21 June, 2024

Tarot Card of the Month: July 2024, Ace of Pentacles



                         Planets: Capricorn, Taurus and Virgo  Element: Earth

July is an interesting month with the world going through a series of different transformations . THis card shows a very grounding month and of course the card is represented by the element of earth. New ideas and opportunities are indicated for July. The expression grabbing the ball and running with it comes to mind as I study the card. This covers world events as well and world leaders   grabbing opportunities and running with it.

Luck is a big factor here politically especially with the elections in some countries like the UK and France. We know it's goodbye to Sunak in the UK but I feel the Macron of France will get back in by the skin of his teeth with a reduced amount of seats in parliament. People are afraid of any possibility of far right politicians and won't risk their vote. 

Africa goes from bad to worse with conflict and hunger, which is a terrible human tragedy that never ends. Businesses have big opportunities in July as there will be new business agreements, profits will be made and a lot of luck  is guaranteed. 

I hear the word, tomatoes and I feel they will skyrocket in July.Not a good sign for people trying to eat healthy. The ace in the middle of the card tells me two things, one there is a lot of money around this month and two it's will be a scorcher in parts of Europe still and other countries such as the US, parts of Asia and then the weather will turn late August. 

There are plenty of opportunities in July fore making money, and employment. The Houthis' and other like minded  individuals will be stepping up their action, they seem well armed and mean business. The west need to act on this a bit faster and they need to arm up a bit more to keep on top of the situation.I feel they do not use enough hardwear so to speak to stop the attacks. Yes there will be an escalation as it is a long drawn out conflict. The Houthis' are very determined and are well supplied. 

I am drawn to the mountains in the card in side the arched hedge, which signifies a long road ahead with conflicts globally and also the financial situation connected to this ongoing conflict. However the archwaya also alludes to good things for those that are prepared to stretch out for higher success in their careers and securing their future. 

There is more movement of people indicated and some of this is to do with finding employment including students joining the workforce after completing their studies. Mainly in the northern hemisphere and a slight boost to the employment figures. 

I also see young muslim women in this completion of studies and entering the workforce in areas such as academic fields including  medicine and public service and public relations. Expect trade start ups and offering new futures for some lucky young people. As you can see July is a month of opportunities. So grab them as soon as they pop up. 

Please be very mindful of scams and bogus job offers that seem too good to be true. What is offered is not what it seems, so please read the fine print as they say. I get a strong feeling of sleight of hand tactics targeting vulnerable people such as refugees being tricked into things where they are being exploited. So please do a background check before making a decision with a job offer or money scams.

People are also seeking peace during these uncertain times and need to feel safe and grounded in their lives. 

Sadly Gaza is not going to slow down anytime soon. I see the red cross and the red crescent wringing their hands in despair. Food and medicine are being diverted by crooks again. 

There is also a big divide between people in the west  versus people in the east. It's a very sad situation where people that have done nothing wrong yet are put through suffering in different countries. 

Please look after your families and loved ones and lets pray for a peaceful solution that is workable for everyone fairly.

Blessings, and warm and fuzzy hugs people. Have a wonderful weekend.


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