27 July, 2022

Fanny Smith: The 'genocide survivor' whose voice will echo through the ages


I have much respect for this truly amazing woman and the suffering that she had endured all through her childhood. Nothing; can justify this evil and nothing can ever compensate the aboriginal peoples that have suffered horrendously at the hands of  true evil disguised as Christianity and white colonialism. I can totally understand the anger and distrust up to present day. No human being is superior to any other human being full stop. This world will never change because humans keep doing the same things over and over again somewhere in the world. 

This woman had amazing strength within her and has come through such adversity that we today cannot fathom. That strength of character will be forever in her family as time marches on. Hopefully keeping the aboriginal spirituality alive to be passed on because that connection to spirit is vital and must never be lost.

I am utterly disgusted and highly offended

 Do you go to a doctor and ask him if he is properly qualified or a solicitor or a trades person? No, of course you don't it is rude and...