25 October, 2022

Tarot card of the month: November 2022, Ace of Pentacles


                                                        Planet:   Satu             Zodiac:  Taurus , Virgo, Capricorn          

                                                        Element:  Earth          Cardinal point of direction: East

                                                        Gender: Female   Realm: Home   Season: Spring

Lets start with the symbols, the background is grey which is a neutral colour but it is also a spiritual colour. Mixing black and white combined with light or spiritual wisdom.  The hand of fate pushes through the cloud making an offer. That cloud represents a barrier between the spirit world and the physical or temporal world. It shields the unseen world from view like a deliberate barrier.

The hand is also illuminated as we can see the rays emanating from the hand. As we see the hand is holding a pentacle, and pentacles represent both money and spirit. The pentacle is a representation of Vitruvian man. Clearly something is being offered to us collectively. What is it? Is it good for us?

It looks like a golden opportunity for someone. Aces are the start of something new  generally they are positive.  

Now as we look at the foreground we see  white lilies. White symbolises purity, especially spiritual purity. Lilies also are connected to the ancient biblical past and the cult of Isis. Next there are red roses which also allude to both of these. Red represents the souls desire in the card too as spiritual beings we as human beings; seek to attain higher spiritual attainment. The red and white also represent the royal ancient houses of upper and lower Egypt as well as the cult of Isis, because both are connected and also connected not just to the biblical history but modern times as well. We cannot escape the historical past even if we tried. It is an intrinsic link to the modern world. Hence the reason the tarot is heavily influenced by these symbols.

Notice the golden sunlight popping up along the hedgerow too, signifying the new dawning of something. We are at the dawn of a new era globally, not one that I relish either. Notice the hedge is longer on one side than the other. This may look out of balance but there is wisdom in this. It co-relates to the position that the hand is in and the sunlight emerging. Which I will explain in a minute. 

An object in the middle of a card signifies front and center. We are to pay attention to it for a reason, hence its deliberate placement. It represents joining or separating. as we see the hand is facing the right hand side. which is east. The sun rises in the east and sets in the west, so it is a circular event . The right is aggressive, active energy, out going or giving, it relates to the future and future events. It is called Dexter due to it following the path of the sun. 

So as we can see this is an interesting card for November on the world stage. On an esoteric level this card also signifies a physical manifestation or transition. Bringing from the realm of the mind into the world of mass and matter or if you like manifesting in the physical form. 

This card not only signifies new beginnings, something is being presented here to the world. This can be financial inducement for business, tax cuts and of course prosperity.  But to whom does it benefit really?  Money matters will dominate  the month of November, so please be very careful  this month with your money. Do not spend unless you need to and plan carefully your expenditure. I see more going out than coming in, but we all are aware of the current financial crisis. 

There are also major new beginnings indicated here as Aces are always the beginning of something. Workwise I see new business ventures, mergers and business empire building. There may be name changes with the business mergers and brand names. I get the feeling of a generational change taking place connected with business and money. Universities are in the news with expansion, new positions or posts. A big push globally for more students in key areas is also indicated, such as medical students, science and research. I also feel a church and state connection to this. Meaning the Vatican is involved. November is also a month of breakthroughs of all sorts of things, this also relates to Ukraine in some way.

That is all that I have for TCOM for November peeps, so play nice and be good to each other and stay safe. Warm and fuzzy hugs and blessings.


Acknowledgements to Mary Greer for some of the esoteric information from her amazing book 21 ways to read a tarot card. Such a gem of a book.  

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