01 March, 2023

Wes Penre: Orion book Q and A #5


Ok when discussing Jesus of the bible, he is totally different from the real Jesus. You will find a vast quantity of information on this in the books by Ralph Ellis. I am reading these in kindle format,  so far I have read; Cleopatra to Jesus. There are several Cleopatra’s The one that was his direct grandmother is Cleopatra the seventh. As in Mark Anthony and Cleopatra. After this I read King Jesus and Jesus the last of the pharaohs. These books are a must read if you want to actually learn the truth and the basics of the history surrounding this bloodline. I will start on Mary, princess of Orange. 

Now there is also her daughter Cleopatra Selina,  that is a need to know character in these books. Ralph has had access to vast amounts of documents and texts to research this as well as books from multiple authors. He has being researching and writing for over 30 years. Keeping that in mind because that is a lot of knowledge, none of which should be taken lightly.

I am not in total agreement with the comments about Jesus. This is why I recommend reading the Ralph Ellis books. Again whenWes says Jesus is actually Archangel Michael, I am not in agreement with this.Draw your own conclusions after reading the Ralph Ellis books and not before. I have my own views and I will keep them to myself. But I do not agree nor accept what Wes feels is true. Other than that I do like his work. 

Each individual must draw their own conclusions and look at this from Botha historical perspective and a spiritual perspective. Nothing is ever what it seems on this earth and long before I was familiar with Wes and other writers and researchers I had already on an intuitive level had my opinions. However the I still needed more information and will keeping on searching for more information. 

I have downloaded the Orion book on my kindle but haven’t started reading it yet. I am definitely looking forward to reading it. I am busy learning astrology at present so I will get around to this book when I get the chance. 

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