06 December, 2022

Wes Penre: Q and A session 2022, 1 December


Apart from reading ALL of the Wes Penre Papers, read other books, because Jesus in the bible is definitely not the same as the real person. The Jesus in the bible is pure fabrication and manipulation by a  team of scholars over thousands of years editing, redacting and obfuscating historical facts. 

Jesus is referred to under multiple names in the bible and and was an actual king of Egyptian and Parthian/ Persian ancestry. His great grandmother was Cleopatra the 7th . 

I personally do not have all the answers, neither does Wes or anyone else that is seeking these vital answers. The answers must come from within when the seeker is in tune with themselves/higher self. I personally don’t accept the Orion concept it is just too naïve for my liking. The entire universe is not what we think it is, nor is it a hundred percent safe. 

 And as I have pointed out so many times, channeled information is not trustworthy because it comes from within the heavily controlled matrix. I am speaking from personal experience and am not fooled by an archonic entity that tells me it is a guide, a master guide etc. This is an entity with a huge ego and is nothing but an archon. Like most “beings “ that communicate via channeling; and there is absolutely no way that anyone cane prove that the entity is who they says they are.  The said entity knows exactly how to manipulate and control a human ego too. Humans are far to naïve to be dealing with these entities who have millions of years of technology, and knowledge at their finger tips.

I have seen and experienced this many times over the years, however those that intend to go down that path will bear the consequences in the end. This is a subject not to be taken lightly either, it is not cool or fun to channel, it can be dangerous and can cause mental health problems. Once you get a liking for channeling; you can draw in entities that are far more clever than you and that’s where the problems can start. The ego human is a weakness  when it comes to channeling so keep that in mind. 

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