11 June, 2024

The Goddess Nike on your hot cross buns and clothing


Think of the sports brand Nike when you see that famous tick that we use to mark something as correct, mythology and symbology are very much  strong influences in our world and always will play a role as do the colours used in symbolism and advertising.  Having a powerful effect on our psyche with its own form of branding,  as does religion and astrology influence us on often subtle hidden ways. Nike was the goddess of victory in Greek Mythology . The Nike tick is symbolic of the wings of Nike as in swift victory. She represents victory in music, athletics and military competitions. So this is suggesting a bit of competition for the old Hot Cross Bun in the news article below.  


Basically it's just swapping one myth for another in this news article. The change over from the age of Aries to the age of Pisces symbolically known as a Fish for Christianity, and the cross also represents the earth if you have a circle around it. The cross also represents the four cardinal points; but it also represents spirit becoming physical in mass and matter  metaphysically. As in when a human being comes into being in our world.  The Lamb of Christ /Ram is Aries, the lords are the zodiac houses and the procession of the zodiac which runs anti clockwise in approximately 2000 year cycles. If you go back before the age of the Ram/Lamb it was the worshiping of the Bull as in Taurus.  

We are now leaving the age of Pisces (the 12th house  ruled by Neptune and the sign of Pisces). The 12 house which rules, spirituality, psychic abilities, illusion, deception, seclusion or what is hidden. healing, the subconscious mind, hidden enemies and hidden agendas. It is the last of three houses of endings and is ruled by the element of water. 

The ruling planet Neptune governs All maritime matters, liquids of all kinds, music, movies, the stage, television, glamour, dreams, illusion, delusions, spirituality, ideals, mystical and mysterious, hunches, all things that we take for granted in life without questioning, Neptune also governs fog (water which  comes in three forms, liquid, vapour and ice. Then there is anaesthetics, flattery, the intangible, fragrances, second sight, the love of poetry, colour, and dancing/movement. Drugs, alcohol, addiction, hypochondria, sleep walking, hypnosis, the immaterial and abnormalities. Neptune’s actions are subtle, gradual and sometimes insidious. It is the higher octave of Venus, and the second of the three transcendental planets.

Where you find Neptune is where you deceive yourself and others, it is also where you seek the ideal.

Note: this information comes from the book, The only way to learn astrology (vol 1) by Joan McEvers and Marion March. 

We then move into the age of Aquarius, which is a contested area because most people either don’t agree or actually know when the age of Aquarius actually starts. According to some scholars the new age begins around the 2050’s or else much later in 2100’s.  Studying Astrology, which pointed to it being underway since the 20th century and covers 2100AD to 2800 AD. That's quite a tricky thing but in reading the article it may be something to take into consideration. Nobody can fully predict the  beginning and ending of the age of Aquarius, however the energy can be felt in subtle ways with human behaviour.  

The 11th house of the zodiac is ruled by the cardinal sign of Aquarius and the planet Uranus. Breaking this into what it governs is as follows. The 11th house itself governs, the love you receive from others, goals, hopes and dreams, circumstances beyond your control, friends. Money obtained via your occupation, 

The glyph for Aquarius is two wavy lines like water waves or electrical waves. Aquarius rules science, technology, inventions, it’s humanitarian, progressive, logical and futuristic. It is egotistical and utopian, bohemian  eccentric, intellectual, humanitarian. 

Uranus its ruling planet represents the freedom urge also known as the great discontent. and its key word is the awakener. Uranus rules, inventions, originality, science, magic, the occult, light, law, astrology, psychology, insight into nature's laws, sudden change, revolution, dictators, individualism, ingenuity, rebellion and autonomy. Uranus is a breaker of tradition, its gender neutral and sexless.

Uranus is also renowned for its connection to earthquakes and natural disasters.

Where you find Uranus is where you tend to do the unusual. So this as we can see will usher in a totally different world from what we know. We are already in a totally different world to our grandparents and great-grandparents. So that little tick is a nod that things will change whether people like it or not. Testing the public reaction like an experiment to see the reaction. 

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