30 December, 2022

A Guid Hogmany and Happy New Year for 2023


Wishing everybody a happy and bright new year where ever you are in the world.

In Scotland on Hogmany (New Year's Eve) we clean the house top to bottom and our selves as it is seen to be bad luck if we have an unclean house and leaving the energy of the old year in the house. No housework s done on New Years Day as that is seen to be unlucky.  We also open the front and back doors of the house just as midnight approaches; to let out the old year and welcome in the new year. After the stroke of midnight we have the tradition of "first footing".

The first person you welcome into your home should be dark haired man or else carry a lump of coal to heat the home. The first footer, or first person stepping over the threshold will usually carry a bottle of whisky to celebrate the new year with you.

It is also customary to serve shortbread, black bun or fruit cake at new year. So, many people will usually take a gift of shortbread and other goodies for the household. It is also a custom in Scotland to have a big meal before a night of drinking and singing traditional Scottish songs and other popular songs. The most popular food is usually a steak pie made in a large dish with puff pastry on top or roast beef and Yorkshire Pudding served with vegetables and potatoes.

Robert Burns’ song Auld Lang Syne (syne is pronounced sign and not zine, as the Americans pronounce the word) is also sung at midnight and we kiss our loved ones, shake hands and wish them a happy new year. Though times have changed and not all families go in for the traditional new year festivities. In Scotland, New Year or Hogmany is  much more important than Christmas as traditionally partying lasts about a week, taking turns at visiting loved ones to celebrate.

The name for New Years day in Scotland is called Ne'erday ( pronounced as nair-dae the word day sounds different as its sounded like an I in this occasion) and is one of those days that just rolls on from the night before. Waken up, have breakfast where ever you spent the night and keep on partying. A little slower than the previous night as people are a little worse for wear. Generally they may head home to their own house and freshen up, perhaps have a nap and then off to the next party. 

Hangover’s are very popular in Scotland  at this time of year with so much partying. 

                                                       2023 Welcomes the year of the Rabbit 

Bad news for smokers living in apartments after tribunal win


Just how far will people go; to control other people lives and rights; or animals rights? As far as the system allows apparently. Even if you own your own home or apartment, it does not automatically mean that you can do as you please. Ego trippers, party pooper, nosey neighbors, the chronic whingers  or the voyeurs, they are all out there.  

What about plants, shrubs and trees growing in your yard but your neighbour is allergic to the plant or tree pollen? Asthmatics have to live with pollens blowing in the wind from trees and shrubs all the time. So what will the implication be here? This will vary state to state and territory, as well as council regions ( local government areas). There are also right to privacy issues or right to scenic view and many more things that we haven't even thought of yet. 

We need to think carefully about every aspect of life now, because everything is being scrutinized one way or the other. Does the average person have the money to spend on legal action? Unfortunately many people just don't have the money to spend  on legal issues and if that person is the victim of other people then what is to be done to help them? Not all low income earners are entitled to legal aid.  

28 December, 2022

The weather outside can bite me🎶


JOKE: The Pope blessing an Aussie

 Two Aussies that had never been overseas before decide to go on holiday to Rome. They are amazed at all the ancient architecture and cultural experiences. Having such a wonderful holiday, they decide to take part in a tour of St Peter's  square and the Vatican. Not to feel homesick of course they carry their Esky full of Australian  beverages' (beer) on ice.

As they wander around with other tourists; Kevin and Mick's jaws drop at the sights; as they had never seen anything like this in their lives. Two suburban Aussie blokes in the most revered place on earth for Catholics.

Mick decides right there and then that he wants to meet the Pope; and ask for his blessing. Kevin bursts out laughing at Mick's idea.

"Mate that is just never going to happen, you're dreaming mate! said Kevin.

Mick replies " I recon I have just as good a chance as anyone else getting a blessing, just watch me." 

Kevin decides to stay put and sits on their Esky full of ice cold beer, sipping on a cold one. Watching Mick making a right Gallah of himself. When suddenly the Pope is seen walking across St Peter's square. Kevin sits watching in amazement at this historic moment; as his best mate is about to be blessed by his holiness. 

Quickly making himself look presentable, Mick coolly walks over to the Pope, extends his hand to shake hands with the pope. The pope stands there unresponsive for  second and then suddenly Kevin notices the Pope make the sign of the cross. Absolutely stoked at this awesome sight, Kevin has a big idiot grin on his face. 

"Well bugger me!" Kevin exclaims. That Pope is bloody awesome. I might go and try my luck too.

Kevin stands up, holding his tinny ( a can of beer) and walks towards Mick saying," Good on ya mate; that was bonza". "I am gonna try my luck now"

But Mick looks down in the mouth and says, "Nah mate, he didn't bless me". 

"Are you kidding me?" says Kevin "What was that I saw then; with the Pope making the sign of the cross then?"

"Nah, you misunderstood mate" replies Mick, "What he really said as he pointed was, you, your mate and your Esky, piss off".

27 December, 2022

Epoch Times: Popular Food Dye Linked to Intestinal Inflammation, Colitis: Study


This is a must read article if you value your health. Red 40/ Allura Red (AR). Read the comments at the side too. Artificial colours and flavours always have been unsafe. When I was younger we often joked about red or green cordial making kids hypo, because we knew it was the case back in the 1970’s. It’s all about the money and not human lives after all. 

