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Sunday, 16 May 2021

Wes Penre: Video 256 Q and A # 74

Below is the written format

This came in last night, but only have the time now to share. 

Please pay attention to the answer in question one. That is vital information, karma is an artificial construction, and manipulation is used , also; the person is also taking responsibility for other beings actions unwittingly. If you actually read metaphysics and Gnostic teachings it is laid out for you.

With question 5, what is not mentioned is the fact that archons are infer his creation and control. They are etherically implanted into every human at birth, or prior to the incarceration. They are locked in without us being aware of it. However once a person is on the path to awakening and studying metaphysics, then they become aware of archonic attachments and seek to remove them. 

Ancient Origins: What became of the coneheads