29 July, 2022

JP reacts to Tucker Carlson’s epic breakdown of the Green new deal


Listen to this video right through, this should be listed to on YouTube because then you can read the comments. Yes there may be some dumb ones, but look for the intelligent ones and take it onboard.

They live amongst us 😆 “The world  will be gone in 12 years if we don’t address climate change”. What ever she is on cut the dosage. She talks like a child and then goes into a rabid rant like a child. Hardly an articulate or mature adult. Notice how she bangs her fist as she speaks, that is her trying to take control and insisting that she is listened to and obeyed. Programming for idiots 101.

Time these individuals were deplatformed because they are a danger to society world wide. This is anti humanity and like most things that greens come out with is absolute rubbish, but not just that it is dangerous. This is what is pumped into the minds of vulnerable young people at university and they have no real world experience, they were never taught the real facts. Leftists control all universities and the narrative which creates a flow on effect that we are being forced to accept as truth. We are talking paid goons to push an anti humanity agenda by very rich sociopaths, hell bent on destruction while making millions of dollars at our expense, and no one is going to stop them. 

How did it get to this? When world politicians are bending over backwards to please these idiots? There must be a threat made to them if they don’t comply with the agenda. Oh yes,  the destruction of their nation’s economy, but they are going to do that either way. 😳 Sounds similar to the way communism was pushed in the early 20th century by the very same cabal. (Think of the Russian revolution designed in the good old US of A).

The public are not bound by this unless they are seriously stupid and naïve. How dare a bank or even the UN, the WHO, WEF, or any NGO dictate to anyone let alone a sovereign country, they are not a government, they have no actual legal authority over foreign governments and their people. So tell me where is the outrage from the general public world wide? Your country could be next, it’s only a matter of when. 

None of these lefty green bastards will admit that they are wrong either, so it is wilful abuse and tyranny over the world. If that doesn’t scream out human rights abuse and planned genocide then I don’t know what does. Oh and by the way the definition of human rights is currently being redefined along with war crimes definition. How are you liking that one?  

Keep in mind all the farmers that have been paid not to grow crops and get rid of cattle, sheep and pigs in the US, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, the UK and now spreading through Europe.This is orchestrated and the so called food shortages that are getting blamed on the war in Ukraine and covid. 

NO! This was pre planned long before covid and the war in Ukraine so don’t be so naïve. Behind the scenes are the priest class, very high ranking Freemasons, including the royals of Britain , the Vatican and other secret societies all involved in this. Things like this are well orchestrated over many years. 

The Northern hemisphere we are being told will experience power cuts and rationed gas this coming winter as we are seeing in the media. Yet they put all of the blame on Russia. Sure the Russian government are dodgy and commit crimes but so does the US. The thought of freezing to death and starvation in the Northern hemisphere is terrifying, while in the Southern Hemisphere we will have high temperatures, as usual in summer, will there be  power outages and food shortages?

We are all being groomed to have a massive drop in living standards and not one politician will put their neck out to stop this. Oh, and keep in mind while this plays out there is war on the horizon again it’s orchestrated by your secret societies, the Vatican, bankers, governments, especially the US government because they control much in the world, however it’s actually a screen to hide the real evil that drives this monstrosity; the base of which is the city of London incorporated.

The mention of Trump here is interesting, remember he is a 33rd degree Scottish Rites Freemason just like George W Bush, also and there are two main factions fighting each other for power. We are just collateral to them, our lives only matter when we are needed as cannon fodder for their wars. 
One thing that we do need to know is, who is the puppet master behind Schwab? He will have someone behind him to have such power, they all do. 

So will we have a new Nuremberg trial when “Amerika” is down on its knees  like other sovereign countries that they have destroyed? Do you have 30 years of life left in you to see what the world will be like after this? The real question is will you be permitted to live? That is what it comes down to.

You had better get used to this because they won’t be stopping until the desired results are achieved.
The Georgia guide stones by the way were partially blown up on July 6, 2022, but not completely destroyed. They were then removed from the site. The stones informed us of a proposed world population cull to keep the population under 500,000, 000. Someone is playing god and dictating to the masses not just that there is a metaphysical component to the GGS and that has the hall mark of a secret society.
This is no stupid conspiracy theory either, why is there no public proof of who is actually behind the Georgia guide stones either ? Just read the news and you can see it for yourself. Just keep this in mind when you have power outages, no food, no fuel to get to work, no ability to travel independently.

The voting habits in the US affect the whole world whether one is aware of this or not. That being due to the power they have in the world, but I’ve got to admit I would rather them than China or Russia being the top dog. Even though US government has a long history of destabilising other countries on a whim for over a hundred years and the world just accepts this. But again so does Russia and China so it’s just the scary reality we live with. 
It’s the ordinary people that matter regardless of where we live in the world and our voices matter. We are loving and caring individuals, we are horrified at the very thought of hunger, and famine, we are horrified at any suffering of innocent people. The natural response of a decent human being is the desire to help people in need. So this agenda is the total opposite of what it means to be human. Pushing the climate change narrative is causing mass poverty, suffering and death. That is so against the ethics of humanity. 
Those that aided and abetted this climate change garbage are just as guilty of crimes against humanity as those that indoctrinated them in the first place and will shoulder the blame collectively. 

As I have said in various blog posts and psychic predictions. We are heading into the modern equivalent of the great depression. It started before covid hit. But the mainstream media keeps under reporting this. I have blog post’s showing the media saying we are in a recession, but in truth it is shaping up to be a depression. 

One thing that I do notice in JP’s video is the use of Red and Blue, symbols of Freemasons and politics right and left. Then at least twice he flashed the Baphomet hand signals, of which there are a few versions. That is a satanic hand sign and it is thousands of years old. Yes you will see it heavy metal music, you will see it being used in sign language thanks to Helen Keller but did you know that her family were deeply entrenched in the occult, and that was a subtle sign of their power and influence. Mainstream media down play this, they say it is the sign for I love you. Bullshit! It is satanic and always has been, the masses are just spiritually unaware.

There is no way people in the media don’t know this at high levels because many of them are Freemasons. 
Why else do your news channels use symbology stating the fact? They know that the uninitiated have no idea and it means nothing to them, so it is ignored by the masses. After all many are only interested in sport and unreality TV. 

For those that are unaware the world leaders and their puppet masters speak what we call the Hegelian  dialect, which basically is reverse speak. So when they say something, they actually mean the exact opposite. 

JP feels uncomfortable about what his country is doing to the world, but this is not his fault and there will be many people who feel the same way. This is not the fault of ordinary people though, no the have just been gullible and naïve. But corporations, banks and the US governments are responsible for overthrowing other sovereign  nations and leaving millions of people dead, disabled, homeless or refugees pushed from one refugee camp to another for many years. Yes things will come home to ROOST, just like my predictions for 2022 have said, so be it!

The land of greed destroys other cultures and replacing them with profanity and mass poverty. Don’t ignore the facts, they speak for themselves and plenty people around the world are holding evidence to prove this. What is shocking is the innocent people of any country that are the unfortunate victims of what is coming home to roost.
Recent recession articles in the mainstream news. 


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