18 May, 2021

Trainee nurse suffers three blood clots after AstraZeneca vaccine


This really angers me, fobbed off without proper testing because she is very young.  How many times will this happen? I would think she knows the sign of a blood clot, not to forget the media reporting the side effects. This is bloody insulting and demeaning. The arrogance is astounding fobbing her off without proper testing. I do hope a proper investigation is done as to why she was treated like this. This could and can happen to anyone; and all the more reason to insist on full testing. Young people are easily intimidated by authority and that’s just wrong. 

Hell I had been fobbed off in my 50's; complaining of menopause and was in the extreme category for menopause symptoms. But this poor woman could have died. 

I wonder what story they will tell the public next, when they keep back flipping on who should and should not have this drug. This drug is an experimental vaccine and some will get a placebo while others get the real vaccine. 

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