30 April, 2022

Website for Alex


I thought that I should pop my website on here again, for people to look at, as some people may not realise that I have a website too. My website has four scroll down pages in varying colours and the tab tops with my biography and psychic predictions, some testimonials, FAQ’s and right at the bottom of the page is the link that takes clients into this blog and the link to contact me by email to make an appointment. Not forgetting my little introduction video. I also have a new YouTube channel as can be seen on this blog, then there is my Wordpress site, my MeWe page, Instagram and Facebook. Not forgetting my old original blog, which you will notice when on my website and reading my psychic predictions as they are on both blogs (the purple background is my old blog and this new one has a blue background). The new predictions from 2022 are not on my old blog as I no longer post on that blog. 

Also please look through my previous psychic predictions for the world and the separate psychic protection for Australia.  You can see current world events being predicted in the past and come into frame as time goes on. There are several types of predictions  not just the yearly ones, also the tarot card of the month, and articles in which I have made predictions. So there is quite a few years worth of predictions that I have made. Many predictions are elections such as Whom will become prime minister in Australia, which I have had a very high accuracy rate.

 I always do my psychic predictions for the following year in October each year, so it is best to take them from October to October every year. My tarot card of the month is done any time from the middle of the previous month. 😀 This has just been the way it falls, I just get a strong feeling to sit down and shuffle the cards. I don’t pick a particular date to do the readings, I just get this weird urge of when to do the predictions. I have no idea if others in my line of work have this experience. Perhaps it is just me, anyway that’s just how I roll. 🤣🤣

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