14 March, 2023

Why porridge is the new power breakfast


From 2009

Ooft; Porridge is Scottish not Brittish! The correct way and the true Scottish way is with water and salt . Like drinking whisky with coke; unthinkable for a Scotsman and bound to draw shocked glances in Scotland.😂  Porridge was never meant to be adulterated with anything, except for children needing a little milk to cool it down before headding out to school. As we say in Scotland; it sticks to your ribbs and keeps you warm on a cold day. 

I havealways had proper rolled oats in my house; however if you have serious gastro-intestinal health problems; I would say rolled oats could upset your stomach so give them a miss. Perhaps try quick oats instead  as they are more refined and not every day. As it would be like eating sandpaper on your intestines.  

Yes porridge is a very good healthy meal, but there is nothing wrong with the occasional cooked breakfast if you have the time in the morning before heading out to work. Most people do not have the time these days, but there is plenty time to make porridge, it only takes minutes to cook on the stove. Just don't leave the pan to go crusty after you have served up the porridge. Stick cold water in the pan to make cleaning easier later.

In Scotland we tend to eat a small serve porridge and then square sausage fried in a pan and then put on a Scottish roll. Breakfast was tradditionally a two course breakfast. I am sure some people no longer do this though as it is time consuming.  A weekend breakfast usually includes square sausage and or link sausages, bacon, fried egg, black pudding and potato scones.  Even fried tomatoes are popular in a fried breakfast in Scotland. I have never been in a house in Scotland where a weekend fry up wasn't on the breakfast menue. The quantity though is usually a sensible serve or you would be putting on a lot of weight.  Scottish rolls with sausage or bacon yum, it doesn't get any more Scottish than that for breakfast or even smoked Kippers or Herring. Kippers and Herring were very traditional breakfasts as well as porridge.

Scotland is a bit different to England when it comes to sausages too and many people visiting from England like to go to a butcher shop in Scotland to buy our sausages. My old favourite was the tomato sausages and especilly if they were on a tradditional Scottish roll. This is even used at lunchtime or some people like a fry up for dinner in winter. Not something that I could eat to be honest. I don't like eggs nor black pudding which is congealed blood and herbs, that's a yeah nah for me. Now I am drooling at the thought of a Scottish roll with square sausage. 😂 I am visualising my gran's kitchen on a weekend and the smell of breakfast cooking, my grandpa having returned from the bakers with fresh rolls for our breaksast.  Heavenly, just heavanley memories.

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