11 March, 2023

Young vets push for brighter future for industry to reduce burnout, improve mental health


It’s not a glamorous job, it’s a calling for these wonderful people that love animals so much and want to devote their lives to health and welfare of animals. Caring too much that it can become too much heartache and burnout. 

I have immense respect for veterinarians and veterinary nurses, they work under so much pressure and responsibility. They put their hearts into their work and we would be lost without these wonderful people. 

If only there were enough people to support them and some backup support for all of them, like human doctors and nurses. They all give above and beyond when it comes to saving lives and the human factor of compassion. I hope that something good comes out of this for their sake and for the animals too. 

Every kind word and gesture from the public and fur parents is important to let these heroes know that they matter. Their skills are beyond the abilities of most people but the burden is heavy, so showing our support and respect to lift up and comfort those that save the lives of our fur babies is the least we can do.

So let’s do a good deed for this valuable community of health professionals to show them how much we care for them. Whether it’s giving them a gift like a box of chocolates to share, make donations or help by donating blankets and other supplies that are always in need or any other way to show our support. Let them know that we care about their health and wellbeing always. 

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