17 July, 2022

Mould-related illness research possible 'game changer' for people afflicted by unseen menace


This year has been the worst for black mould in Australia. Keep a regular check in bathroom, laundry and bedrooms for mould. Windowsills and all around and inside the window frames too. Even the glass can have mould on it. Do a regular deep clean in the window track too because stuff builds up in there too.

Use micro an paint in all wet areas of the house too, including the ceilings. Take a damp cloth around windows every morning to get rid of condensation as well. Ventilation in all wet areas in a must and clear ceiling fans and air extractors. Then if you have floorboards watch out for powdery mildew and use whit vinegar in warm water to clean the area. 

Carpet is bad for asthmatic people but it also traps mould too. I removed our carpets when my children were small as one of my children is  asthmatic, I am a mild asthmatic too. This year has been a meri go round with mould and I can’t wait for springtime. 

One important thing to remember when cleaning mould is wear a P95 mask. Read on the packet what the masks protect you from such as dust, mould etc. So make sure that you buy the correct type of mask. You don’t want to breathe in the mould spores. 

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