Sunday, 16 May 2021

SNP in crisis as Billy Connolly’s rant during Scottish independence row


Row, as in argument, not row like a row of houses, omg. The quality of journalists and reporters these days is diabolical, and from this we can deduce he is reading from a script, very poorly.  But what takes the cake is the man has clearly not done his homework; if you’re going to use Scottish words; then for Christ sake learn how to pronounce the words properly rather than look like an idiot. For a start it is YIN as in one. The big one, pronounced the same as yin and yang. 

How hard is it for a British journalist not to know this? Everyone in Britain has known who the big yin is since the 1970’s.  As for independence from the United Kingdom; that is a recipe for disaster. Scotland just like the rest of the United Kingdom has never really benefited from membership of that Marxist EU.

Yet they have shelled out billions to this crooked organisation and had little in return. The propaganda by the SNP has blinded most people to the reality of what will happen if separation from the United Kingdom happens. Membership of the EU will result in the destruction of Scotland. 

But those that vote for this will have to live with the results of their actions. Loss of Scottish sovereignty for a start.  But hey, go right ahead and see what happens, you can’t point the finger of blame on anyone but yourselves if you screw it up. How will you hold your heads up after that? 

As for Billy’s change of opinion, I would say someone has had influence over him. Billy has always been a down to earth and practical man, and well respected. Given his health problems, I don’t think it is right for the media to get on his back. This will not be very good for his health leave him be, he doesn’t need any stress in his life.

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