Neil Oliver:…..will we survive?


Pretty much sums it up right there. How on earth can people not work this out for themselves? It’s been bloody obvious for two centuries, and especially since the dawn of the twentieth century. The mass suppression of humanity by the ruling classes has always been there since the dawn of time. Including forcing us to accept their religions of suppression of the spirit and soul. Which causes trauma to the spirit. 

It also serves a purpose on a spiritual level. This keeps the mind occupied and suppresses our spiritual side from functioning. The more stressed and tired a person is from  poverty, financial problems, working full time and looking after the family, the less time to focus on our spirituality. I don’t mean religious beliefs, that is not the same and is incompatible with being a spiritual being or entity. 

 But what Oliver doesn’t know is; humanity astrologically programmed to go so far before we hit the reset button because of the cycles that control our reality. Understand there is no such thing as free will in this reality nor in the part of the perceived universe that we are currently aware of;  there never has been. This is an augmented reality no matter what you believe, learn how to break out of the encryption first or you will be stuck within this control system indefinitely. We are on the clock right now and with the clearing of the earth many souls will be sent the what the New Agers call the twin earth. In reality it is just another lockdown spiritually by the “gods” or overlords. 

A large population can survive on earth easily however the NWO don’t want that. The power elite will not turn over lands that they took nor will they give up their power and mass fortunes. This planet as I said is metaphysically a prison, where our spiritual energy is greatly reduced from what we are truly capable of.

This world was not set up for our advantage it was set up like a prison  to enslave humanity. Those of us with true spiritual soul fire present a danger to the overlords because we are stronger than they are spiritually. Most people just are totally unaware of their real potential as spiritual beings. Trapped in a locked and low energy dimension with our spiritual birthrights denied.  Think of this world like a faraday cage to entrap souls, understand that and things are different. 

A small population is easily controlled and enslaved. Artificial intelligence running the entire planet was always the intention. Suppressing our spirituality is vital to the agenda, as we are trying to raise our spiritual energy and awareness. The powers that be have known of this event coming for a very long time. This is why there is an urgency to their plans right now. But because the masses are indeed unaware of their spiritual ancestry and who they really are, they laugh at those that are aware. No matter; because they are walking into their extinction right now. No amount of warning will alter the facts, if one is not spiritually mature and even aware of the complex situation they are facing. 

At the 17: 15 mark, Neil mentioned how people were affected by the lockdown. That was a social experiment to see how people would react. It went like clockwork too. What people don’t understand is this was also the energy harvesting of loosh or life force that people give off especially when stressed. That energy is vital in keeping evil alive in the non physical world! Unless you are knowledgeable in this matter you would not even know this is real. Hence why people that are psychic or clairvoyant must use spiritual protection constantly to protect themselves from energy attacks and energy attachments. 

The ruling classes have always been very aware of the metaphysical world for thousands of years; this is part of their own spiritual practices which were always hidden from the masses. Yet to this very day there are symbols all around us that allude to this fact and the masses are totally unaware. 

Is life worth living these days? Apparently not, high suicide rates worldwide show that along with mass homelessness, poverty and stress we are all at breaking point. Nations are deliberately destroyed by the ruling classes and pushing people to the brink of despair and destruction. Millions of refugees are currently roaming the earth, soldiers suicidal because they were part of the shocking agenda to destroy nations at the behest of these rulers, and kicked to the kerb when they are discharged from service. Having done their slave masters evil deeds for them. What is the reward for those that served? Suicide! Broken men and women returned home to unemployment and homelessness, no one to help them deal with trauma and PTSD and some of the ex servicemen and women are denied a pension from the military. 

With the current events ramping up we are going to see much worse coming as well as world war. Stage managed by the ruling classes yet again and further suppressing our humanity and spirituality. But now comes the silent death. Artificial intelligence implants into every aspect of life or what passes for life now.

Medical technology breakthroughs will be offered to those that balk at euthanasia. These medical implants are artificial intelligence and programmed. Human DNA as we already know is programable, add to that the current nanotechnology in our bodies even prior to the current situation. Nano particles have been the human food and medicine for years. Most people are totally un aware of that. No matter though; it’s a done deal anyway. But the vaccines that we have been coerced into taking are DNA altering, making those that took the vaccines chimeras. Again it’s a done deal  the next step has still to be rolled out; what will that be I wonder. Elon Musk is really gung-ho for human being microchiped and is on record for saying this. 

Do you understand that you cease to be human at that point? Do you know who owns the new DNA in your body? You need to wrap your head around that one. If was young right now there is no way that I would bring a child into this world.  But humans don’t have free will, this reality and never have, because it is controlled  and humans are encouraged to incarnate in this lower vibrational frequency with promises of advancing spiritually and working out “karmic debt” Karma is an artificial construct and used to manipulate naïve humans. We have been schooled into believing this rubbish along with new age garbage funded by the CIA and think tanks since the 1960’s. Karma will only work if you believe it and accept it. 

How can you prove that you did or did do something in a life time centuries ago, when someone tells you that you killed somebody? You have no way of knowing whether you did or not, so why would you believe it? But if you believe that you did then you pay the debt. Brilliant scam that never fails to  entrap naïve souls. 

