02 March, 2023

Tourists’ shock about Australia’s sheer size, distance to get places


Drongos, Lol, don’t people know geography these days? How on earth do people not know this? Australia is a continent, it’s...BIG! The word continent is a wee bit of a clue 🤣🤣 As a ten year old child in Scotland; I knew this before I actually came here that this was a very big country. We learned about Australia at primary school in the early 1970’s. So how difficult is it today with the internet available to everyone, when you literally have the internet in your pocket to Google Australia, and actually learn about the country;  before deciding to travel here? 

This knowledge stops people from getting lost in the bush and dying. Learn to be aware that you can rapidly dehydrate through lack of water when going bush walking or camping and how long you can last without water before you die. In scorching 40 to 50 odd degrees celsius heat without shelter and water,  both are vital to survival in the outback. You can’t just come across a service station (petrol station) in minutes, more like days, and that is if you know what actual direction you’re heading in. If you break down stay by your car. Don’t be an idiot and walk for help. You can be dead before you find help. That is why we have that rule, stay by your car! 

Basic bush first aid in the bush is vital, as is keeping a snake bite kit with you, and  learning how to stay alive and safe when traveling around the country.  Actually listening to locals giving you advice on safety and actually following the advice given is a no brainer. That’s a tall order for some people as is respecting the rules, the do’s and don’ts of the bush. 

In the bush you can wander off track and die from heatstroke and dehydration in a very short time. Be smart and educate yourself before arriving in Australia, in the outback a hospital can be hours or days away, so keep that in mind. 

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