17 December, 2022

Woman shares video of orb of light she believes is her husband


Wow, This is quite an experience,  but how heartbreaking for the woman to lose her  husband and have to raise the children by herself. Life is often very painful and unfair. Rest assured her husband will indeed watch over his family from the spirit world. People in spirit visiting loved ones is more common than people realise. Loved ones in spirit always visit us especially to watch over children. I saw my paternal great grandmother standing over my bed when I was about three years old, she died around 1935. I have posted things on my blog about psychic experiences in my family too with family in spirit visiting family members. 

People are not always attuned to feel or see loved ones in spirit around them. When a family member in spirit is around you, you may feel like someone is watching you and you turn around and no one is there. , in other situations you may feel a tingling buzzing feeling around your body when spirit is present. Some people just get a spooky feeling and start to feel scared because they don’t understand what is happening. . Our loved ones don’t mean to frighten us, they are just wanting to say hello. 

Since we have access to digital media we can easily pick up spirit on camera. Ihave a photo of our late ginger kitty Garfield as a kitten with a spirit orb next to him in my lounge room. The room was brand new as I had my house extended weeks before we got Garfield. Orbs are the most common thing to see and especially near any electrical power lines. I have no idea why they are attracted to electricity apart from being bio-electric themselves. You will see photos on this blog of spirit orbs and on my Instagram page that I have taken at different times. 

It is a very exciting experience to see a spirit orb especially one that is moving and not ball lightning. Spirit orbs can be sparkly like crystal and some can be dark brownish, those orbs are negative energy beings  though and can be removed easily. 

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