We know times are changing fast and the so called end of times scenario is being brought into human consciousness. This is to keep us in fear and make us compliant. The end of times is nothing but an astrological cycle. Currently though there is a push for people to accept euthanasia as an answer to their problems, especially mental health issues or if one has a long term health issue or disability. Canada is rolling this out now and targeting children as well as adults. Is this a rational and moral thing to do when there are medical and economic solutions to improve the quality of life? 

With the population shrinking as Neil points out, what will happen to all the houses, hospitals, businesses and our environment? Who will take control of all of this surplus? The ruling classes of course, they are the big consumers and polluters in the first place. The elite fear death, they fear the loss of power and wealth. They fear being accountable for their evil deeds too. They are fearful that they will be found out by the masses. That cat is already out of the bag though isn’t it? So they must resort to taking drastic measures to keep control of humanity for their own sake, not ours. We are made to fear China’s communism yet ignore western corporate communism reshaping our homelands currently.

One option that takes care of the problem is a gradual popular cull and infertility. Then the food must also be controlled and this is happening right now. Now remember that they started planting this information in the news before the pandemic had started telling us not to waste food, and now using false food shortages as an excuse caused by the war in Ukraine. Which has very little bearing on countries like Australia or Asian countries that can supply grains to others. Neither does the electricity, gas and oil from Ukraine affect Australia but it is being reported in the news along with power shortages. This is all just manufactured control and most people are starting to realise this. So now that the public are aware of this, then another tactic must be used, layer upon layer of control. 

All of this stress keeps humanity in a negative low frequency and therefore easy to manipulate. Keeping them cut off from their spiritual side. The split from our spiritual energy is the key here, this is vital to humanities survival. We are spiritual beings first and foremost, we belong in spirit not trapped in a never ending cycle of abuse and trauma that depletes our spiritual life force. The suppression of our life force and our psychic side is the silent  death knell once we make the move to transhumanism incorporating artificial intelligence into our bodies. 

People over the age of 50 are undesirable for this agenda, it is the children of the world population and those in their infancy right now that are the intended targets of this evil agenda. 

The euthanasia issue will become more noticeable in the media from now on. It will be presented as the right thing to do if we are old (define old) or have health problems , homeless or financially disadvantaged. When you are faced with this option you know that humanity is in great danger. Damned if you do and damned if you don’t. 



I am informing everyone for the last time! People that have not paid at least 30 minutes before a reading will have their appointments canceled immediately.

Yet again a small percentage of people that don’t pay on time have thrown my schedule out. I will not waste my time trying to chase clients up to remind them of their appointment.

 It is the client’s responsibility to keep note of their appointments, not mine. It is the clients responsibility to pay in advance as I have often several clients lined up and ready to read for. These clients do not deserve to have their appointments disrupted due to other people selfishness. The attachments sent via email or by phone to every client now have this warning included in the service and fees notice as from today and effective immediately. 

Also I am not in good health as I have to keep telling people. My arms and hands are in terrible pain and unfortunately they won’t be getting better. 


25 December, 2022

Science Alert: Study Suggests Antibiotic-Resistant Bacteria Could Be More Devious Than We Thought


Wow, This is quite a find. Keeping our intestinal track healthy is something that we all need to learn. This would include keeping the acidity level under control for optimal health. 

It makes me wonder how the bacteria actually got into this person’s lungs, no doubt via the blood stream. Hygiene these days is something that need to be scrutinised when around strangers in a public setting. Given that many people don’t wash their hands very often especially after going to the toilet. 

That is something that really needs to be reinforced in public places since the pandemic, people are no longer practicing social distancing and hygiene. They just revert back to their old habits. 🤢 I have not even seen cleaners at the shops doing the disinfecting of hand rails since 2020. 

Symbolism in King Charles III Christmas message


Notice the mention of Holly with red berries, Ivy with berries and Red Skimmia (part of the Rue family), this is very pagan and occult symbolism. Green alluding to everlasting life, regeneration, resurrection/rebirth, life force and fertility. The fact that these are mentioned in the article implies an understanding of the symbolism employed deliberately and not a coincidence. The red berries are very significant and symbolise the goddess’s life force resurrected and the blood of Christ. 



One other goddess that connects to red berries is Isis and the British royals are related to Jesus and Mary Magdalene. Mary was a high priestess of the cult of Isis.Red dresses are also a symbol of Isis. 


Ivy with berries.

24 December, 2022

Alex on page 1 and 4 Google search for psychic predictions for 2023

 I did not expect this! 🤣🤣 I was just about to go to sleep and suddenly had the urge to Google psychic predictions for 2023. I am gob smacked. I have been doing very successful psychic predictions for several years now; and finally I am on pages one and four for psychic predictions. Remember that I do one set for the entire world and a separate one for Australia. I always do them in October too. So please keep that in mind when looking for psychic predictions online. 

Thank you 🙏 for googling my predictions and thank you for reading them, it honestly means the world to me. The full list is on both my website and my blogs every year my website hosts post them as soon as they are released.


Click on the image and you can see the page number 😅

23 December, 2022

‘‘Twas the night before Christmas Eve lols


Feel free to share the funnies! 

