27 December, 2022



I am informing everyone for the last time! People that have not paid at least 30 minutes before a reading will have their appointments canceled immediately.

Yet again a small percentage of people that don’t pay on time have thrown my schedule out. I will not waste my time trying to chase clients up to remind them of their appointment.

 It is the client’s responsibility to keep note of their appointments, not mine. It is the clients responsibility to pay in advance as I have often several clients lined up and ready to read for. These clients do not deserve to have their appointments disrupted due to other people selfishness. The attachments sent via email or by phone to every client now have this warning included in the service and fees notice as from today and effective immediately. 

Also I am not in good health as I have to keep telling people. My arms and hands are in terrible pain and unfortunately they won’t be getting better. 


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