21 July, 2022

Europe heatwave: Britain hotter than 99pc of the Earth’s surface


Bloody alarmist’s. For a start the extreme heat is down the south of England. Scotland is not getting 40 or 38 degrees. It can get up to 30 degrees in Ayrshire which is a costal area. But we never get that hot because we are closer to the arctic. The north of England is not as hot as the south either. It’s summer over there and yes, it can get into the low 30’s occasionally. That’s normal and it doesn’t happen very often. 

Ireland, again doesn’t get that hot, most places get into the 20’s perhaps in the odd area the low 30’s .  But that is rare, I have friends over there telling me the temperature some places are cool and rainy too. But the media jump on the bandwagon like it’s the apocalypse. Wales and the south of England always have warmer temperatures due to their latitude and back in 1976 southern England had droughts and were water rationing. That happens down there from time to time. In a few days it will cool down again. Get over it.

Back in 2020 the first week in January, Canberra got up to 41 degrees and we were in the middle of a serious bush fire through December to January as well. Up in Penrith in western Sydney it was 47 degrees that day, a friend of mine lived there at the time and  the very next day the temperature dropped. Yes it was a hot summer but we got over it. The next summer was cooler and the one after that, we had rain through the summer and winter. Last summer was not that hot either and we had rain, this winter has been damp and rainy too.

Lol, schools closed, er it’s the summer holidays over in the UK. Schools in Scotland go back around the end of July and English schools go back in end of August or the start of September, they are always different to the Scottish schools. The sad drowning of a young man in Scotland has nothing to do with the weather nor the drownings in England. These terrible tragedies happen in water occasionally no matter where one lives. 

I am utterly disgusted and highly offended

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