EpochTimes: Federal government department funded childrens activity book about mediclly assisted suicide


This is beyond an outrage and it won't just stop in Canada, that is the testing ground. I am aware that ongoing discussions are taking place around Australia on this issue. But nothing happens unless the order is given to make is happen by the "unseen hands" at the top of the dung pile. Just sit back and watch, one acceptable reason will be the lack of doctors and nurses as a good excuse. But many people are totally aware of the population cull as it has been in the public domain for a few decades and the likes of Bill Gates are openly discussing this wicked abomination.

Below is a child's activity book for euthanasia published by the Canadian department of health. What rational parent will find this acceptable for their child?  This book is "best suited for children ages 6 to 12 years old".


Got MilQ? Fake Milk to Replace Dairy and Breast Milk


Well if this doesn’t make you concerned, just carry on with your head in the sand. This will be right through our food chain, just like other nasties that are already there. The Victorian government have scrapped the four year ban on GMO crops in 2008. Look at the  crop life link two links down for further information.

From May 2022


https://www.croplife.org.au/resources/policy-statements/5-state-regulation-of-gm-crops/ Just look at the  items such as butter, margarine, olive spread, dips etc even frozen chips. It is very hard to avoid canola in foods in Australia and the authorities have known of its toxicity in food for decades. I was certainly aware f it in the 1980's.   

Government PDF GMO's in Australia


22 December, 2022

Words of wisdom


I love a good laugh out loud 🤣🤣🤣 this reminds me of the post tortoise joke. That one is on my blog too. 


Queensland police reveal officers were following up warrant for Nathaniel Train as counter terrorism teams assist investigation


This is utterly disgusting, an individual may feel disgruntled about something but to actually want to kill anyone is just evil. So many lives are drastically changing for ever after such an atrocious crime. How on earth can a human being stoop to this level. I would rather invest my time and energy helping people and animals in need that stoop to such a barbaric act of pure evil. 

If you don’t like the human race then put some love in the earth, help the animals in need. There are so many wild and domestic animals that need love and care. I think that is a much nicer use of one’s life by putting love and care into preserving life. I can’t imagine what it must be like to go to your grave with having the blood of innocent people on you conscience and akashic records when in spirit. The flow on of grief of all those that knew everyone that was murdered in cold blood is like a tsunami of heartache that will take a long time to heal. 

Tarot Card Of The Month: January 2023, 8 of Wands


Happy New Year everyone! Let's take our first look at the first card of the year. This card deals with the realm of thought. Manifesting from spirit or non physical into the physical or earth plane. This card speaks of urgent action and preventing disaster too. 

News from far away is what I feel as I pick up this card. Multiple serious issues are going on world wide. Also things are stepping up in Ukraine and Europe, there is a possibility of cross border fighting. This is not a good sign because things will escalate. Russia will have a taste of war on its soil. As I look at the card I see the war is controlled from afar (the US and the UK). Western leaders want to keep a physical as well as emotional distance from this horror. I also feel the war will shift to an air war with precision targets. 

The world needs to rethink the real purpose of this conflict very quickly because this will escalate shortly. Notice the gaps between the wands as they fall towards the earth. Suggesting rapid movement and quick intellect. There are multiple issues going on as I mentioned before and there is deliberate distraction to deflect the public attention. Different thoughts are taking place and as I look at the top four wands I notice that three of them are on the same trajectory, the fourth one to me symbolise France. France does not seem to be on the same wavelength as the other  three leaders. Even looking at all eight wands, one seems to be holding back and that to me says not in agreement with something. 

That odd wand feels financial as well as sticking to the game plan. Hesitant and unsure of what is happening. Again I feel this is France being cautious and doing only what is good for France and not the whole of Europe. I don't feel that France is fully committed to the agenda. 

A health crisis is in the news for January 2023 yet again. I feel people are growing skeptical with health warnings and will just tune out to the WHO. 

I see flooding and issues with water in January, be careful at the beach in Australia and in hot countries please.

All eyes are focused on Europe in January and not fully on China and the Asian Pacific region. One must ask though; which agenda is most important here? They both are, I see agreements being signed for both war and trade. I also feel there will be some more travel restrictions  being a possibility still due to health issues, industrial action and the weather. 

In Australian I feel there will be more pesky insects than usual such as blow flies and mosquitos after all the rain and then the heat. Which as we know is a perfect breeding ground for insects. So please take care around your house and garden and tip out any rain water in pot plants and places where water pools.; to prevent the larvae growing. 

I see a lot of green growth in Australia through January so keep an eye on vegetation. There is also business growth, ideas for making money, but one must act quickly to be successful, some people or businesses will make big gains.

Creative ideas and skills are indicated here for  bright new business concepts , if you feel confident then go for it. I also feel this is connected to intellectual property concepts and  law. Add Information Technology to this.

I see schools closing hours changing due to the weather, this may just be in the northern hemisphere due to a freezing cold winter and heavy snow falls. 

