29 March, 2023

Well known buffer against cognitive decline has zero effect study finds


Nutrition and education go hand in hand. A healthy body means that you can focus more efficiently, hence improving your cognitive functioning to absorb more knowledge. People have lost the basic knowledge of nutrition in their everyday lives. Relying on more and more refined and processed foods and less on whole foods, this leads to health impairments and in return poor cognitive functioning. 

Did you know that you can find out more about your health from an astrological standpoint? Everything is laid out in black and white. The clear risks and possibilities if you take certain steps or you can prevent them; generally by simply being aware of the risks and possible consequences if you fail to follow advice. 

This is a verifiable fact and only someone that is unwilling to explore this subject fails to understand the importance and value of having an astrological chart done with follow up questions that can be answered using horary astrology charts, these are questions put to the astrologer during a consultation. World leaders use astrologers for this reason especially when it comes to elections or war, to give a rough example. 

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