28 June, 2024

Apple’s strict iPhone rule when you die and the feature you must know


This is something that we all need to think about, and backing everything up in an external hard drive is a must. What happens if you get hacked or your phone stolen? There is a lot of phone hacking around, so keep that in mind too.

I am glad that my dad wasn’t into modern phones or computers, we had plenty of photos to use at his funeral at Christmas time last year, but this man was not much older than me. I make sure that my family can access my phone and devices in case something happens to me, not death, but ill health or any random situation. People die at all different ages and it is important to keep family informed on how to get into your phone and devices if they have to. Not just that you should have a will made if you are an adult, thousands of people die every year intestate (without a will). As soon as my first child was born I had my will made, I don’t take risks of any sort. Plan ahead and plan wisely.

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