29 March, 2023

Shocking video of collapsing cobalt mine shows uncomfortable truth about smartphone batteries


This is not the first article on this subject, yet not a peep out of the greenies and their cohorts even mainstream media avoids reporting on this. Why is that then? Inconvenience perhaps?  Global warming is the BS distraction, to stop people from demanding that this sort of abuse stops. Human lives are at stake for consumers goods that we don’t really need and Electric Cars. Every single product that the greens bang on about has had extremely negative impacts. Funny that, yet still they keep pushing their hair braided ideas on the public. 

How about you greenies swap places with these poor souls that die needlessly for your gratification? World leaders and big corporations have known about this for years and ignore the plight of these people. Journalists have been aware of this for years too. These are all the people that put the guilt trip on ordinary people; people that have nothing to do with this abuse nor the corporations involved. The corporations and big business leaders should be on trial for this. 

Don’t try and blame ordinary people for this crime against humanity. Make these rich bastards own it, make them compensate everyone involved in mining this Cobolt and other minerals, including their families. Compensate the families that have lost their bread winners and the children without their fathers. Compensate those whose health has been damaged by the working conditions, physical abuse etc. Confiscate the money and assets that the owner of each mine has to compensate the workers and their families; including medical treatment and expenses. 

How do shareholders sleep at night when this happens? More to the point, how do the company owners, management, investors, board directors and members sleep at night? Quite comfortably I expect. 

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