28 April, 2022

MAINE BEACH: Special offer on Mt Macedon Rose items


A Mothers' Day special is on just now for the  Mt Macedon Rose products. I bought the hand cream last night. It is normally $28.95 for the large tube and $12.95 for the small handbag size. They often throw in a free lip balm too and all goods are made in Australia too, which helps our economy.

If you live in Canberra you can buy these products at the gift shop in the Botanical Gardens. Anyway if you are interested hop on the website and see the full range of goods.

29 April :My items arrived today from South Australia 😃 this time my freebie was a Mt Macedon Rose body and hand cream 15 ml. I will have to try the Kakadu Plumb hand cream. But Rose is my fave. 

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