09 November, 2022

Neuroscientist Explores How Dreams Could Predict Terror Attacks, Future Events: ‘Mental Time Travel’


When we go to sleep we actually leave our bodies and are into astral, but we are still attached to the physical body by what is called the silver cord, an etheric umbilical cord which will only detach at physical death. In astral time don’t exist, linear time is only an illusion of the physical world. Time is not a fixed thing either because there are also different realities or dimensions and they can bleed through into other realities, some scientists believe that dimensions can merge. So it can be very difficult to get 100%  accuracy as there are so many variables. Extra neutral sensing or remote viewing is not always accurate either for this reason, but it can be very close, so don’t dismiss it entirely use it as a guideline just the same as a psychic prediction. 

Some of my dreams have been predictions starting at the age of 15 and are mentioned in my blog. Some of which were the death of the Shah of Iran, a car accident involving a relative overseas, mail being delivered    and there was no way that I could know before hand what the package looked like and my  gran’s dog hurting his paw. Then a family member’s death was revealed to me in a dream. 

I keep a big journal on psychic dreams and I post blogs on some of these dreams. Also when waking up from such dreams, one is still attached to astral and the dream can also keep playing in one’s mind when awake. Not all of the time but from time to time it does happen. The most important information in a precognitive dream is right before we awaken in the morning. There are times though when it is the middle of the night and we awaken suddenly from such a dream just like when we have a nightmare. Nightmares are actually when we go into lowered astral realms in our sleep. 

If one experiences nightmares often it might be worth your while gold lighting yourself prior to going to sleep each night. The instructions on how to gold light yourself are on this blog under psychic protection. Remember it’s the intention makes this work as well as makes it powerful in preventing psychic attacks. This world is thought reactive just like being in astral. 

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