It's party mode in Australia, so keep an eye out for accidents involving alcohol and traffic, drink driving etc. Young people are being careless as they party and hit the beach like they do every summer but this year they seem a bit more arrests than usual  for bad behaviour mostly in NSW and Queensland, concentrated mostly in and around beach areas and city night spots including fighting in carparks.  There could also be parts of western Sydney and Melbourne suburbs attracting violent behaviour and police are needed to deescalate violence. 

I see flawed thinking in January so we must think carefully and choose our words carefully or regret it later. This warning is especially directed at world leaders and the media.  Foot in mouth syndrome!

January 2023 starts to show a bigger gap in the social divide between the rich and the poor, it did not have to be like this but this is a deliberate action to separate ordinary people from their money and their rights to a better quality lifestyle to keep the rich in the comfort that they feel they are entitled to.  This ties in to the prophecy that I spoke of going back to when I was a new mum and had a vision of the world going back to the poverty and suffering in the early 20th century with mass poverty, depression and war. This is us in it now. As I have said in other posts, things take time to manifest but everything goes within cycles in this world. This is not accidental either, this is created by the 1% or the ruling class how else do they amass such fortunes? 

Expect strikes to be a common occurrence around the world as people are fighting for a decent wage to feed their families. Their requests are not unreasonable. The suffering as I point out is created by the ruling class, they don't do poverty. 

The 8 of Wands warns us January is chock full of mind games and aggression, so pay attention to what is said in the media and be ware. Oil and energy are highlighted because of the severity of the winter and people are suffering needlessly in cold nations. This is corporate and government greed and power tripping at the root of this terrible suffering. Who will be held responsible for all of the people that freeze to death over winter? You need to have that conversation, because this is about keeping the masses under control and the elite hoarding money just like in Victorian times. As I said the rich and powerful do not do poverty and suffering, we the ordinary people are used to it through abuse of human rights and wealth deprivation. 


28/12/22 Russia has a taste of war on its soil. 

France, strikes over retirement age, January 23 January.


UK strikes bring country to a standstill.



21 December, 2022

Science Alert: Scientists Find a 'Yellow Brick Road' in a Never-Before-Seen Spot of The Pacific Ocean


Very interesting article, but how do they know it is what they say it is? 



                                                        Yeah just try holding in a fart, code brown! 

Thank you to all my clients for 2022

 Merry Christmas 

I just want to thank everyone that chose me to conduct a reading for them in 2022. Many of whom I have read for for many years and also new clients. I am honoured to have had the privilege of conducting  your readings and I just want to express my sincere gratitude to everyone and thank you all.

I hope everyone has a wonderful Christmas/holiday season and a wonderful prosperous new year for 2023. It’s hard to believe that we are almost in 2023. The years go by so fast and it is but a blink of an eye before we are celebrating another new year. Please stay safe and drive careful this silly season. 

Relax and put your feet up at every opportunity and unwind. 

Blessings to everyone 


20 December, 2022

More Christmas laughs


Neil Oliver: Winter deaths. Neighbourhood lockdowns. Canada offering death to disabled people


Just what does it take for the masses to waken up? People just don’t want to know the truth. This is deliberate wilful ignorance of people just being indifferent to the suffering of millions including loved ones. I just don’t understand how people can be so indifferent. They are living a lie with climate change and all the suffering that it causes yet are happy to give up not only their human rights but sacrificing others including children, the elderly and disabled it’s eugenics 101. Humanity has hit rock bottom and has lost its way spiritually and morally. Many can no long think logically, but will see what their corporate and mainstream media handlers tell them as the truth. If they can believe the garbage spouted during elections to vote for a dishonest politician; then they are incapable of thinking logically when they are being controlled by psychopaths pushing death in their faces. Get used to it because this is your own making by not standing up to evil and greed a simple NO, is all it takes without any violence; just the masses saying firmly; no thanks, this is not in our best interests. How hard can it be in a supposedly free western world? 

Humanity not only has a price on its head it has a use by date that is about to expire because corporations have colluded with governments and the masses don’t seem to care. The masses have been hoodwinked with the Ukrainian war and believe everything that the media tells them forgetting every war has a propaganda machine. 

What if your country was being targeted for a take over by western business corporations, the WEF/UN and certain governments of the world and NGO’s? Backed into a corner and destroyed? A US puppet installed to destroy your country just like in Iraq or Ukraine and then hand picked corporations move in and get lucrative contracts to rebuild the country and bleed your country dry of its own money and assets. Central bankers dictate everything just like all the wars of the 20th century to date. 

Yes, I am against the invasion of Ukraine and I am also against what the west has done to Russia, they set up this proxy war in the first place. Ordinary people are the victims and collateral so the elite can rule and take from others anything they want, including human lives. They deem our lives worthless. 

But here is the kicker, your bank account will soon be controlled permanently from here on in. The elite decide when you can access your own money. When were they given that right and by whom? Did they ask your consent? With the shift to digital currency coming; they decide when you can eat and feed your family, so don’t forget that. This is all over the internet and has already happened to journalists in the US and Canada for speaking out. The politicians that you elect have to agree for this to happen and many of them are not the sharpest tools in the toolbox. Some however have been alert and are speaking out, but they are very few. 

https://psychictarotreadingwithalexfulford.blogspot.com/2021/03/climate-lockdown-wtf.html 3rd MARCH 2021

https://psychictarotreadingwithalexfulford.blogspot.com/2021/06/more-on-climate-lockdown.html 6 MARCH 2021

18 December, 2022

It took over 30 years to happen!

