01 December, 2022

Tarot card of the month: December 2022, 10 of Pentacles


Due to having problems with my hands, I have not been able to post Tarot card of the month.
 I have ongoing issues with carpal tunnel syndrome in both wrists, Reynauds syndrome in my fingers and trapped ulnar nerves in both elbows also and losing feeling in my hands is an ongoing problem which is getting worse. Sometimes my hands are clenched shut in my sleep and numb, so I literally have to pries them open as soon as I wake  up. Talk about all your Black Fridays coming at once, sheesh. Such is life , I just have to roll with it and just take it easy. 
But, I will do a short reading for the month, nothing flashy. So this post will be updated tomorrow some time. 

UPDATE: 2/12/2022

Abundance, Convention, Materialism, Affluence, Success and Abundance

OK, I am back with a short and sweet post, my hands are ok at present. As the end of the year draws to a close, this card tells me it is time to be thinking of family, like we should always! Our world is going through critical times right now and our priorities need to be examined.  While there is a feeling of abundance for some, it is the exact opposite for many. Take note of this because financial difficulties will be around for a while and people need to use common sense when spending money. This is hard for some people to do but they had better smarten up and learn the meaning of economize fast.  
This card is also ruled by the number 10. That is one with the power of the Universe, which is a great number and especially for a door number. Ten is for material gains, power and energy basically.
The card is also about spiritual power which to me is quite important. And this reminds me of how we affect each other. Heed that warning about affecting other people.

What I do see in December is a transfer of power, wealth  and spiritual authority being carried out. Now while some look at the spiritual meaning of Christmas, others are looking at more important events which will reshape the world in ways and in powers that many of us just can't imagine. Because they are not trained to look for the signs, symbols and rituals being carried out under their noses.
This new age or new world order  if you want to call it that is taking shape. The legal framework and power transfers are being done.

I do feel Egypt was chosen for the COP27 for a reason, with regards to esoteric and religious significance dating back to the first century AD. A particular royal  bloodline moved to Great Britain from ancient Egypt and the new British king Charles plays a part in uniting the two worlds. 

This also ties in with the climate issue to bring in laws to share the debt. However this is an illusion because it is taking from the hard working and naïve western nations tax payers; to give to some countries where the rich will profit and give nothing to the people. These rich individuals live at the expense of the poor Now they are free to plunder the west , so don't expect that money to go to where it is said to be going. It is a permanent cash cow as intended by the elite.
as I look at the card I notice how the  pentacles sit, 3 to the right hand side, 4 in the middle and 3 on the left hand side. my observations tells me that the middle man takes the biggest cut for himself. That being the climate industry officials paying themselves from western tax payers funds. 
I do feel this will bring conflict because many people see what is taking place and are clearly not happy.

These people are being ignored and treated as a nuisance by the powers that be and the media who are under the direct control of the "powers that be'. So it remains to be seen at this point if this will be  successful and permanent for a long time. The UK and the US set the trend on the world stage currently, but this is a different type of rule we are seeing take shape, which includes corporate control.Not by presidents or prime ministers, but a conglomerate of leaders and powerful people reshaping the world around us. 
I do feel that this will take about two years to put up the framework for the entire world to see and then respond to.
Power sharing is not the idea and never was. This is a new type of dictatorship unfolding, but who is the top man? 
I see snow falling in December in the UK, this will be a bleak winter and Christmas for many unfortunately. It is wise to keep sensible with money and Celebrate in a more simple way with loved ones. After all Christmas is just one day so don't make it stressful. A meal or just a cup of tea and a bit of cake with loved ones is fine. It is the companionship and love that matters. This card tells us that focus will be on family as well as keeping warm through winter. Establishing permanence, hope and success with those that matter to us.

Please keep an eye on the elderly and the lonely over this season and over the winter months. Some people may not tell you they are in financial distress because they feel ashamed to tell anyone. So please be thoughtful and live from your heart. Just help in what ever way you can, even if it is by showing others that you are there and listening to them.

Be safe and take care . Think of the animals that are suffering also and perhaps you may be able to assist them in some way too.

Peace and blessings to everyone where ever you live in the world
Go in peace and in love.   

UPDATE: Snow in December 

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