24 July, 2022

Neil Oliver: that’s what’s coming, it’s all about control


Please watch the video and read the comments. 

I noticed Neil has now realised that the priest class are part of the problem. This priest class is not what you think it is. No, it is way above what you see as the church that you belong to. These are people that are never seen publicly we don’t get to know their names or what they look like; they are an old system of powerful people higher than your royals of the world.

 These people control the royals, think of ancient Babylon and Egypt, this is them here and now. An inter-generational priesthood with bloodlines.This satanic priest class operates behind the scenes politically worldwide. This priest class actually go back, to Atlantis.  But they will convince you Atlantis never existed, really then why are they following that ideology then? 

I have already said many animals will leave this reality, here is Neil telling us about the relocation of wildlife. Wildlife creatures are territorial and don’t like other animals taking over their turf. Then there is food shortages this causes for the animals or there isn’t the right sort of food that the relocated animals eat and so they die. Humans can’t stop screwing up the ecosystem because of their stupid egos. 

I am glad that Neil is calling out the screw up that is the greens. How could anyone actually not see this? Everything that their Marxist agenda has  pushed from the shitty green shopping bags that are toxic, to compact fluorescent bulbs which are very toxic and dangerous, to wind turbines and solar panels. The push for veganism. It is all anti-life and totally against the way nature is designed but it has made many people millionaires. 

By the time that I die thousands of animals will be gone extinct not to mention a much small human population. Because these nutters want to kill off millions of people to “keep the balance of life”. It’s all Eugenicists on steroids. 

The recycling crap really annoys me, because I have known that it is just a psychological exercise to keep us in lockstep and distract us from the reality of what is going on. This was used in ww 2 as a distraction too. People were told to collect things for the war effort. In reality it was all just a psy op.

Today we again have all those gullible sycophants falling into line again If the government were genuinely interested there would be real alternatives and our recycling done weekly. But no we all have to play along with the bullshit. The public had the guilt trip put on them by the media too remember, the public were blamed for being inconsiderate polluters for all the waste packages. We were not the manufacturers of the good and the packaging so why were we accused of this? Because, someone told us we were responsible. Does one put their hand up to a crime that they didn’t commit? Apparently some people do and that is how this game played out until fairly recently. Suddenly the manufacturers were told to change their packaging, only some have though. Suddenly there is a campaign to return the plastic waste to the supermarkets. Who benefits from this financially? 

The celebrities that get on board with all of this really annoy me because they virtue signal to the world that they are superior and are getting paid to lie to the world. They forget though that people remember what they have done in the past or do now and get caught out. 

Think about all the over production of all goods by corporations worldwide constantly churning out clothes and footwear of which most is poor quality, household goods with a very small life span and then end up as land fill. Or sent to a third world country to fill it with garbage. Yet these same corporations and celebrities will tell us to stop using electricity, stop polluting the world and the oceans. They tell us to re use and make do with less. This is millionaires telling us ordinary people this. How condescending is this? 

At the same time we are still being bombarded with over production of everything imaginable including clothes. Clothes of inferior quality in the past 35 to 40 years. This is a personal bugbear of mine. I hate the clothes that are produced since the late 80’s it’s all garbage. When I talk about this to other women my age or younger they just glaze over. It doesn’t bother them not. The lack of choice in styles everything is rubber stamp like a cheap Marxist production line. The left overs and clothes from last season end up in Africa, to be become “dead white mans clothes” as they name it in Africa. Even charity shops have to reject clothes because they have nowhere to store the vast quantities that are brought to them. Much of that goes to landfill, sent overseas to Africa or is cut up for rags. 

Again this is not the fault of consumers, it is forced on to us by big corporations. Lay the damn blame at their feet. Make them accountable, make them produce better quality goods, better quality clothes like they used to do, without splitting the thread count on fabric. I personally am sick to death of cheap made clothes. I hate womenswear these days it’s trash. Most of it is very unflattering to boot. 

They tell us we are running out of water which is impossible, we are running out of oil etc. it’s all lies. This is a planet of lies. Currently the push is on people to not use their electricity or gas. There isn’t enough electricity to go around. That’s utter bullshit. In reality the government is not buying an adequate amount of power, that is caused by one or two things. Either they are told to do this to lie to the public to make us think we don’t have enough, or the other scenario is , there are idiots in charge that don’t know what they are doing. My bet is it’s a little from column A and a little from column B.

This is a world that is really spiritually void and of a deliberately low vibrational frequency that is needed to keep us locked into this frequency to give our spiritual energy off to the overlords that control everything here. 

Humans have through their own ignorance signed up for their never ending misery and signed their own death warrants, because they are encouraged to be ignorant by the priest class, because they need them like this to fit the agenda. We are also in the middle of a downward astrological cycle where as I have stated in other posts, the human race devolves and society collapses. This world is astrologically programmed for events like this. Cycles of thousands of years and then it’s crash and burn. Humanity is not permitted to evolve past a particular level. Only a small number of souls can transcend this reality and if you take the time to read my blog you can see for yourself why humans are in this state. No one is going to stop this, that is not how this world works. 

We were also forced to be separated from the land and natural living by the elite, we did not do this to ourselves. Industrialisation was created not for our benefit but for the elite, our fathers, grandfathers and great grandfathers suffered at the hands of these people and the government that permitted this. Most of our grandfathers /great grandfathers left school between the ages of 12 and 14 to work in factories or mines right up to the 1950’s. 

There is very little that the average human is responsible for other than street crime, and poor choices made in daily lives. Such as poor parenting which results in badly behaved children, and the blame lies with individual parents. Accountability where it belongs is the thing. Governments and big business are the biggest criminals but they try to fit us up to take the blame. It is them that cause wars, pollution, food shortages, chem- trailing in the sky etc. It is them that are responsible for the loss of wildlife and the destruction of the earth. It is them that are responsible for society devolving. It is the government and corporations that are responsible for pollution and environmental damage. It is them that are responsible for the mass poverty in the world. 

Ordinary people though are responsible for lack of critical thinking and poor education when they have computers in most homes or a modern phone in which to access the information on the internet. Lazy people are to blame for lack of knowledge and the loss of skills such as farming, survival skills, growing their own healthy food and being responsible for their own health and well-being. 

Expecting the government and corporations to look after you is giving away your human rights, keeping you a slave and dependent on them for survival. That is not living, nor is it ethical, moral or sustainable.

It is not the way that spirit intended us to be, it is anti life with no possibility of evolving and claiming back our spiritual connection to the earth and all life. The connection between humanity and the all that is of the cosmos is all but gone for many people. 

What do you think will be left for your grandchildren if things continue along this path? A barren world full of pollution, living on a diet  that has micro plastics and heavy metals which are injested causing chronic health conditions. Living on a synthetic diet, because only the rich can eat natural food and afford quality natural clothing. People that live on a poor nutritional diet will have chronic health problems,  a much lower IQ and a poor education meaning they will have very few career options, resulting in lower paying jobs. 

I am utterly disgusted and highly offended

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