01 March, 2023

Science alert: Study Links Artificial Sweetener to Stroke Risk, Says It Could Make Blood Stickier


It’s toxic full stop! The  testing is obviously very poor in this article and proper tests need a few thousand people. Diet drinks, chewing gum, diet foods are all full of toxic artificial sweetener and more artificial sweeteners are being added to the food chain. Pressure is currently being placed on Australia’s food to introduce a sugar tax like the UK has. So this has the desired effect of allowing the use of these horrible chemicals into our food to make it more affordable. However the cost of food is going up so there is no cheaper food. 

Corporations push artificial sweeteners knowing full well that it’s unhealthy and not safe. But all the relevant information has been hidden in recent years especially aspartame and which now goes by other names now such as neotame, to shake off the bad public image it has and it’s still very bad for people; no matter what corporations tell us. If there wasn’t any danger why hide the scientific data and pressure doctors that speak out against artificial sweeteners? In Australia the amount of products that now use artificial sweeteners is rising quickly.

 How many Australian people reading this post remember watching the 60 minutes show in the late1990’s about aspartame and how harmful it is? Now there is an about face and we are told it’s safe. 

I read the contents of goods before I buy them and check the country of origin. I avoid canola oil and artificial sweeteners completely. To be healthy one needs to eat real foods not processed foods. One thing that may be in our favour is the price of takeaway food is going up at present. So this will help people to cook more at home and stick to healthy eating habits. Ditch processed foods and start eating fresh or frozen vegetables and whatever meat you want. It’s less fattening for a start and better for growing children’s development. 

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