20 December, 2022

Neil Oliver: Winter deaths. Neighbourhood lockdowns. Canada offering death to disabled people


Just what does it take for the masses to waken up? People just don’t want to know the truth. This is deliberate wilful ignorance of people just being indifferent to the suffering of millions including loved ones. I just don’t understand how people can be so indifferent. They are living a lie with climate change and all the suffering that it causes yet are happy to give up not only their human rights but sacrificing others including children, the elderly and disabled it’s eugenics 101. Humanity has hit rock bottom and has lost its way spiritually and morally. Many can no long think logically, but will see what their corporate and mainstream media handlers tell them as the truth. If they can believe the garbage spouted during elections to vote for a dishonest politician; then they are incapable of thinking logically when they are being controlled by psychopaths pushing death in their faces. Get used to it because this is your own making by not standing up to evil and greed a simple NO, is all it takes without any violence; just the masses saying firmly; no thanks, this is not in our best interests. How hard can it be in a supposedly free western world? 

Humanity not only has a price on its head it has a use by date that is about to expire because corporations have colluded with governments and the masses don’t seem to care. The masses have been hoodwinked with the Ukrainian war and believe everything that the media tells them forgetting every war has a propaganda machine. 

What if your country was being targeted for a take over by western business corporations, the WEF/UN and certain governments of the world and NGO’s? Backed into a corner and destroyed? A US puppet installed to destroy your country just like in Iraq or Ukraine and then hand picked corporations move in and get lucrative contracts to rebuild the country and bleed your country dry of its own money and assets. Central bankers dictate everything just like all the wars of the 20th century to date. 

Yes, I am against the invasion of Ukraine and I am also against what the west has done to Russia, they set up this proxy war in the first place. Ordinary people are the victims and collateral so the elite can rule and take from others anything they want, including human lives. They deem our lives worthless. 

But here is the kicker, your bank account will soon be controlled permanently from here on in. The elite decide when you can access your own money. When were they given that right and by whom? Did they ask your consent? With the shift to digital currency coming; they decide when you can eat and feed your family, so don’t forget that. This is all over the internet and has already happened to journalists in the US and Canada for speaking out. The politicians that you elect have to agree for this to happen and many of them are not the sharpest tools in the toolbox. Some however have been alert and are speaking out, but they are very few. 

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