each has interesting information about mixed-handedness, these individuals make up just 1% of the world population. I was thinking about this subject this morning; because I am one of these people and tick all the boxes. 

Schizophrenia can actually be ASD, as they can appear to have similar  traits and a person can be incorrectly diagnosed as Schitzophrenic when they are actually on the ASD spectrum.

This has had a major impact on my life from starting school onwards. I was never diagnosed because my mother was never interested in finding out, it was all about her, she was a Leo born in the year of the Tiger. Which means a strong willed and domineering person with a strong need for control; I on the other hand am a Libra on the cusp of Virgo born in the year of the Rabbit and therefore not compatible energy. I was constantly moved from school to school on a 12 month basis from when I started school to when I left. I  do remember very clearly the learning problems that I had when learning to read and write. Maths and arithmetic I just couldn’t do at all. At the age of 10 and having already lived in 6 different houses and 4 schools; it was overseas on a parental whim, which turned out to be on a regular basis. 

I was just expected to fit in, I was told that “I will settle in” to my new school, yet the school curriculum was different when moving to Australia and at the opposite end of the school year and a two month gap between leaving my old school and enrolling in the new school due to several things happening such as the packing up of our household items, staying with a grand parent until it was time to leave the country and then arrive in the next country find a house and then a school. Now my father was not in the military at this stage, he was a civilian. No reason was ever given for the constant move of houses. I was a child so there was no reason to tell me anything. 

In my primary school years especially, I was labelled thick by my parents. I was repeatedly told that I would never amount to much and end up sweeping the streets or cleaning toilets by my parents ( that is the sanitised version of what was said by my father). Positive reinforcement was never a thing in my family. My mother always told me that " I was nothing but trouble and even before I was even born" which was always emphasised. In reality the problem was her; not me but I was the one that was the scapegoat. 

My mother would become homesick and insisted on returning to Scotland, however even there, there was the constant move of house. So guess how difficult this made settling in to school and obtaining assistance, not to mention making friends and then suddenly losing them because my mother wanted to move house again. She had decorated the house, and then suddenly she wanted to move again.   Sounds normal…not! 

Not once in all of this fiasco did my parents ever think that I had a real learning disability. I was a premature baby also but destined to be a number 6 birth number, because the day that I was due to be born and the actual day that I was born on are both a number 6 in numerology. Which is common for spiritual awakening and psychic abilities.

As for the mixed hand characteristics; I connect to spirit and mediumship by my right ear (clairaudient). I use my right eye in particular when looking on a psychic level (clairvoyance) my left hand is my powerful hand when doing spiritual healing. The left side of the body is feminine energy. I use a computer mouse left handed and just can't use my right hand. To do so just does my head in. I fold sheets the left handed way which drove my mum nuts if I was helping her. I like things in my office left handed. In the kitchen I originally had a dual sink and drying rack so I had my sink set left handed with the draining rack on the left until my kitchen was upgraded in 2003, now it's right handed. 

Life has never been easy for me and even now I struggle with the lifelong effects of an abusive family background from childhood and early adulthood. I was a very talkative child but never aggressive or disruptive, I did spend most of my time alone through childhood. Coming from a very strict family any misbehaviour would not be tolerated. I lived in absolute fear of my mum. My crime in life  was learning difficulties and being a bit dreamy as focus and concentration was a problem; I was very, very aware of my shortcomings. It is not something that one forgets when there is a constant reminder and being constantly criticised and compared to others. Why can’t I be like so and so or your cousin? Really!! 

 My career was dictated to me by my mother, again it’s about her. Her failure in not working in an office, not mine.  She was very talented in dress making and tailoring, she could knit anything too. You name is she could make it; she was also highly opinionated in just about everything you cared to mention and extremely argumentative. Me on the other hand I can't sew or knit. I have tried but can't. I would love to crochet, I am trying to learn it, and I am left handed when I do pick up the crochet needle. 

Roll on to married life and raising my children and moving interstate. After her death my life blossomed when I decided to pursue my psychic abilities and take a spiritual path. Away from  negative influences I immersed myself into learning about my abilities. I am a voracious reader and always have been; on different subjects because I am a naturally curious person. I derive great pleasure from reading as well as nature and fur babies. 

I tick the boxes for dyslexia and dyscalculia, ADD, and ASD. Yet here I am as a fully functioning clairvoyant medium with a very strong client base and known for highly successful psychic predictions over several years. With a client base that includes diplomats, an opera singer, people that work in parliament, medical professionals, solicitors, the military, the media, authors, the arts and many other people and it gives me great pleasure to be able to bring happiness to others; especially those that have suffered.

These days though I realise that I did amount to something. I am a human being, I am a wife and a mother, I have a purpose on this earth. I have helped many people in dire times and animals too. I matter, just like every single person that has these learning disabilities. I have self respect and I know my worth as a member of the human race. I know my value spiritually; in the service to humanity, the animals and spirit. I would say; that this is not someone who is a failure that wouldn’t amount to much. 

Children are often born with harsh life realities such as illness, disabilities and other difficulties. They can rise above some of these challenges and difficulties and become something;  that others have no way of knowing is possible, if given the opportunity and encouragement from parents and teachers. Don’t write these children off, help them, insist on assessments and the best help that they can get with their education and social skills. Children need a rich variety of interests especially involving them in nature to connect with their environment. They need parents to believe in them, have patience and understanding. 

Children with disabilities see the world differently and react differently to their surroundings. These children are also sensetive to energy changes (vibrational frequencies) hence they can sometimes be on a different mental plane to others which is the right side of the brain functioning. Non psychic people simply do not take this into consideration or even know that this is possible.

 The last thing that a parent should do is criticise and belittle their children. That damage lasts a lifetime and has a flow on effect if a person is not mindful and is determined not to repeat the mistakes of their parents. 

Cycles do have an ending if they are strived for. It is a wise person that acknowledges the fact and takes steps to bring about a conclusion to a repetitive negative cycle. Be that adult that takes the right steps to break negative cycles, if not for your own sake then do it for the childrens sake. 


UPDATE: 23 March 2023; A bit late for many sufferers especially women and girls but let’s remember boys and men are still included in this. My generation and those older than me were only expected to get married and breed. We didn’t matter even female teachers had that opinion; how insulting and condescending is that? The privilege of education for female teachers. Parents were not really interested in helping girls either because this is a patriarchal society and females are just going to leave school and get married, perpetually keeping the cycle going.

I would say there would be other combinations of disabilities that went unchecked in girls too; such as dyslexia and its sibling dyscalculia,  anxiety /depression, autism and in some cases PTSD. The damage is done  to older women; and this limited the career or work choices available for girls and women to retail, hospitality, cleaners, factory workers or assistance jobs, office support roles but not always well paying jobs or jobs that would give them self respect or respect from society in general. Basically these women and girls were invisible; in menial jobs most of their working lives. Limiting their ability to save money and the opportunity to own their own homes and have a decent income to retire on.

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