I often tell clients give things time to happen and don't get a reading any sooner that three to six months. That is unless you want a different person to do a reading; to see if they say the same thing. It does take time for things to happen, life cannot be rushed. I had just that experience a few of days ago. At present my laundry is getting retiled by my husband a bit at a time due to his health restrictions and disabilities. So on Thursday disaster struck in my laundry and I was absolutely livid.

Hubby had not put the drain hose from my washing machine back into the drainage hole at the side of the laundry tub. I hadn't noticed until happened to walk in to the laundry only to be met with a tsunami of water being released from the washing machine all over the floor and into the hallway.

This house for some stupid reason does not have a floor drain in the laundry. The bathroom didn't have one either until our bathroom renovation was completed last month and the original bath tub didn't even have an overflow drain. I have never seen this in a house in Australia before. It should be a standard safety measure in a house or an apartment; at least it has been in any place that I lived in in Sydney. This house was built in 1974 and I have lived in houses or apartments older than that; that had a drain in the floor in both the bathroom and laundry obviously for allowing flood water to escape.  

Anyway this flood in my laundry I was told about in a tarot reading in Sydney over 35 years ago! Some things do take many years to come about, and this is the second long term thing that has happened in the past few years. I vaguely remember being told something else that I was told before I got married and that only happened after 20 something years.

Flooding is not the sort of thing that one looks forward to happening either; I am just glad it is over and done with now. Mopping up so much water took almost every damn towel that I own and then put them through the washing machine after that. Not a happy camper, the rain came along and it took almost two days to dry the towels.  Some things are just sent to try our patience grrr!!

I am glad of one thing, hubby put a painted membrane cover on the wooden floor boards a few days before the flooding or it would be days or weeks before the tiles were laid. Due to his health problems he has to take it very slowly so a few tiles at a time and then rest. I had the laundry from hell for 28 years because it is an old house and all the tiles had lifted. The adhesive that was used in the 70's is not as good as what is around today so it had all dried out to dust so my floor and wall tiles were falling off or lifting.  I have had an ugly, cramped laundry for quite a few years and if anyone was visiting me; I didn't want them to see the horrible thing that is my laundry.  Now it is going to have a new lease of life; but meh, it's still small. At least I can clean it easily clean it once the job is done. 

17 December, 2022

Woman shares video of orb of light she believes is her husband


Wow, This is quite an experience,  but how heartbreaking for the woman to lose her  husband and have to raise the children by herself. Life is often very painful and unfair. Rest assured her husband will indeed watch over his family from the spirit world. People in spirit visiting loved ones is more common than people realise. Loved ones in spirit always visit us especially to watch over children. I saw my paternal great grandmother standing over my bed when I was about three years old, she died around 1935. I have posted things on my blog about psychic experiences in my family too with family in spirit visiting family members. 

People are not always attuned to feel or see loved ones in spirit around them. When a family member in spirit is around you, you may feel like someone is watching you and you turn around and no one is there. , in other situations you may feel a tingling buzzing feeling around your body when spirit is present. Some people just get a spooky feeling and start to feel scared because they don’t understand what is happening. . Our loved ones don’t mean to frighten us, they are just wanting to say hello. 

Since we have access to digital media we can easily pick up spirit on camera. Ihave a photo of our late ginger kitty Garfield as a kitten with a spirit orb next to him in my lounge room. The room was brand new as I had my house extended weeks before we got Garfield. Orbs are the most common thing to see and especially near any electrical power lines. I have no idea why they are attracted to electricity apart from being bio-electric themselves. You will see photos on this blog of spirit orbs and on my Instagram page that I have taken at different times. 

It is a very exciting experience to see a spirit orb especially one that is moving and not ball lightning. Spirit orbs can be sparkly like crystal and some can be dark brownish, those orbs are negative energy beings  though and can be removed easily. 

15 December, 2022

Missing Flight MH 370: My view on this mystery (18 March 2014 post)



Just a reminder this is my original psychic impression of missing flight MH 370. I stand by this today and I will be proved correct one day. Perhaps not in my life time, but spirit gave me this information and I firmly believe this to be the truth. The pilot is an innocent man.

All the news papers articles are pure fabrication and blacken the name of an innocent man. 


Read the link in my post too. 

14 December, 2022

Wes Penre: Q and A #2 Session December 2022


Here you go, the last one for December 2022. Enjoy 😊 Just for the record I don’t agree with the Orion thing. I get a very bad vibe from them. Also ask yourself why Hollywood film companies  use Orion in their corporate logo! I smell a rat with the Orions. Humans should not take sides with other star races because they all have agendas, and they definitely don’t align with humanity’s best interests. 

12 December, 2022

Neil Oliver: it’s anti human, it’s evil and I think it’s heading your way


The term; “useless eaters” goes back to the 1970’s at least; there were other terms implying the same thing going back to the late 19th century and early 20th century. Eugenics were a late 19th century concept in modern history all over the world with intellectual and wealthy peoples; thinking it was socially acceptable right up to ww2. Many of them still held that belief. The Nazi's and communists took it a step further. You will find more state sanctioned deaths occurred in the USSR through out the communist regime from 1917 up to the 1950’s. Millions perished and Stalin was by far the worst killer yet none of this could have come about without the blessings of secret societies and the US government involvement. How quickly people overlook these facts. 

