09 March, 2023

Blast from the past: Perkins paste and Clag

Every Aussie school kid used these glues when I was at school. Perkins paste smelled like marzipan. We often just opened the lid to sniff that delightful scent. This was a sacred ritual to kids in the 1970’s . Along with our naty Globite school cases.
We could stash so much stuff in our Globite school cases; these cases also doubled as a seat for kids waiting at a bus stop or at the railway station going to and from school. Those were the days, with so many memories of a simple life. 
Oh and there was also a clear glue that came in a plastic bottle with a rubber top; and by squeezing the sides of the bottle the glue came out the little holes at the top. We would paste the back of our hands with this glue and when it dried we could peel it off in one piece like cling wrap. Ah, the memories of childhood. They’re worth bottling. 


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