20 October, 2022

Boy who ‘proved’ he was reincarnation of dead woman named Pam leaves internet spooked


While this is an amazing story, he is not the only child that can recall a past life. Many children do have recall like this, but forget when they are older. There have been tv shows made about this subject, not to mention there is not one soul that has not reincarnated on this earth.  The child has not been on the earth that long and for some reason still has strong traumatic memories from his past life and it can possibly have an effect on who he is today and what he experiences in his current life. Parents need to to take this seriously a child this age can’t make this up. Not just this but many children see and hear spirit beings because they are still tuned in to the spirit world.  In my family there have been many of us having psychic experiences from early childhood and it has always been taken as normal. Celtic people tend to have  strong psychic impressions from early childhood. 

The cause of death affects the next incarnation, such as health problems or fears and phobias that don’t make sense such as fear of water, if the person had drowned in their past life.this can also cause lung problems in the next life. 

I know that I was a soldier in WW, I was killed in action and lost both of my legs. I know that I had light brown hair and blue- grey eyes. I was between the age of 30 to 35. In this life I have always had bad circulation in both my legs and have Reynauds syndrome in my toes and fingers. I am extremely sensitive to anything to to with WW1 and war in general. This is commented on in my blog with my experience at the Australian War Memorial in Canberra and other posts.

 I also had a fear of gas up until I was in my mid 20’s. As a small child at the dentist  I would have a massive panic attack when the dentist tried to give me gas. Before that, I once tried on a snorkel mask my uncle had, which induced a panic and the smell that rubber gave off back in the 60’s was a sickening smell. I honestly can’t say if that was at all related to my past life but the feeling of my face being enclosed in the snorkelling mask for a few seconds and later my experience at the dentist induced a terrible fear. The dentist was a really nice man and all our family went to him for years. I do recall that I almost  suffocating myself as  a very small child, around the age of three. This was a tantrum because I didn’t want to stay in bed early one morning and I hid under my covers for ages. My mum had to do mouth to mouth on me to revive me.  This was not long after seeing one of my  paternal great grandmothers in spirit at my bedside. 

Life is not what the average person thinks it is. There are many people that experience spiritual interaction, sometimes without even realising until later. There is only a very narrow frequency between this world and the next. The same with all dimensions because everything works on a frequency.

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