11 December, 2022

Tina Turner’s son Ronnie dead at 62, four years after brother’s death


How absolutely heartbreaking, Tina’s family seem to have so much heartache. Life is never what you think is going to be.Tina herself is in poor health also. No one expects to out live their children especially in such a tragic way. My heart goes out to the family at this time. 

07 December, 2022

BMJ: COVID-19 vaccine boosters for young adults: a risk benefit assessment and ethical analysis of mandate policies at universities


This is a PDF from the British Medical Journal (BMJ) Alarming to say the least on the dangers.

Are you willing to take the risk? 

Neil Oliver: …The great reset power grab…


Listen to this and read the comments!

Firstly people have collectively been in denial for over fifty years; not willing to know what was going on. Up until lockdown happened, and then only some are paying attention.  Also Karl Marx was a lazy good for nothing. His father sent him to England hoping to make something of him. Marx made friends with a fellow student who came from a wealthy family,  and milked him for everything he could and shamelessly living off the money of  his naïve friend. Marx was a total  parasite that thought he was entitled to do this.  Not just that he expected his friend to financially support his family. He was a grubby shifty little bastard, and a bloody Freemason too. That is why you see photos of Marx doing the hidden hand gesture. Yet people that look up to him conveniently ignore the real truth about him. 

He did have a University education, but was just lazy and manipulated others to his advantage. A piece of human garbage that despised humanity. Yet his toxic twisted ideology was acceptable to the powers that be and; they used his twisted philosophy to their advantage. And hence the international banking cabal adopted his philosophy including using Russia as a test ground for communism. You can find this information on the internet quite easily if you care to look. 

Of course this current situation and all the 20th and 21st century issues were created by capitalists and the elite, who else had the ability to do this for heaven’s sake? You ain’t seen nothing yet either but we are all about to see it up close and personal. Ever wondered why wars always work on a schedule? You have to give the fake enemy time to gear up their arms and prime the masses over a few years. It’s stage management pure and simple yet two world wars were not enough to get the masses to wake up to the reality of war is profitable and necessary to expand wealth. We the masses are only cannon fodder and expendable, we are used to fight the wars and to be sacrificed. Humanity is the enemy of the elite, we are not like them and are seen as an expendable commodity. 

Stakeholders as in stakeholders of our lives, who is allowed to live and who can be gotten rid of in a nut shell actually. What do you think is happening at present? Clearly very few people are paying attention to world events. I have been talking about this since I started doing readings yet no one wanted to listen to me, not even my family. My premonitions and predictions bear the facts of what I have tried to warn people of. Too late now, we are all in it up to our eyebrows now. There is no way out now there will be a war and there is still western corporate communism to live with from now on. The framework is already there, so just sit back and watch. 

Remember the saying, in order for evil to exist, good men do nothing? Yeah, this is it. Western people have been under mass brainwashing since the end of ww2 and the dripper system of control gradually ratcheting up the pressure ever so slightly. Universities have been used as breeding grounds for communism and indoctrination for decades as well as for intelligence gathering yet everyone lets that slide. People are willing to give up their human rights and allow abuse to happen right under their noses and will turn on  anyone that dares to speak up. That is classic communist behaviour that has been introduced carefully into every day life to an extent that people don’t even notice. How disturbing is that? 

As far as democracy goes the entire world has never had it in the first place nor will it ever, what you are getting is the illusion of a form of democracy. There is no such thing as free will either, we operate within a limited spectrum of reactions which are very slanted against humanity based on a negative spiritual perspective. This is part of Gnostic knowledge that the average person is denied and it is vital that the masses are kept in ignorance including spiritual ignorance for this dualistic reality to function effectively to keep us in darkness, otherwise this reality would disappear. Gnosticism is not even trustworthy either when you see the mixed messages conveyed. 

The occult Gnostic link to all of this is always conveniently ignored by everyone that brings up this subject. Because no one is trained to think of that. Society worldwide is controlled by the perception of realty and the priest class and an other layer of hidden hands above that. This planet is a negative dualistic reality that only certain people understand it’s functions. It is intrinsically linked to everything including politics, corporations, religions and everything that you can think of. Our own spiritual power is turned against us to keep us in this perpetual reality. Get a grasp on that and you are free and out of this low spiritual frequency and you can live in a higher frequency and knowledge away from this evil augmented reality that is actually spiritual death. 

At 5.46 what he is saying here is human beings have a psychological disease of the soul Wetiko or parasite. What Neil doesn’t know is there is also a spiritual parasite or disease of the soul within humanity. They are well known about in the spiritual community as archonic attachments; but dismissed in mainstream society. Very few humans are free of the parasite archons, even after physical death the entities are still there when a person returns to the spirit world and that is because most people have absolutely no idea that they exist. 

Also the spirits of the Nephilim are one possible cause of the disease of the soul according to some researchers in this subject. They are supposedly trapped in astral and can attach to humans without us being aware. However there is another theory, which is etheric implants that are supposedly done before a person incarnates. This is a theory put forward by Wes Penre. 

