31 July, 2022

Record numbers of pet dogs being given up in Victoria as fewer owners adopt


This just sickens me reading this. Man’s best friend dumped because it’s all too hard for some people. Lockdown pets, all fine and dandy until they are no longer useful. Pets are a life long responsibility, you fail as a human being, if you just dump the pets as soon as they’re no longer convenient. This is a form of animal abuse as far as I am concerned. These people should never be allowed to have pets in the future if this is what they do. Most of these dogs will be destroyed because of these selfish people, I can’t bring my self to call them humans. 

These dogs don’t understand why humans took them into their homes when lockdown happened and then suddenly dump them when lockdown is over. To be brutally honest, I expected this to happen sooner knowing the nature of some people. This  is an absolutely callous act. It just reinforces my disgust in humanity, because just underneath the surface in some areas of  humanity lies a dark base and uncaring mindset  that can just reject a beautiful and innocent sentient being that offers pure unconditional love. 

Having fur babies as I prefer to call pets, is a privilege not a right. If you can’t commit  to years of caring for a fur baby then don’t buy one. The amount of animals that are destroyed each year is a disgrace and humanity has a lot to answer to given that we are supposedly the carers and custodians of this earth. 

I am utterly disgusted and highly offended

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