16 July, 2022

The extreme heat of 1666


Tonight I decided to look up the weather patterns from 1666 as I was well aware of it being a very hot summer that year. Please read this 2019 article and then go through the comments. Notice the one regarding Samuel Pepys Diary. I actually have this book, I must read it again along with the book by Neil Hanson, The dreadful judgment, the great fire of London in 1666. They are fascinating books to read and learn what was going on at the time. 

As I often say, weather goes in cycles throughout the entire universe and the public have deliberately been fed lies, but hey if people are that stupid to believe this garbage spouted by greenies and Al Gore and the criminal elite then they deserve the crap lives that are being dictated to them. Don’t expect the rich and powerful to live in the same restrictive environment that the masses will be subjected to. 

Just as food for thought, why are we seeing cities lit up with multiple fancy lights and colour shows of solidarity when an event happens? Lighting up the Sydney harbour bridge is a common sight as is the Sydney opera house. Or in Canberra, public buildings such as Telstra tower or the Carillion  being lit up. 

These things continue to be done year after year and no one points out the waste of electricity never mind the dumb virtue signalling to the masses. The latest being for Ukraine. Think about it people, science is right there to prove the hoax but scientists are too gutless to stand up and call out the lies. 

We are just going through a normal universal weather cycle and by the time the facts are actually publicly acknowledged, those guilty of this crime will be long dead. Don’t expect any justice or compensation for the wealth theft from everyone that had to pay to keep these criminals in the wealth they think they are entitled to.

 I would love all the names of every single person that benefits from this money grab published and them all changed with theft, fraud and environmental terrorism. Their families should be taken to world court and the money garnisheed  from their assets plus interest and compensation to the families of those alive at the time of these crimes. If it can be done to war criminals and any other criminals then it can be done to everyone involved with this, no matter what level of involvement they had in this crime.

Now they are coming after our right to use electricity and water which we actually pay to use. Are we supposed to just accept this abuse? Your call folks, I do not consent to this crime and violation of my human rights. Just be prepared to sacrifice your human rights and the loss of your right to wash yourself every day, wash your clothes and clean your house hygienically and the right to cook, heat, cool and use lights to see and also to prevent your home being burgled because the lights are off. What about needing power to charge your laptop, phone or medical equipment? The list is endless. But if you are not seriously rich then your voice will not be heard unless you take a stand against tyranny and abuse. Your call!

https://premium.weatherweb.net/weather-in-history-1650-to-1699-ad/  Weather in history 

https://premium.weatherweb.net/weather-in-history-1700-to-1749-ad/ read the notes for each entry.


https://premium.weatherweb.net/weather-in-history-1800-to-1849-ad/  1800 to 1849

https://premium.weatherweb.net/weather-in-history-1850-to-1899-ad/ up to 1899.

https://premium.weatherweb.net/weather-in-history-1900-to-1949-ad/ 1900 up to 1949

Read the weather for January 1946/47, my dad often spoke of this winter, my dad was 11 years old then.


https://premium.weatherweb.net/weather-in-history-1975-to-1999-ad/  up to 1999.

Just some examples of the weather over a few hundred years, which is a grain of sand in the big scheme of things in the universe. As I have also mentioned in an older post apart from scientists taking core samples from the earth at random places on the planet, an astrological ephemeris can also give accurate information on the cycles of the weather. 

Today’s meteorology is politicised, this is bang out of line and totally unacceptable. 

Now read this from today’s news, or the garbage they pass off as news.


Telstra offers apology to family of Victorian who died during triple zero outage

https://www.9news.com.au/national/triple-zero-outage-leads-to-chaos-in-victoria/e5c64336-082c-4bfd-8882-be337fb1ad44   Christ, this is horri...