18 July, 2022

ABC NEWS: Five big energy suckers in your home that are supercharging the cost of living crisis — and how to fix them


The title should omit the number five because the leftist idiots are the biggest energy suckers on the planet. The loony left advice to insult our intelligence 🤣🤣🤣 Can anyone spot what’s wrong here? Fully supported by the loony left of the ABC, because they have to justify their miserable existence the same as those putting forward their virtuous philosophy on how we should live. 

Propaganda to make you switch from gas to electricity, both are fossil fuels. The firstly Chai lives in Queensland, try freezing your arse off down south in areas that get down to minus 8. There are people with health issues that can’t switch off the heating for a start not to mention that some people do not have the money to upgrade to other technology. Then the heat in summer that can cause dehydration and heatstroke or death in babies, small children, animals, the elderly and people with serious illness. Ditto for severe cold. If modern man has the technology to warm and cool their homes then why would one forgo using this technology? This virtue signalling individual is not living in the real world, but a product of a lefty indoctrination where human rights are ignored for a political agenda. 

Why don’t you get your head out of your arse and do all the housework that women have to do every single day as well as work outside the home and often not through personal choice. Come home to look after your children while being exhausted and still have to attend to the children, cooking meals, attend to the laundry and many other tasks without any help.

Why don’t you and the rest of you leftists actually try to do "real" manual work in a hot factory 5 or 6 days a week instead of sitting in air conditioned offices? Or how about working on road gangs or other outdoor work full time; including  extreme weather conditions and see how hard real life is, and stop pushing a communist agenda. If you love that so much then go and live permanently in a communist country under the harsh circumstances of ordinary working class people and stop writing garbage propaganda for a political agenda. 

The climate  and energy situation is manufactured for an agenda and ordinary people are well aware of the lies and manufacturing of fear, to keep us in a constant state fear and we are sick of it. We are all having to keep an  eye on energy consumption because of the corporate greed pushing up the prices for personal gain.

Forcey obviously has a business agenda here hasn’t he. But he obviously had no problems working in the previous industry for years, Ka-Ching!  But he obviously had his sights set pushing this  new business venture to make more money. 

Again why don’t you take my advice and live on minimum wage in a dead end job like many people have to; and do all the tasks that I mentioned above and see what life is like. Not just real men, but what we women have added on top of paid employment every single day of our lives and quit the bullshit.

Some people do not actually have air conditioning or tumble dryers, especially if they live in a rental property which sometimes is a shared house because rent is so expensive. I know many people that work in retail and hospitality that do not have the luxury of 5 days a week full time employment. So the cost of these appliances is out of the equation. 

Try vacuuming and cleaning the kitchen, hanging out washing in the heat. Trying not to look like a sweaty mess if someone should knock on your front door. I am sure most women will agree with me on that front.

Also those that live in a rental property can’t dictate what the heating or cooling system is installed. Nor how efficient it is. Just try to close most of the ducted gas heating vents to save energy and you will damage the heating system. Most people would like to keep their families warm on freezing winter nights too. Children have a habit of kicking blankets off in their sleep too and one doesn’t want to have their little ones freezing or getting sick sleeping in a freezing room or even damp room. 

Tumble dryers are needed if you don’t have a suitable place to dry clothes, towels and sheets also factor in how many children or how many people live in each house or apartment. Living in a small apartment one doesn’t have access to a washing line. Living in a small house without adequate space and ventilation to put up drying racks safely is another factor especially when there are children playing indoors in poor weather or evenings. 

 People with disabilities are often unable to hang washing on a line. Working parents stuck for time often need to rely on tumble dryers especially in a wet year like this year. People are not stupid and are well aware of the cost of running tumble dryers and heating and cooling systems. They are not luxury items they are necessities in our busy lives. All of this is dictated by big corporations and designed for their benefit not ours. Whether it is being a consumer of white goods or a consumer of energy the masses are only seen as an income stream and being dictated to by government and corporations. 

Walking kids to school or sport is not always possible and for multiple reasons including distance and even multiple small children and babies. Clearly these men are not full time parents in an ordinary working class suburb or even living in a remote area with all the above responsibilities. Even better  try being a single parent in the above situations like thousands of people around Australia.

Oh and not everyone has the money in the bank to implement the “right and approved “ green technology. Which make the manufacturers that push the products on us even richer. No we have to live within our means and buy what we can afford when we have the money to do so. Not everyone has money to spare either. Many people live week to week or pay to pay often forgoing things that they need such as food or medication.

Read this ABC news article on the freezing conditions in rental houses, but even people with mortgages are freezing too and struggling. Damned if you do and damned if you don't. 


 Most Australia houses are not double glazed and are single brick. Even government houses in Europe and Britain are double glazed since the 1960's or 70's. Western Sydney is cold and damp and can go down to minus one in winter. I know because I lived in Liverpool all through the 1980's in rental housing. Apartments or units were solid back then to keep out the heat.  Try coming down to Goulburn or Canberra and do this testing because as I have already said we can get down as low as minus 8.

I am utterly disgusted and highly offended

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