31 July, 2022

Australia’s inflation rate in the Great Depression 1929-30and the hardships


I remember learning this in high school history back in 1979 and how bad life was in Australia. People tend to forget the absolute misery this caused. It gets glossed over conveniently, but people my age had loved ones that lived through this or were born around this time. The welfare system was not like we have now. Our welfare may not be perfect but it’s better that nothing and can be the difference between starving and being homeless for some families. 

I remember hearing people talking of not having any shoes during the Great Depression. Or filling them with cardboard to cover holes in the soles. The shoes back then had leather soles not the synthetic garbage we have today. Some people had to use kipper tins tied to their feet in  Australian 


This is 28th July 2022, and this article cuts out the Great Depression’s effect on Australia. Now after reading this click on the links below. I am try to draw a comparison here for people to understand the difference from then to current times. 


This also puts things into perspective for people today, life back then was a living hell for many people and only to head into the misery of ww2. I pray that we never go through this because many will not be able to cope. 

This article in the news at present cuts out the Great Depression’s effect on Australia. It is totally relevant though. (Note: see the reference to the city of London, it is a corporation )


History puts things in perspective for us, and older people like me actually knew people including family that endured this suffering. In living memory for me having grand parents born in the late 1890’s and early 1900’s on one side and the other grandparents born in the 1910’s. I heard many stories of hardship and illness of those days. Our lives these days do have some similarities but not to the same levels for most of us in western nations. 

Reading this please keep in mind the population of Australia was very small at 6.6 million, as of 2020 it is 25.69 million for the size of the continent; but much of the land is uninhabitable due to it being desert where nothing survives. 

The mention of the mostly unknown fact about London here is reference to the City of London incorporated,  the city of London being a corporation. London is more powerful than people realise and even the American government looks to the city of London as the main power centre for world affairs. 


In relative comparison to 2022, please read this. From a modern perspective in our life time, Australia did not have the same comfortable living standards that British people were accustomed to until the mid 1970’s. Life here was vastly different up to that point including worker’s rights. 

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