One thing that Neil may not have thought about when making this video is the DNA changes with the “gene therapy “ Pfizer vax is those people are legally and genetically not human as we know it, they are a chimera hybrid human technically. And who will own the DNA patent on us victims of this crime against humanity? Who owns us altered humans? That is something that should set off alarm bells right now. Remember the court case about patenting human DNA which was absolutely forbidden and thrown out of court in the USA? People need to smarten up and be better informed on this real fast. 


Read this from the Australian government. 

Hundred million-year-old fossil dug up in Queensland 'the Rosetta Stone of paleontology'


Chuck us a bone! I’ve seen a few old fossils in my time, usually at the shops 🤣🤣

What will 2023, the Year of the ‘Water’ Rabbit bring you, according to Chinese astrology?


Oh this is me, I was born in 63 😻🐰🐰🐰 turning the big 6 0 this year. 

06 December, 2022

Should I laugh out loud ?

This is from the 1980’s ⬆ 

Lol, my father in law accidentally switched off the treadmill when my mother in law was using it. 
She nearly face planted into the wall. You can bet your boots she was most upset with him after that. Hell hath no fury like someone when you switch off the treadmill 🤣🤣

Good thinking Smudge! He thought he was high giving her with a chair 🤣🤣


Home Schooling on the Rise in Australia, Parents Concerned About Content Schools Teach Children


Gee say it ain’t so! Education has been dumbed down since I left school. Bullying has increased to very dangerous levels that children have died or taken their own lives. Feminists dominate the public schools and boys are treated badly by the feminists and no one will stand up to these bullies that are causing emotional  and psychological trauma on young boys. 

Schools could always be a breeding ground for bullies from the start of public education world wide. However in the past the curriculum was much better and children were definitely more knowledgeable. My grand parents and parents generations' especially had a well rounded education and everyone had good writing skills with what today is called cursive writing.  Teachers were strict in the classroom and the children knew not to cross the line or there was a physical punishment. While it was not ideal to have physical punishment  as there were individuals that were unfit to be teaching because they were bullies themselves and took their delight in inflicting trauma on children also as many older people know from experience.

These days school has become a political indoctrination center with little real education, and  can be a very violent place for children being bullied and assaulted by other students and even teachers being assaulted. It can be so bad that some children are afraid to go to school and not every parent will stand up for the rights of their children. Public schools are also notorious for covering up abuse, however there are parents that successfully sue public schools for failing to protect their children. Clearly something has to be done to restore balance and common sense in the public education system or it will come crashing down.


Wes Penre: Q and A session 2022, 1 December


Apart from reading ALL of the Wes Penre Papers, read other books, because Jesus in the bible is definitely not the same as the real person. The Jesus in the bible is pure fabrication and manipulation by a  team of scholars over thousands of years editing, redacting and obfuscating historical facts. 

Jesus is referred to under multiple names in the bible and and was an actual king of Egyptian and Parthian/ Persian ancestry. His great grandmother was Cleopatra the 7th . 

I personally do not have all the answers, neither does Wes or anyone else that is seeking these vital answers. The answers must come from within when the seeker is in tune with themselves/higher self. I personally don’t accept the Orion concept it is just too naïve for my liking. The entire universe is not what we think it is, nor is it a hundred percent safe. 

 And as I have pointed out so many times, channeled information is not trustworthy because it comes from within the heavily controlled matrix. I am speaking from personal experience and am not fooled by an archonic entity that tells me it is a guide, a master guide etc. This is an entity with a huge ego and is nothing but an archon. Like most “beings “ that communicate via channeling; and there is absolutely no way that anyone cane prove that the entity is who they says they are.  The said entity knows exactly how to manipulate and control a human ego too. Humans are far to naïve to be dealing with these entities who have millions of years of technology, and knowledge at their finger tips.

I have seen and experienced this many times over the years, however those that intend to go down that path will bear the consequences in the end. This is a subject not to be taken lightly either, it is not cool or fun to channel, it can be dangerous and can cause mental health problems. Once you get a liking for channeling; you can draw in entities that are far more clever than you and that’s where the problems can start. The ego human is a weakness  when it comes to channeling so keep that in mind. 

02 December, 2022

US vs Europe: War Over Manufacturing


Hmm I remember the steel industry in Scotland wiped out by Thatcher. Many people never worked ever again. Including my relatives that worked in steelworks. Towns in Scotland were dead and depressed for years in the 70's and 80's. My family had to return to Australia to get work, my dad being an engineer.

So here we are again at the mercy of the rich and powerful, they decide who lives and who dies. This is gearing up for the war that they created for us to fight and lose our lives. These guys love a blood sacrifice of epic proportions. Read the comments as there are often very interesting observations. 

San Francisco Police Authorize Robots to Kill People!


WOW! Depersonalizing and kill without hesitation or remorse. If this becomes legal this will start a bad precedent.


Looks like it's legal, but for how long though? 

Wes Penre: Q and A Session 3 July 2024

  https://wespenrevideos.com/wp-content/uploads/2024/07/QA-Session-3-July-2024.pdf Q1: That‘s a Yeah, Nah with me. I don’t agree with the pe...