06 December, 2022

Home Schooling on the Rise in Australia, Parents Concerned About Content Schools Teach Children


Gee say it ain’t so! Education has been dumbed down since I left school. Bullying has increased to very dangerous levels that children have died or taken their own lives. Feminists dominate the public schools and boys are treated badly by the feminists and no one will stand up to these bullies that are causing emotional  and psychological trauma on young boys. 

Schools could always be a breeding ground for bullies from the start of public education world wide. However in the past the curriculum was much better and children were definitely more knowledgeable. My grand parents and parents generations' especially had a well rounded education and everyone had good writing skills with what today is called cursive writing.  Teachers were strict in the classroom and the children knew not to cross the line or there was a physical punishment. While it was not ideal to have physical punishment  as there were individuals that were unfit to be teaching because they were bullies themselves and took their delight in inflicting trauma on children also as many older people know from experience.

These days school has become a political indoctrination center with little real education, and  can be a very violent place for children being bullied and assaulted by other students and even teachers being assaulted. It can be so bad that some children are afraid to go to school and not every parent will stand up for the rights of their children. Public schools are also notorious for covering up abuse, however there are parents that successfully sue public schools for failing to protect their children. Clearly something has to be done to restore balance and common sense in the public education system or it will come crashing down.


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