22 December, 2022

Tarot Card Of The Month: January 2023, 8 of Wands


Happy New Year everyone! Let's take our first look at the first card of the year. This card deals with the realm of thought. Manifesting from spirit or non physical into the physical or earth plane. This card speaks of urgent action and preventing disaster too. 

News from far away is what I feel as I pick up this card. Multiple serious issues are going on world wide. Also things are stepping up in Ukraine and Europe, there is a possibility of cross border fighting. This is not a good sign because things will escalate. Russia will have a taste of war on its soil. As I look at the card I see the war is controlled from afar (the US and the UK). Western leaders want to keep a physical as well as emotional distance from this horror. I also feel the war will shift to an air war with precision targets. 

The world needs to rethink the real purpose of this conflict very quickly because this will escalate shortly. Notice the gaps between the wands as they fall towards the earth. Suggesting rapid movement and quick intellect. There are multiple issues going on as I mentioned before and there is deliberate distraction to deflect the public attention. Different thoughts are taking place and as I look at the top four wands I notice that three of them are on the same trajectory, the fourth one to me symbolise France. France does not seem to be on the same wavelength as the other  three leaders. Even looking at all eight wands, one seems to be holding back and that to me says not in agreement with something. 

That odd wand feels financial as well as sticking to the game plan. Hesitant and unsure of what is happening. Again I feel this is France being cautious and doing only what is good for France and not the whole of Europe. I don't feel that France is fully committed to the agenda. 

A health crisis is in the news for January 2023 yet again. I feel people are growing skeptical with health warnings and will just tune out to the WHO. 

I see flooding and issues with water in January, be careful at the beach in Australia and in hot countries please.

All eyes are focused on Europe in January and not fully on China and the Asian Pacific region. One must ask though; which agenda is most important here? They both are, I see agreements being signed for both war and trade. I also feel there will be some more travel restrictions  being a possibility still due to health issues, industrial action and the weather. 

In Australian I feel there will be more pesky insects than usual such as blow flies and mosquitos after all the rain and then the heat. Which as we know is a perfect breeding ground for insects. So please take care around your house and garden and tip out any rain water in pot plants and places where water pools.; to prevent the larvae growing. 

I see a lot of green growth in Australia through January so keep an eye on vegetation. There is also business growth, ideas for making money, but one must act quickly to be successful, some people or businesses will make big gains.

Creative ideas and skills are indicated here for  bright new business concepts , if you feel confident then go for it. I also feel this is connected to intellectual property concepts and  law. Add Information Technology to this.

I see schools closing hours changing due to the weather, this may just be in the northern hemisphere due to a freezing cold winter and heavy snow falls. 

It's party mode in Australia, so keep an eye out for accidents involving alcohol and traffic, drink driving etc. Young people are being careless as they party and hit the beach like they do every summer but this year they seem a bit more arrests than usual  for bad behaviour mostly in NSW and Queensland, concentrated mostly in and around beach areas and city night spots including fighting in carparks.  There could also be parts of western Sydney and Melbourne suburbs attracting violent behaviour and police are needed to deescalate violence. 

I see flawed thinking in January so we must think carefully and choose our words carefully or regret it later. This warning is especially directed at world leaders and the media.  Foot in mouth syndrome!

January 2023 starts to show a bigger gap in the social divide between the rich and the poor, it did not have to be like this but this is a deliberate action to separate ordinary people from their money and their rights to a better quality lifestyle to keep the rich in the comfort that they feel they are entitled to.  This ties in to the prophecy that I spoke of going back to when I was a new mum and had a vision of the world going back to the poverty and suffering in the early 20th century with mass poverty, depression and war. This is us in it now. As I have said in other posts, things take time to manifest but everything goes within cycles in this world. This is not accidental either, this is created by the 1% or the ruling class how else do they amass such fortunes? 

Expect strikes to be a common occurrence around the world as people are fighting for a decent wage to feed their families. Their requests are not unreasonable. The suffering as I point out is created by the ruling class, they don't do poverty. 

The 8 of Wands warns us January is chock full of mind games and aggression, so pay attention to what is said in the media and be ware. Oil and energy are highlighted because of the severity of the winter and people are suffering needlessly in cold nations. This is corporate and government greed and power tripping at the root of this terrible suffering. Who will be held responsible for all of the people that freeze to death over winter? You need to have that conversation, because this is about keeping the masses under control and the elite hoarding money just like in Victorian times. As I said the rich and powerful do not do poverty and suffering, we the ordinary people are used to it through abuse of human rights and wealth deprivation. 


28/12/22 Russia has a taste of war on its soil. 

France, strikes over retirement age, January 23 January.


UK strikes bring country to a standstill.



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